Greater than circumstancesΒ 

Yesterday I woke up to the news that my parents car caught fire and burned on the side of a road, praise the Lord that my sister got out safely. But now we’re a car down.

The weeks before that my grandpa was in the hositpal again. But now he’s home and resting.

Yesterday I found out that a job I really wanted was filled and actually went to a person I knew who graduated after me. Happy for them, upsetting for me. But I know there’s a better job out there for me.

I say all this to say, God is FAR greater than any circumstances I could face. I wasn’t trying to complain, just show that it’s been a rough few weeks. I could let those circumstances keep me down. In fact, I struggled yesterday to be happy, to trust God, to be positive. My flesh fought to worry and be angry. But I’m thankful I’m surrounded by such a great and God fearing community. 

All my friends and family, even my blogging community, rallied around me to remind me how in control God really is in my life.  God is higher than me and He has such a beautiful plan for my life. We can’t let the valleys define us. We must praise Him in the mountains and the valleys.

I might not see the point to the trials life brings but there’s always a point. God is never not in control. 

If anyone would have had a reason to hate God and not trust His plans, it would have been Jesus. He was literally sent to die. But Jesus knew that God was greater than His suffering and what He would face. Jesus was sent to not only save us and die on that cross for us but to act as a guide for our lives. Today I’m choosing to trust like Jesus did. I’m choosing to take that leap of faith and continue to praise even when my heart might be heavy or the world throws me some punches.

God is greater than my circumstances 

God is greater than my fears 

God is greater than my problems 

God is greater than my mind can comprehend 

My God is greater. 

Are you trusting God with your circumstances? Or are you trying to let your flesh win. Do you truly know that He is greater? 

My prayer is to trust Him and remember that He is greater and the valleys don’t define me. We will find a car. My grandpa is home and relatively healthy. And I will find a job when it’s time. No circumstance I face is to big or to hard for God. He already has my life set out and planned and I just have to have faith. I must walk in faith even when I don’t understand. Faith requires a leap and I’m ready to take it. 

It’s not something I’ll never struggle with but I’m praying for peace and patience as I wait to see what God has in store for me. 

4 tips for self-careΒ 

Makeup Monday isn’t just about the latest mascara or the most expensive highlighter; it’s also about beauty of all kinds- including inner beauty. I’m a firm believer in self-care. Mentally, physically, and emotionally…we all deserve to allow a few moments to ourselves and to make ourselves a priority once in a while. 

Sometimes though, we don’t take that time. We allow the negativity of our minds and the world continue to bog us down. Work is stressful, we aren’t the jean size we want to be, we haven’t found our spouse yet…you name it-these things affect us. 

Self-care is vital every once in a while. We deserve to take times to ourselves and spend our the time in prayer or worship or even a little pampering. Today I’m sharing 4 tips for self-care! 

  1. Take even a minute // whether it’s five minutes or three hours, take it!! I’m very bad about putting myself first, but I just need too sometimes. After a stressful day or a bad interview, I take a few minutes to pamper and improve my self. It doesn’t have to be this huge deal every month it week-it could be a few minutes here and there even! 
  2. Spend it wisely // if you read, then read. If you love worship music, take a few minutes to settle down and step into His presence. If you like to shop, go spend a little money! Whatever it is that pampers or refreshes you-spend that time doing it! (Not fretting about your problems or marking to-do lists) 
  3. Think positively and recite prayer // one way to take part in self-care is with your thoughts. As Christians, sometimes Satan tries to overtake our minds with negative thoughts about ourselves and our surroundings. One of my tips is take some time and list some positive things about yourself and recite scripture throughout the day. There’s always time for prayer and scripture, so try to make it a priority throughout your days. Remember what Christ says about you, and that’s a major way to care about yourself and see yourself through Gods eyes. 
  4. Remind everyone around you to do the same // make sure your friends and family know how important self-care is and that they deserve it. Especially if you know someone that struggles with mental issues like anxiety or depression, let them know they are worth taking time to take care of in life. Take time to compliment them and remind them of the benefits of self-care and love. 

Self-care is vital to mental health but rarely talked about. I’m thankful for a God that sees me through His amazing eyes instead of my own. For me, self-care is taking time to remember that I am loved by God and I am not what the world says I am. 

And remember self-care is not just in our time and efforts but our thoughts as well! Take time to love yourself this week! I saved up my money and splurged on a relaxing pedicure yesterday. I also spent my morning yesterday watching and experiencing worship. 

    What will you do this week to take part in self-care?? Let me know below. XO 

    10 Facts About Me!

    Hello friends! I am sorry I have been away…my grandpa had been put in the hospital so I was tied up. But he is now home and resting, praise the Lord!

    Today, since I have gained many new followers lately, I thought I would do an updated “Facts about Me” kind of post! I have done a few of these posts throughout of my years of blogging, but it has been a while.

    DSC_1308 (2)

    I love these posts because you get to know me, the blogger behind W&W! I hope you enjoy this as well! Here we go: 10 random, fun facts about ME!

    1. While job searching, I am growing my freelance business in which I do writing, photography, and design. {email me at for details πŸ™‚ }
    2. Once I am financially able, I want a few dogs! I’ve already named them. 1). A Maltese named Essie 2). A dachshund named Weasley 3). Another dachshund named Neville or Rupert
    3. I am obsessed with anything gold and pink. I know, seems a little obvious, but I cannot help it. They’re my favorite.
    4. I love Disney. I have been to Disney World at-least 6 times throughout my life. I had family in Florida all my life, so we went often!
    5. I will drink anything mango and anything vanilla. Order me a mango tea or a vanilla latte and we will be friends forever.
    6. I have written two full novels, but I’m pretty much the only one who has read them. I am hoping to edit them and try to publish them at some point.
    7. I HATE eggs, fish, and avocado.
    8. I am currently obsessed with The Sims. I recently downloaded it after months of contemplation. I’m a bit addicted…I feel like a tween!
    9. My room is becoming my favorite spot in my house. I am working to complete a big gallery wall of wall-art and pictures. Pictures to come soon!
    10. While I am not currently leading worship, worship is still a big part of my life. I am constantly longing for His presence.

    Let me know a few facts about you so I can get to know you! XOXO

    Spring Beauty Wishlist

    Hello Friends!! Welcome back to another Favorites Friday post. Is it spring weather where you are? It is one day and isn’t the next here in OK. But I am ready for those beautiful flowers, sunshine filled days, and everything that spring has to offer.

    I posted a similar post in February called “Spring must-have wishlist” but this is all about strictly beaut products. And well, I have lots of new favorites to add to my spring wishlist, so you get another whole post about the makeup items I really want to buy for the spring.

    Here is what I am drooling over for this upcoming spring.

    Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette 

    I am not sure how I don’t have this yet…but I am really wishing for it! My mom has it and I have used it a few times lately and I love the looks I can get with it. There is so many beautiful shimmery colors and some great bold colors for spring!

    Do you have this palette? Do you think I need it?? Because I think so! s1771047-main-Lhero

    Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Sweet Raspberry 

    I saw an EleventhGorgeous Youtube video of the swatches of the new Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stains and fell in love with the shade Sweet Raspberry. I love this vibrant, matte raspberry toned lippie. I am all for bold lips and the best thing about spring and summer are the vibrant beautiful colors for lips. I’ve never tried the Sephora Collection Cream Stains but I am more than excited to try and review it for ya’ll.  s1805720-main-Lhero

    Benefits “Beauty Cheats” Full-Face Makeup Kit 

    I am CRAZY over this makeup kit…I need it for this spring! It has trial versions of some of Benefits best makeup products including Gimme Brow, Porefessional, and a mini powder brush. I have wanted to try more of Benefits products and this would be an amazing way to try out many things at once. I love the packaging as well. I think this would be perfect for this season! I’m trying to step up my makeup game this year. closeup_58340544cd4c38ca06c87a65e9019e4587ddc82d_1482401376_Beauty_School_Knockouts_Open_WEB

    YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in 41 Corail A Porter

    I have had my eye on YSL lipsticks for a very long time. I have never talked myself into buying one but I really want to this spring. I found this gorgeous coral-pink color and have decided I need it. Their lipsticks seems so incredibly moisturizing and totally worth the cost every once in a while. The packaging alone is flawless.

    Do you have this line of lipstick?? Let me know your favorite color! s1811603-main-Lhero

    Too Faced Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in Champagne 

    I have a major obsession with highlighters…and I haven’t purchased one in quite some time. This new Too Faced highlighter looks to be worth it! The packaging is a beautiful heart that is iconic for many of Too Faced products but even the texture carved into the powder looks phenomenal! While all three colors to choose from are beautiful, I would have to go for the champagne. Not too drastic with the pink or gold like the other options. Can you believe how pretty these are!? s1902006-main-Lhero

    What beauty products are you longing for this spring?? Give me some more ideas!! Thanks for stopping by.


    My Testimony

    Hello friends! Today I wanted to share my testimony with ya’ll and share a bit of what God has done in my life.

    I grew up in a Christian home, and was blessed with believing parents and grandparents. From the beginning, church and Jesus were instilled in me. At the age of 6, I walked down the aisle by myself and told my pastor I wanted to ask Jesus into my heart. I was ushered back to talk over salvation with a counselor, who happened to be a good family friend. Soon I was baptized and took the outward step as a symbol of my salvation.

    I will say this, because I was so young, I honestly don’t remember much of the whole experience. I remember being confident as I walked down and knew what I was doing. But Satan has always used the fact of my age as a reason to make me doubt whether I was really saved then or not. But through many moments and times in prayer, I believe with all my heart that I am saved. I might not remember everything about that time but I do know how every day since them, God has been changing and molding me for His purpose.

    Recently though, God renewed my heart and passion for Him. After a few years and seasons spent away from really seeking and honoring the Lord as I should be, on November 22nd I rededicated my life to the Lord. While I knew, I am saved, I hadn’t been living for the Lord like I needed too. I pulled over in a parking lot and prayed with my mom because I knew it needed to be done. I might not be perfect, but I re-affirmed that salvation and set myself back on the right path. I still struggle, but I am trying to follow God and show my heart for Him in everything I do and say.

    One thing to remember is your testimony doesn’t stop the day you are saved. My whole life is a testimony of finding/pursuing Jesus and overcoming battles. Life isn’t all sugar plums once you are saved; God doesn’t promise us a perfect life, but He promises to never forsake us. 

    I’ve dealt with some hard times in my life. My mom has been sick most of my life, and I’ve had to trust God to take care of her. Other things that have threatened me: Fear. Anxiety has plagued most of my life which leaves with so beaten down that Christ is my only hope. I struggle with self-image and insecurities. I am a people pleaser and desperate for their approval. All of these things would define me if I didn’t know my definition was in Christ alone. All of these have given me a richer love of Christ. 

    The thing about any testimony is seeing God work through and in their lives. I would be nothing without Christ. I would have no hope apart from Christ. Insecurity, brokenness, fear, worry, bitterness, un-forgiveness…all those things would consume me if I didn’t have Jesus. I am so incredibly thankful for His salvation and His redemption.

    Even in those weary seasons, when I feel distant or life is hard, God is never far away. He is always there and the Holy Spirit is there to convict me and remind me why I am living and who I am living for. When Satan tries to distract me with His lies, I remember that God is above all and He has me in the palm of His hand. If I hadn’t of been saved those many years ago, I would be lost and in need of fulfillment that only God can bring.

    My prayer is for a deeper yearning for His Word. So often we let our “time with Jesus” consist of church and times of need. This is my prayer: that I would hunger for Him daily. My rededication is something that had needed to happen for a long time and my prayer is not to become complacent. 

    What’s your prayer for your life? Tell me a little about your testimony! I’d love to hear about how God has worked in your life. 

    VIIcode Eye Mask for Dark Circles Review // Sponsored

    Hello readers! Thanks for tuning into my Makeup Monday post today! I have an exciting review for ya’ll from VIIcode! VIIcode contacted me about testing out their overnight 8 hour eye masks for dark circles–so of course I said YES!

    *Yes, I received this product complimentary for testing purposes…but all thoughts are my own*

    The Oxygen Eye Masks are made of a gel-like material that feels great on the skin. One box comes with 6 pairs of eye masks and it is recommended to use a whole course which is 3 boxes. These masks can be used two to three nights a week and are made to use overnight for up to 8 hours. Here are some more facts about these amazing masks:

    • natural, alcohol free, and with a non-irritating formula
    • non-drippy and easy to apply
    • helps eliminate dark circles and puffiness
    • allows skin to become brighter and a more even complexion
    • minimizes signs of damage and aging
    • key ingredients: white tea, grapeseed oil, and seaweed

    Even though I am not yet 25, I have pretty predominate dark circles under my eyes, so I was thrilled when I received the chance to test these out. I loved the application process-so easy!

    After cleansing my skin and drying, I headed to bed with my mask packet. I opened it, removed the plastic applicator and placed them under my eyes. I immediately felt a soothing cool sensation which I really enjoyed. They stayed secure all night and I never had to replace one or had one fall off. They felt gently and soothing under my tired eyes.

    When I woke up and removed them, there was NO residue which was amazing! They never leaked or left any adhesive or gel on my skin. The formula is very soothing and easy to use for sensitive skin. I had NO adverse reaction at all. 

    I also noticed a slight difference after my first night using them. My dark circles were less predominate and I am eager to continue using them. I highly recommend these if you suffer from dark circles or if you just want to treat yourself to a spa night! They were very relaxing to wear and never bothered my sleep at all. 

    Here are my overall favorite thoughts about these masks:

    • easy to apply with no residue left over
    • cooling sensation
    • gentle on my sensitive skin
    • easy to wear and sleep in

    You can pick these up at their website or on Amazon! Make sure you try out this amazing eye mask!

    The Garden by Kari Jobe // Album Review

    As funny as this sounds, I can gather few words about this album that accurately describes how I feel about the newest Kari Jobe Album, The Garden. Kari is known, in my eyes, as one of the best worship song writers of our generation and this album is nothing short of anointed.

    The Garden is full of songs for the broken and the weary. Kari has explained that this album was written as she and her family walked through the tragic loss of her niece. Along with her husband, Kari sits down to discuss the thoughts behind the whole album in THIS video.


    These songs are raw, potent, and real. Kari is not afraid of being real in her worship and writing that as well. While these songs are written out of grieve and sorrow, there is one thing she focuses on: Jesus is still in control. He still deserves our praise and He is still there fighting with us. One thing to mention, is that they may have been written during a time of brokenness but they are full of reckoning, hope, and praise to God.

    The song “I Will Sing” is one of my favorites from the album. Even when hope is lost, when life gets tough, etc…we need to sing. He still deserves our praise as we also bring Him our questions. The lyrics, “I need to hear Your voice, speaking to silence all my doubts. Your word won’t return empty…You will break through every darkness,” speak to His graciousness to meet us where we are and always speak truth to our hearts.

    This album is a studio album but every bit as worshipful as her last live album. These are all fairly solemn and slower songs, which is what I prefer.

    “Heal Our Land” is another one from the album that is so timely for what are nation is dealing with right now. Kari has given us what the simple truth is for our land to be healed…more of Jesus. More of showing His word, more of His presence…for Christ to be known throughout all the nations. I love this anthem,

    “So God we pray to You
    Humble ourselves again
    Lord would You hear our cry?
    Lord will You heal our land?
    That every eye will see
    That every heart will know
    The One who took our sin
    The One who died and rose.”

     We need this in our nation and our land. We need every eye and heart to know the One who took our sins for us. There is so much truth in this song…and such a timely anthem for believers to be crying out in worship.

    One of the first songs I heard from the album was “Fall Afresh” and from that moment I was hooked. In worship, I love singing and leading songs that ask God’s presence to fall and come. I find it a great way to start a worship session. It sets our hearts on what worship is really about and asks God to come and be near. One thing I love about this song in particular is that it tries to describe the presence of God and what it is like in worship. The songs says,

    “It’s the power of Your presence
    That changes us
    Your glory all around us
    And we’re undone
    You open up the Heavens
    And fall afresh on us.”

    There is nothing we should want more than to sit in His presence. I love that this song is a worshipful reminder of why we need and want more of Him. Him alone. His presence alone.

    I could honestly speak on each song and how God has used it in my life already. About how each song is powerful and real. This is so far one of the best worship albums I have listened to in a very long time. She honestly out-does herself with each album and I believe its because she writes for Jesus and just to sell copies.

    If you are hurting, there is a song for you. If you are grieving, there is a song for you. If you are thankful, there is a song for you. The song “The Garden” talks about seeing the ivy growing even through those tough moments and realizing that God has been healing and comforting her this whole time.

    I pray that these songs will bless you! If you don’t have this album, go get it. You need it. It will minister to you in ways you didn’t even know you needed ministering to.

    Let me know what songs you love the most and how it has impacted you. XO