Beauty Blogger Tag

Happy Makeup Monday! Let’s start off our week with a fun post! Today I am doing the “Beauty Blogger Tag!” I was inspired by Christina’s Chic Corner after I read her post of this tag as well, so make sure you head to her post as well!

I honestly love tag posts! It is a fun and informal way to get to know the blogger and just answer some fun questions! I have don a few tag’s in the past, but not a beauty blogger one! So here we go:

1.) What is your natural hair color? Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?

My natural hair color is a mid-to-dark brown color. I feel like it is right in the middle but closer to dark if I had to guess. I do dye my hair, not all the time, but when I get an itch for something different. I do both salon and at home. If it is just a plain one color, I usually do it myself to save money. But if it is a harder color, highlights, any bleaching…I go to the salon! It honestly just depends on what I want and how much money I have at the time.

2.) How often do you wash your hair?

I used to have really oil hair, but I don’t now. So I aim for two to three times a week. Sometimes more and sadly…maybe sometimes less?? My hair seems to do better when it isn’t washed every day.

3.) Will you leave the house without makeup?

Yes! While I don’t have perfect skin, there are so many times I just don’t want to bother with makeup! Especially if I’m just running to the store or something. While sometimes I may feel self-conscious about it–I still do it!

4.) How long does it take you to do your makeup?

Honestly depends on the look I am going for that day. Just a simple every day look no more than probably 15 minutes, if that. But if I am doing a bigger look or for a special occasion I take my time and could probably use up two hours! I don’t like to have to rush!

5.) Do you read the comments on your posts?

Absolutely! That’s one of the best parts of blogging is getting feedback and getting to connect with readers. I try to read and respond quickly too.

6.) What camera do you use for your photos?

Either my Nikon D3100 or even just my iPhone. I prefer my Nikon obviously but sometimes it is just too much trouble for a little photo or two.

7.) What skin type do you have?

Who knows really. Most of the time I have oily skin, but lately I have had oily cheek bones and a dry dry dry forehead! I usually air on the side of oily though, because that seems to be what I am most of the time.

8.) What is your current facial cleanser?

I am currently using the Ole Henriksen Oil Control Cleanser. But I also love the Clean and Clear foaming cleanser as well.

9.) Do you have freckles?

Not really! A few on my arms but that’s about it. I do have a few beauty marks/moles that tend to look like freckles though.

10.) What is your favorite eye-shadow color?

Yikes! That is a hard one. I love grey, so versatile. Anything shimmery. I also love a purple eye look.

11.) How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

Oh, probably every day!

12.) Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

Both! I usually use a pencil on the bottom and a liquid on the top. I have a hard time using a pencil on the top lashes! They’re too rough. And liquid on bottom is a nightmare.

13.) What is your favorite lipstick?

Currently YSL Rouge Volupte! They are so moisturizing and so easy to apply.  But I am also loving Lipsense too!

14.) Name a makeup crime that you hate.

Foundation that is too dark!! I have when you/my neck doesn’t match the face…but it is something every one does! It is hard to perfectly match your skin unless you test it well.

15.) Do you like drugstore makeup?

Oh yes!! I use a good amount of drugstore makeup. They have some great quality stuff!

What would your answers be?? Let me know in the comments! 

Colourpop Haul // First Impressions

Happy Monday friends, I hope it’s being good to you! Today is Makeup Monday and it is my favorite kind of post…a haul! I recently bought a good little haul from Colourpop and wanted to share it with you-along with my first impressions of the products.

If you haven’t heard of Colourpop, I am so sorry, and I am about to enlighten you! If you’ve heard of it but never purchased from it, this might convince you too!

I will say that my one drawback to Colourpop is that you have to rely solely on other people’s swatches or descriptions of the product because there is no actual store. So you sometimes gamble with whether or not you will like the colors since you cannot look at it for yourself first.

But other than that- the quality and price of this brand is amazing! So here we go!


Blotted Lip // Ice Cube


This is a new product from Colourpop called the “blotted lip” my first impression is that it is a cross between a balm and a lipstick. It is pigmented but not just shockingly so. It is a lightweight sheer, and matte lip in a cool toned berry shade. They say that it is build-able and I completely agree. It really seems like a no mess, no hassle lip product you can throw on when you don’t have time to worry about other lipsticks. So far, I love it!

Pressed Shadow // Liar Liar 


I am in love with their pressed eyeshadows so far! They were running a special (and still are) that you can buy 3 SHADOWS for $10!! Which equals out to one for free, I really suggest you take advantage of this special offer! Anyway, Liar Liar is a pale, shimmery pink shade. It is very pale next to my skin, in fact a swatch was impossible, but I think it will be perfect for the eyes to add a little bright shimmer to the lid. It is very metallic and shimmery, so the light really catches the shimmer but other than that…the color is extremely pale! The formula is amazing-smooth and buttery!

Pressed Powder // Silver Lining 


I know what you’re thinking, but Silver Lining isn’t silver-its purple! The same formula as Liar Liar, this matte purple is perfect for the crease or the lid. I have some great deep purples and lavenders, I really needed a middle shade between them and this is perfect! Make sure you head to my Instagram and check out my stories for some real-time swatches of this shadow! 

Lippie Stix // Brink 


You know that gamble I was talking about earlier with the problem of buying online? This is an example. All the swatches of this Lippie Stix in Brink, I loved! But seeing it in person and swatched…I don’t like it-it is way to brown and warm for me. I will probably be passing this to my mom or sister. The formula though is, of course, amazing! I love the silky texture on my lips! This shade is a matte.

Super Shock Cheek // Cruel Intentions


I couldn’t resist touching this blush, so the little design is gone! But these blushes are so unique and pigmented! This shade is a little more warm than I wanted, but so far I am still liking it! It has a cream consistency that is buttery smooth. I do find it a little hard to get on the brush, but I am sure with time I will learn how best to apply. I do love that this is matte though, matte blushes are a little harder to find than shimmer ones.

Pressed Shadow // Goody Two-Shoes


This shade is my favorite! It is a gunmetal metallic that is just stunning! It is a deep, dark silver that is packed full of shimmer! The same buttery formula feels so good on the skin! I am so glad I bought this shade because it is just beautiful!

Super Shock Highlighter // Flexitarian 


Super Shock is the perfect title because this highlighter is AMAZING. The color pay off is shocking and super bold. But it is build-able so it is easy to wear for any occasion. This is a pearlized, champagne-silver toned highlight which is the shade of highlight I prefer. It looks natural and almost skin toned but the light brings out that shimmer so well! Just like the blush, this is a cream to powder feel, and I have been using a pretty dense brush to pick up the cream well.

Have you ever purchased anything from Colourpop?? Let me know what your favorite thing is from them! I hope you enjoyed this haul! Until Wednesday, XO

Remember to check out my Instagram for more swatches!

PSSST, stay tuned for tomorrow for a fun sponsored post that involves a giveaway!

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick // Review

GOOOOOOD Afternoon friends and readers! Today is something I am very excited about. I have been reading reviews, testing, thinking, etc. etc. about the YSL Lipsticks. If you aren’t aware, YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) is the top notch, high quality of the makeup world.

I have wanted one of these lipsticks, just for the fact that it’s YSL. But standing at a high $37…I couldn’t get myself to spend that. Until a few weeks ago, that is. When I was on my getaway, I took the plunge! I finally decided to buy one and see if they were worth the hype and the money. DSC_1827

First off, YES. I’ll explain more in this post but yes…it is worth it to me.

I picked up the shade 49 at sephora! It is a bright and brilliant pink shade. The packaging makes it seem much more coral, but on the lips, its a perfect summer and spring pink.

I mean look at this packaging. Gold (almost rose gold in some light) metal surrounds the lipstick that gives it a high-quality feeling and protection. The silver YSL detail is in the middle of the stick and details the color that is inside! The elegance of this packaging really makes you feel better about spending the money for it. I mean packaging is a big deal in the beauty world. The metal is heavy and sturdy which is perfect for my never ending abyss of a purse. DSC_1844

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-stick lipstick is by far some of the best lipstick I have tried in a long time. It glides on almost more like a chapstick, very nourishing and has medium coverage.

While it is very “oily” and moisturizing it still packs a great amount of color pay off. It isn’t sticky or tacky at all; it is very smooth and silky. I have never had it bleed or rub on my teeth yet either.

The formula is so impressive because it is very easy to apply and wear. It hydrates my lips but still gives me a high color pay off that I always look for in a lipstick. So far it hasn’t been the longest lasting lipstick I have tried, but I almost don’t care because the other positives are so great!

I highly recommend these. Even if you save up and just buy one, it would be worth it in my book! DSC_1846DSC_1850

Like I said, I bought shade 49 which is perfect for spring and summer! Here are a few swatches of the color:

With no flash, just natural light
With flash

Overall review

Color Pay Off 4.5/5

Worth Price 5/5

Feel 5/5

Packaging 5/5

Time Lasting 3/5

Would I buy again? 5/5

Do you own any YSL Lipsticks?? What are your thoughts on them? Do you want to purchase more? Let me know what my next color should be! XO


Winter Lip Favorites 

Today’s (day late) Favorites Friday is all about the lips. Winter is upon us; which brings another season to wear lip products in. If you’ve missed my “Spring Lips,” “Fall Lips,” or my “Top Picks for Holiday Lips” posts be sure to catch up!

I love to share what colors I’m loving for each season…and winter is here! Great nudes, deep crimson, you name it! Winter is one of my favorite months and, of course, I love lip products so why not combine the two in a post! I wear a good amount of deep tones in the winter…somehow it seems fitting! So you will see a good mix of everyday nudes and some more fun deep tones. DSC_0769.JPG

Manna Kadar Lip Locked Stain // lucky 


Lucky is a beautiful pinky nude color that is perfect for everyday use. I received this in my FabFitFun box and it was probably one of my favorite items in the box. It is smooth and dries pretty matte on the lips. It is a great size tube and has a soft applicator. I am in love with this formula!! I will definitely be purchasing more of this brand. The color is perfect for winter and for a normal day out.

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Cream // 26 Current Jam 


STEAL ALERT! These lip creams from Jordana are less than $5 at Walgreens. I had heard great things about this line so I picked this one up…they’re phenomenal! They go matte very fast, have great pigmentation, and aren’t overly drying on the lips. This deep berry tone is perfect for a winter night out. The color is beautiful and I love the deep tones for this season.

Too Faced Melted Matte // Lady Balls


I believe that you can never go wrong with a classic red no matter what season you’re in. This was part of my Christmas present and I am loving it! I love the matte formula because it isn’t too drying like some can be. I definitely suggest using a liner with this one though, it really needs that barrier on the edge to keep from bleeding out. I love this classic shade of blue red and this is a great brand to buy!

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick // 027 Violet Frenzy 


Who knows why, but I am in LOVE with purple shades and berry tones this season. I have had this lippie for a while but I still love it. I love this one especially because it’s almost sheer. It isn’t as deep and thick as many other shades. Sometimes it is nice to have a thinner and more sheer color that still packs on some pigment. These are so moisturizing and are perfect for the dry winter months.

NYX Butter Lipstick // BLS23 Vacation Spot 


Brown is not my usual color. My mom bought me this for Christmas and I actually like it. It takes some getting used to because I am not accustomed to wearing very brown shades, but it looks good on and this line is amazing! “Butter” is an accurate term for this line; it really does feel like butter on the lips…so moisturizing on the lips. Winter means chapped lips in my book, so any lipstick that packs on the moisture is good in my book.

NYX Liquid Suede // Cherry Skies


Ya’ll know how much I love NYX Liquid Suede, and this one is no different. If you’re looking for a deep red color for this winter season, Cherry Skies is for you! The staying power is pretty great on this line of liquid creams and they aren’t drying. I am in love with this deep red tone because it’s the best of both worlds for winter: red and deep! Ha!

Top Picks for Holiday Lips

Happy Makeup Monday holiday edition!! I have been loving these Christmas themed blogs, are you?? Today is all about my top picks for holiday lips! My favorite part of holiday makeup is, of course, the lips.

There are so many different colors and formula’s you can choose from during the holidays, that I wanted to share my top picks! Now, there are many many more I could include, but I tried to include newer ones that I haven’t talked about before.

These are a mix of high-end and drugstore, so there should be something for everyone! I love a berry red and wine color for the holidays; what is your top shade for Christmas?

Without further ado, here is my Top Picks for Holiday Lips!!!

NYX Butter gloss // cranberry biscotti 

A gorgeous thin gloss that is silky and shiny in a deep plum color. I love this for a quick and easy look. It is extremely pigmented for a gloss and it isn’t tacky or thick! This is also beautiful on top of  Rimmel Kate Moss 107!

MAC Satin lipstick // M.A.C. Red 

A classic red lip color in a satin finish. You can never go wrong with a classic red lip during the holidays! This is one of my favorite classic red lips I have. I love the look and feel of MAC lipsticks so I had to include this one.

Too Faced Melted // Melted Ruby 

A lighter berry red color in a liquid lipstick formula. Melted lipsticks take a long time to dry, but I love them all the same. The swatch looks a little pinky; but the actual color is a beautiful berry red. This is a great pick for anyone who doesn’t like real dark lipsticks. Melted Ruby is a fun berry take on a classic red.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish // 30 

A satin plum berry color that is perfect for everyday wear. If you are looking for an inexpensive plum color, look no further! This is just dark enough to be perfect for winter without being toooooooo dark. I love this for even everyday wear. These lipsticks are long lasting and feel so good on the skin.

Lipsense // Mulled wine 

A very deep wine color that is flawless! I haven’t fully decided if I love the whole Lipsense craze…review to come soon. But this color is amazing! This is probably the darkest shade I own and I am loving it! By the third layer, it is a gorgeous deep wine color that is absolutely perfect for winter and all those holiday events. The swatch isn’t as dark as it can go, it just depends on the layers you apply. I have worn this many times already this month!

What would be on your top picks for holiday lips?? Let me know if there is another color I need to try! XOXO

Fall Lips // Favorites Friday 


I am extremely excited for this post; it’s been a long time coming. You know how much I love a good lip product: liquid lipstick, lipstick, gloss, balm, you name it! In spring, I shared my Spring Lips so it’s just as well that I share my top lippies for fall to.

Vibrant lips are my go-to for spring and summer so fall and winter is often a little harder for me to find good colors. BUT I found some good new lipsticks, along with some of my older favorites. So, let’s get to the good stuff! DSC_0568.jpg

Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss // 107 

107 is a gorgeous crimson red that is perfect for fall and winter. I first learned of this lipstick from Youtuber Zoella. I have fallen in love with this shade and I can’t wait to start wearing it again!! It looks perfect with so many outfits and it is a matte finish. the Kate Moss lipsticks are some of my favorite; great smell, great feel, and not drying. Buy it here.


NYX Liquid Suede // Kitten Heels 

As you know, I’m a big fan of NYX liquid suede. This is a classic red that is a staple for any fall wardrobe. Liquid Suede’s are a mix between a creme and liquid that dries fairly fast and doesn’t dry out the lips. Even among some high end lip products, this is what lasts the most on my lips without a doubt. This is a must have! Buy it here.


Colourpop Lippie Stix // Poppin’ 

Poppin’ was one of my first Colourpop purchases and I am so pleased with it. These Lippie Stix have a great smell and such cute packaging. These lippie stix’s are great for application, goes on like butter, and has a matte finish. They have incredible pigmentation; poppin’ is a berry red that is a must have for this fall season. Buy it here.


Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss // 30 

Seeing as how I loved the other Kate Moss lipstick so much, I went and purchased another one. I knew as soon as I saw it I had to add this to my fall shades for lipsticks! It is a beautiful violet, berry shade that is so nice on the lips! It is close to Flawless but a little different still (a bit more red, I think). Buy this gorgeous shade, here.


Colourpop Lippie Stix // Flawless 

Flawless is a gorgeous deep red violet shade that just screams fall! While it is a deep shade, it is by no means too dark. Just like Poppin’ this one feels like butter and has great application. Flawless, however, is a satin finish. Buy this here.


Revlon super lustrous lipstick // 463 Sassy Mauve 

Revlon has always been a great drugstore brand for lipsticks. Affordable, great quality, and some really amazing color choices. Sassy Mauve is a perfect nude-pink color for fall! I didn’t really own any good nude mauve shades so I picked this one up. Sturdy packaging, buttery feel, and goes on smooth. If you’re looking for a simple fall color, here you go! Buy this here.

DSC_0599 (1).jpg


What’s your fall go-to lip product?? Let me know in the comments!!

Drugstore Haul // First Impressions

Makeup Monday is even sweeter today because I have compiled a few recent purchases for a little haul for you guys! These products are e.l.f. and Makeup Revolution purchased from the e.l.f. website and Ulta.

It’s been a while since I bought some makeup, so I went a bit crazy (but there was a sale so it’s fine). I haven’t really used these products very much but I will share my first impressions with ya’ll. One thing I did notice is e.l.f. packaging always looks so dirty! It attracts all dust and particles apparently.

*Please excuse the grubby nails (I need a manicure) and weird angled photography-I was having some lighting issues!*


e.l.f. Tinted Moisturizer {in Porcelain}

First off, this looks much darker than you would think Porcelain would be. I bought this because I have always wanted to try it. The only face color I have is my foundation so I am hoping this will be perfect for morning where I am in a little rush or just need a little coverage. But it contains Aloe, Cucumber, and SPF so that’s good!  Buy it hereDSC_1069.JPG

e.l.f. All Over Color Stick {in Spotlight}

I have actually used this and I am so impressed! This stick makes for the perfect highlighter. It glides on really pink looking but it buffs out much more subtle. The stick application is one I was weary of, but really like for highlighter. I also think this would be pretty on the eyes as well. It was only $1…I’m hoping I can get another color! Buy it here.

e.l.f. Smudge Pot {in Wine Not}

I am in love with the Maybelline Color Tattoo pots and when I saw this, I new I needed to try it! This was actually purchased at my local Walmart but they have them on the website. Cream shadows are perfect for a fast look because you can usually use them by themselves for a simple eye look. This Wine Not is an almost bronzy, purple color that is simply amazing. It is extremely shimmery but the color is just incredible. Buy it here.

 e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip

To be honest, I was a little confused by this…I had never used “whip” on my face. But it is so beautiful and looks like it is going to be easy to blend out. The color is very pink but very strobe like. It is a powerful highlighter! It goes on so smoothy and has tiny shimmer throughout it. Buy it here.

e.l.f. Bronze Palette {in Bronzed Beauty}

By far, this is one of the best bronzer palette’s I have seen. There are two matte shades and two shimmery shades. I prefer the matte ones, but the shimmery isn’t to over done. The colors are so perfect for someone with fair skin. And the best part is the HUGE mirror in the palette. Buy it hereDSC_1066

e.l.f. Long-Lustrous Eye-shadow

The color isn’t labeled on the pot but I am pretty sure I have the color “Festivity” which is a pretty deep purple color. The consistency of this eye-shadow is a little odd-it’s almost a whipped clay texture. I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but I am interested to see how it goes on the lids. Beautiful color though! Buy it here.

e.l.f. Moisturizing Lipstick {in Wink Pink}

I was looking for a good nude pink color for fall and I found it. I love this line of lipstick because it really is moisturizing and sleek packaging. I am excited to use this color in a few weeks. Buy it here.

Makeup Revolution Pro Illuminate

I have been searching for some good highlighters and I head that this one was a good one. The color is beautiful and full of shine. The packaging is great and you get a good amount of product in it. I can’t wait to use this and see how it does on the face. I am super hopeful about this highlighter. Buy it here.DSC_1087.JPG

Have you used these products before? Tell me what you think! XO