Welcome to Writings & Worship, I am author and creator Hilary Parr. You can describe me with any of these terms: Jesus lover, freelance writer, creator, designer, photographer, lover of words, mug addict, and makeup junkie.

I am a fairly recent college grad that is looking for a job while blogging and doing all these things that I love in the mean time. I have loved reading and writing for as long as I can remember…so naturally I blog. Anything that involves writing or creating I love.

Writings & Worship is a christian lifestyle blog where you can find a wide range of posts. From beauty to worship, I talk about all of my favorite things. I incorporate my professional writing skills with some amazing feature stories as well.

My goal for Writings & Worship is to encourage, inform, and engage with you through my posts. Whether I am sharing thoughts on lipsticks, a worship song, or my favorite new coffee mug…my heart and soul is in it to give you the best post. I hope my blog gives you encouragement and a little bit of happiness when you read it! I pray that I glorify God in every word I write and every post I share.

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