Moore Escape Rooms // Review

In the heart of Moore, Oklahoma, hidden in the middle of a strip mall lies one of Moore’s fastest growing entertainment center: Moore Escape Rooms.


If you don’t know what an escape room is, you are basically put into a room, with your friends or family, and have to solve puzzles, mysteries, and riddles to get your code to escape out of the room.

I partnered with US Family Guide to bring you a first hand review of what the experience was like! I posted a DEAL for you to go and enjoy if you are interested in this post. (Go check it out!)

My family, friends, and I were in the “Code Breaker” room, which we later found out is Moore Escape Room’s hardest room they have. Now, obviously, I am not going to share the details of what we had to figure out because that would be no fun for anyone that goes.

I will say we had to work together to solve various puzzles, codes, mysteries, and more! While we worked hard and were SO close, we didn’t make it out in the allotted time, bummer. But that by no means dampened how much fun it was!

We had one hour to complete the “mission” and five clues to use if we got stuck on a certain puzzle or part of the room. The rooms are by no means scary and if there is an emergency or you get claustrophobic, you can always leave at any point. And children are allowed so this could be an awesome family night idea!

Overall, it was tons of fun! The room was probably a little hard for our first time, but it was still an exciting adventure. We were so close! The staff was informative and helpful. The codes and puzzles were solvable but really encouraged you to think! Honestly, this would be great for any age but especially maybe 13+.

Children would probably love exploring the rooms and the parents would love the solving of the puzzles. I loved getting to really use my brain and work together with some of my closest friends and family.


I highly recommend this if you are in the Oklahoma area. If you are looking for a fun, safe, and exciting thing to do, head to Moore Escape Rooms! It is different and fun and totally worth the cost and the time.

If you have questions, head over to the FAQ page on their website! And don’t forget to check out my first post about Moore Escape Rooms for an awesome coupon!!


PosterMyWall // Deal

Are you looking for a great present for Christmas?? I partnered with US Family Guide and PosterMyWall to bring you a great deal for printable downloads. (Link for coupon at end, keep reading!)

If you aren’t familiar with PosterMyWall, here is a little testimonial and info about them:

Family collage gifts for Grandma

When my mother decided to move out of the Bay Area and spend her retirement years in a “calmer” area, my kids immediately began brainstorming for the perfect going away gift. Over the years, they presented with her with an assortment of handmade trinkets, but they wanted to create something special Grandma could see everyday – a reminder that even though they were far apart, they’d always have each other.

I decided to help them make a few different collages through PosterMyWall. A friend had recently introduced me to the site, but I had yet to customize any designs. So I thought, “No time like the present!” The kids and I sorted through a few dozen family photos and selected our faves. Then we browsed through their templates, chose three designs, and started customizing away! Thanks to their easy online tools, we were able to create these collages within minutes.

Since we wanted these to be a little more special than the average poster print, we opted to purchase framed prints. But PosterMyWall offers a variety of print options, as well as download options – and even different shipping options! Check out this page if you want more info on their products and shipping prices.

When Grandma opened up her going away gifts, she was speechless. There were a few happy tears, lots of hugs, and plenty of stories behind each picture selected. Thanks for helping us preserve the memories PosterMyWall!


Posters – 1/2 OFF Printable Downloads – Create amazing Posters & Flyers in minutes PosterMyWall!

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When it’s not well with my soul

I don’t understand. 

I’m angry. I’m hurt. I’m sad. 

I’ve got questions and no answers. 

I don’t understand. 

I’m going to get honest with you today. Normally W&W is pretty cheerful and positive; today it’s not. Today I’m going to just tell you what I’m feeling and what I’m working through.

Monday I received news that a dear friend, mentor, sister- is near the end of her fight against cancer. I don’t really have words to explain everything I felt in that moment, but I know one word stuck in my head, Why. 

Why her? Why now? Why haven’t I been over to see her lately? Why does this happen? Why does she have to be dying now? Why, why, why… 

Sunday night at church we sang “It is well,” and I struggled, even then, with those words because I found out I once again was passed over for a job I was highly qualified for. I was already mad that I keep hearing no after no.

God had been working in me and showing me that each no could be keeping me something harmful or that He has something better in store. And I had a moment with the Lord where I let those questions and frustrations linger; and I was once again reminded that HIS timing is the best.

Fast forward to today and I’m really struggling to say those words and mean them:

Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say; it is well, it is well, with my soul.” 

Yesterday, the impending death of a friend, was not well with my soul. The bitter feelings can creep so easily into our hearts if we don’t guard it.

Depression, anger, hatred, and frustration can easily be upon us if we don’t seek God. We must seek Him especially in these times.

One thing I’ve come to realize is God is not afraid of our questions and our anger. Spoiler alert: He already knows anyway. Sometimes, in certain moments, it won’t be well with our souls. Our human nature fights against our knowledge that God is good and has a purpose for our lives that is greater than what we can see.

What I can say is this: each prayer, each verse, and each moment with the Lord is allowing me the peace and the ability to say “It is/will be well with my soul.” I may not understand it. I may not like it. I may hate it. But God is still there; in control of everything and has a reason for this season of waiting and devastation. God is on the throne and working in our lives even when we don’t understand. 

I am preaching this to myself ya’ll. I allowed myself a few days to let the news sink in and now I am really trying to focus on asking God what He wants to teach me during this time. Yes, I want a job desperately. NO, I don’t want to lose this friend…but I have to cling to God.

Kari Jobe wrote a lyric that says, “What if sorrow shakes my faith, and what if heartache still remains. I trust You, my God I trust You.” Let that speak to you today. Even if heartache remains and sorrow comes, we must continue to trust Him.

Maybe you, like me, are in a tough season right now; life keeps handing you one problem or heartbreak after another. Our human nature is to cast God off and blame Him, but we can’t! He is the constant good in our life–the reason for being. God is fighting for us an with us even when we can’t see what is going on. 

We must learn to say “It is well with my soul” even when our flesh wants to say it is not. The song continues to say that God has taught us to say, it is well. Amen. I needed to hear that today. God asks for our complete faith and trust, not just faith and trust when we like what He is doing.

My prayer is that whatever my lot, I would praise and say it is well. 

“A time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance” (Ecclesiastes 3:4)

“For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning” (Psalm 30:5)

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted” (Matthew 5:4)

“You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever” (Psalm 30:11)

Welcoming Baby G! {Part 2}

Welcome back! Yesterday I shared labor and delivery pictures on “Welcoming Baby G! {Part 1}.” If you haven’t taken a look, I highly encourage you to! Pictures are honestly worth a thousand words and these are such incredible moments I was able to capture.

Today is all about the tiniest, cutest little guy and his newborn shots! Babies are so adorable and I love getting to snap pictures of them at any age, but newborns are the best! It is often a long process but oh so worth it.

Baby G was a perfect model and made ever shot such a great one! Here are my favorites, enjoy!


Welcoming Baby G! {Part 1}

I have fallen in love with Labor & Delivery and newborn photography. Capturing details of such an important moment in life is a honor. I was thrilled to be able to photograph the coming of little Baby G!

He is the tiniest baby I have ever seen and perfect in every way! It was a joy and a pleasure to capture his arrival and his newborn shots. Today is all about sharing some of those special moments with ya’ll! I mean, who doesn’t enjoy pictures of adorable new babies??

Throughout this post I will just be sharing the images, because I think they speak for themselves.Today I will be sharing the posts of the arrival! Labor and delivery is such a beautiful thing and I can’t wait to share these with you.





From the archives: Loving the Least of These (thoughts on Planned Parenthood)

With the nation in the state it is in now, I thought I would bring back up this post from over a year ago. I don’t speak politics much on my blog but after watching these presidential debates, I am broken once again over the fact that there are still people condoning and wanting to fund Planned Parenthood. My heart breaks for the fact that our nation is looking at being run by people who support any term abortion and so many other horrible things. Here is just a few of my thoughts on the subject. 

I’ve debated about writing this blog post for a while. I knew it could bring up some harsh reactions, but I no longer care. I am called to share the truth and to be a light in this world and if that means I face comments or questions, so be it.

I am sure everyone has heard about the Planned Parenthood scandal. If you haven’t, you might just live under a rock. Let me start this by saying I am completely pro-life. I am a Christian and I truly believe that ever life matters. I believe that God called us to care for the least of these…and what could be more fitting than helpless unborn babies.

I have watched most of the undercover videos…I couldn’t bring myself to watch all of the newest one. There are some things you will never be able to un-see. I am completely floored by the casual talk from these PP doctors and executives. They are talking about babies and selling parts over a nice comfortable lunch like it’s totally normal. Using abstract terms like “specimen” or “tissue” doesn’t change the fact that it is a real human. I have always been against abortion and it has always been something close to my heart. I believe that birth begins at conception, therefore, I fully believe that the babies that are being aborted and sold are real human beings that deserve a life. They just can’t fight for themselves.

The fact that PP is still being funded and is still open infuriates me and just completely baffles me. How these video tapes aren’t considered enough evidence is beyond me. In the few minutes that I could stomach of the newest video, the PP affiliate literally talks about how they have to be careful what they say and how they charge the companies because they don’t want to get caught. She tells the undercover company that she is confident that their lawyer can sway/fight/etc. any questions or criminal litigation’s. They knew what they were doing could get them in trouble. They knew that this was illegal…and they did it anyway. And not only did they do it, not caring that it was illegal, they are getting away with it.

Being a journalism major, I know about liable. And from my point of view, the undercover people that made these videos did nothing that could be considered liable. They never stated that PP said these things with no evidence, they have it on film! Yet people are calling for their arrest or for them to receive punishment. This reminds me of the story from the Bible when Jesus was held in front of the crowd with Barabbas and Pilate called out to the crowd asking which one of the men should be let go; Jesus a blameless man or Barabbas a known criminal. The crowd called for the release of Barabbas sending Jesus to the cross.

The fact that we live in a world that condemns a party for uncovering illegal and horrendous acts but pleads for the continuation of an actual guilty party is heartbreaking.  We live in a world where it is obvious that babies are being aborted, killed, and sold and yet very few seem to care. All of this has reminded me that we, as Christians, are called to stand for the weak and lowly. These babies need someone to fight for them. Someone would have loved those babies but they were never given the chance to be loved. Defunding Planned Parenthood is not just about stopping the selling of the babies but the killing of the babies as well.

Matthew 25:40 says, “And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me’.” God’s word say that whatever we do to the least of the brothers, we do to him. These children are gifts from God. This whole tragedy has awakened a yearning to stand up for those who cannot stand for themselves. These babies don’t have a voice yet, but I do. Not only do I stand against the continuation of abortions and the selling of their parts, but I mourn and grieve the ones we lost. Would you join me? Now is not a time to stay silent.

Lord, help us stand for these helpless children. They deserve a life and a chance to live. Give us boldness, passion, and strength to stand for the least of these and be the voice for the powerless. We cry out for a revival in our land that so desperately needs it.

5 songs for the bold

Are you noticing a theme? If you haven’t been able to tell, I am continuing on in my “5 songs for the ___” series because I love them. I know so many wonderful worship songs and never know how to discuss them. Putting them into the categories and emotions have really been good and made some exciting posts so we are keeping it up!

As a worship leader I attribute songs to what they say and mean; some songs are great to express our brokenness and some are best for expressing our gratitude. Maybe you don’t think of worship music like that, but I do!

We’ve talked about 5 songs for the weary and the joyful…today is all about songs for the BOLD. I am shy, timid, and usually far from bold. However, I believe we need to pray bold prayers and ask God to challenge and use us in mighty ways. Being bold and brave is a daily…usually hourly…struggle for my in my life and my walk with Christ

Being bold, in my eyes, is all about asking God to take us deeper, into the unknown, and use us in a bigger way than we have ever asked. It’s putting our life and dreams in His hands and taking a step in faith. It’s asking God to come and meet us and change us in a mighty way. These songs are ones that I consider songs for the bold…the ones who aren’t complacent with where they are but want more and more.

These are also songs to sing when you want to be bold but are losing sight of WHO makes us bold. They ask God to take us deeper, make us braver, and use our lives for His kingdom.

Oceans // Hillsong United

The first song I think of when I begin to think of songs that encourage us to be bold and brave is “Oceans.” I remember when I first heard this song and I was in awe of the boldness those lyrics hold. Begging God to take us deeper and farther. The key to being bold in our faith is to keep our eyes above the ways and on Jesus Himself.  Listen here.

“Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me”

Spirit Move // Bethel Music

When we are bold in our faith and our prayers, God is there. “Spirit Move” is about asking the Spirit to come and move in our midst. We must be eager to sit in His presence and this song is a great reminder of that. It gives me boldness to call out to God and ask Him to come and move in our lives. I believe that being ready for God to move and asking Him to is a step in boldness. Listen here.

“Come and blow on through
Spirit move, we’re ready for You to
Come and blow on through
Come and do what only You can do”

Though You Slay Me // Shane and Shane

*Just try to get through this song without tears rolling down your face*

There is nothing more bold then proclaiming that even though our live might not be what we wanted we will continue to worship. We lose family, we get fired, we get sick, etc. and we still need to sing a song to God. This song is full of bold sentences that we need to be sincerely proclaiming to Christ. Our affliction is only temporary and we must have enough faith and be bold in that faith to tell Jesus that no matter what life brings us or what we lose, we will praise Him. That even when we can’t see what HE is doing we must trust Him enough to know that He is working it out for our good and His glory. When we feel defeated and the farthest thing from bold, we must continue to worship and sing these songs to remind our souls why God is in control. Listen here.

“Though You slay me
Yet I will praise You
Though You take from me
I will bless Your name
Though You ruin me
Still I will worship
Sing a song to the One who’s all I need”

Waiting Here For You // Christy Nockles

I associate the idea of calling out for God to come move with being bold. When we are bold enough to come expectant for God to move, He will. Crying out to God saying we are waiting here for Him with our arms out wide is something we need to do more of. Sometimes we do our best to hide from God, but this song is the opposite; it is a cry that we are waiting for Him to move. I consider that pretty bold or enough to let you gather your “boldness.” Listen here.

“Waiting here for You
With our hands lifted high in praise
And it’s You we adore
Singing Alleluia”

You Make Me Brave // Bethel Music

My anthem…”Make me brave Lord,” because without you, I am the farthest thing from it. For me, praying for God to make me brave is a step in boldness because it is allowing God to take me out of my comfort zone. This song is a beautiful cry to God that acknowledges that we are not brave apart from Christ.  Listen here.

“You make me brave
You make me brave
You call me out beyond the shore into the waves
You make me brave
You make me brave
No fear can hinder now the love that made a way”

My prayer is that these songs inspire you to be bold in your faith and prayers. That you would hold on to Jesus no matter what we face and ask God to use us in a mighty way. Let me know if you take a listen to these songs and what you think about it!


October beauty wish list 

Good afternoon friends and readers! I’ve been daydreaming about some new beauty products so I thought I would share a few of them with you!

Christmas is coming soon and most of these items are on my list! If I had all the money in the world, I would already have purchased all these products because they look amazing! Here’s a peek into my current beauty wish list!

Tarte color wheel blush palette (limited edition) 

Every color of blush you could ever dream of is on this palette. Roses, pinks, corals, etc are all in this gorgeous palette from Tarte. I also love Tarte’s blush and their formula; such great pigmentation and so soft on the skin. It’s limited edition so I’m hoping I can get my hands on it before it goes away!

New-trals vs. neutrals palette by Makeup Revolution


Look at those colors! I’m in love with Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes; they’re so buttery and have great pigmentation. I’m sure this palette is just as good! I love the blush tones and nudes in this palette.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit in Surreal Light 

Hello, beautiful! I’ve wanted to dive into some Hourglass products for a while but the cost is always so high! This is no different, it’s a holiday exclusive for $80 but you get some of everything! It contains 2 blushes, finishing powder, a bronzer, and a highlighter. The packaging alone looks worth the price! I’ve already sent this item to Santa.😉

Miracle Diamond Sponge by Real Techniques 

You know I love RT brushes and I’m sure their sponges are just as great. I love the look of this sponge! How girly and exciting is this sponge?? It has so many sides and uses that’s it’s extremely versatile and handy to have around! I’m hoping Ulta gets them soon.

Smashbox X-rated mascara


I received a sample of this in my Ipsy a few months ago and have fallen in love with it. I’m extremely picky about mascara and this one meets my requirements! It lengthens, volumizes, and is easy to remove. I am really contemplating just picking this up for myself because I love it so much!


5 songs for the joyful

A few weeks ago I shared 5 songs for the weary and I really loved that post because those were songs that had really touched my heart and lifted me up out of the valley. However, not all seasons are seasons of weariness and struggle. We tend to focus on the bad and forget the good. We seek God the most when we are broken and need Him.

God deserves our praise and attention at all times not just those valleys but the mountains too. We need to praise and be joyful no matter what we face in life. Today I wanted to focus on being joyful and grateful so I am sharing 5 songs for the joyful. I’ve noticed that one thing that makes a song “joyful” is the beat. If you listen to these 5, you’ll notice a pattern of a faster tempo and fun beat compared to the songs for the weary.

Only Your Love // Kari Jobe

While Kari Jobe writes some incredible anthems for the broken and hurting, she also knows how to be joyful and give God that praise and honor. “Only Your Love” is all about who God is and what His love is about. It’s upbeat and exciting and reminds us why we love the Lord. I always am reminded how thankful I am for the Lords love and His and in my life when I worship to this song. When we focus on who GOD is and less than who we are, we find more joy.  Listen here.

“Your love is overwhelming
Brought me to life again
Your love, it lasts forever
In You there’ll be no end.”

Your Love Never Fails // Jesus Culture

Joy comes in the morning. That phrase is the whole idea of this song. His love never fails and because of that, joy comes every morning, even if the night is long. What else could make us joyful but that simple fact? Oceans rage, nights are long, but none of that matters because God is working it out for our good and His purpose. Part of being joyful is knowing that God is never failing; God gives us comfort because when the world fails He never will. Listen here.

“You stay the same through the ages
Your love never changes
There maybe pain in the night but joy comes in the morning”

Open up the Heavens // Meredith Andrews

Show us your glory, Lord! There is nothing more joyful than looking up to the heavens and asking to see God. Another upbeat song, “Open up the Heavens” is an exciting song that is fun to sing but has incredibly powerful lyrics. We want God to hear our praise and to feel our joy. We need to ask for more of God when we are joyful not just forget Him when things are going well. The Bible says that the Heavens declare the glory of God; talk about joy. Listen here.

Open up the heavens
We want to see you
Open up the floodgates
A mighty river
Flowing from your heart
Filling every part of our praise”

Come to Jesus // Warr Acres

I’ve talked about Warr Acres before but they are a worship band from a church here in Oklahoma called Victory Church. I listen to a lot of worship music, and I can honestly say that Warr Acres is one of the best worship band’s I have ever listened too. Not only are the insanely talented singers and musicians, they can write songs with such anointing and  meaning that I am always amazed at their abilities.

“Come to Jesus” is about coming and rejoicing with Jesus. The lost, the broken, the restored, everyone…coming to Jesus because of what He has done for us. If there was ever a perfect song for the joyful, this would be it. I really encourage you to listen to this worship team, they’re on iTunes too! Listen here.

“Come and rejoice with lost ones found,
with the chained who’ve been unbound,
with the sick who now are healed forever.
Come and sing praises to the King,
who in humble suffering,
gave His life to make us whole forever.”

Wake // Hillsong Young & Free

First off, Taya Smith can SING. But secondly, this song has a beat and a message that you need to hear. If you are looking for really exciting worship music that still has a great heart to it “Wake” is for you. It is about asking God to wake within us and let Him be seen by all. I love to get up and express my joy to the Lord in dancing and praise with this song! Listen here.

“You will never fade away, Your love is here to stay
By my side, in my life, shining through me everyday.
You wake within me, wake within me
You’re in my heart forever.”

Travel Essentials // Favorites Friday 

In light of my recent vacation to Colorado, I decide to share my travel essentials with ya’ll today for Favoites Friday.  

During a trip away from home there are always things we take with us but not everything is essential. But whether you drive or fly, there are always a few things you MUST have with you! 

Laptop case 

Pick which one you want, but ya need one. I’m currently using my Kate Spade striped case. It zips, has padding, and is made with material that you can wash smudges off of it. I tend to be pretty clumsy and hard on my travel bag so having a durable case to protect my precious laptop is a definite essential. 

Roll up keyboard 

This is a new essential to my travel bag. My dad recently bought a roll up keyboard from LG and I stole it for the trip😉 It works off of bluetooth and is perfect for long car trips with no internet access for my laptop. When I wasn’t driving, I was usually getting a head start on some blog posts with this keyboard and my phone. It rolls up and is extremely easy to pack up and doesn’t take up much room in your bag. 


I mean, am I right? When you’re  tirelessly driving or flying, snacks are perfect to have with you. I try to keep some healthy ones mixed in with a little indulgent surprise as well. I like things like: frozen grapes, chex mix, nuts, chocolate, or pretzels. Make sure to take some with you because the cost of on the road snacks will definitely drive up the overall price of the trip. 

Aux cord

In my own car, I have a hook up for an iphone aux cord so normally I just use that. For this trip we had to purchase a cassette to aux cord and it has worked really well so far. Either way you do it, it is vital to my travel essentials to be able to listen to my phone and my audiobooks. 

Book and Bible

I am fortunate enough to not get car sickness when I read so I always bring a book and my Bible for the low and boring parts of the trip. I am currently reading “Finding Stephanie” by Susan May Warren. The Bible I brought along was my journaling ESV Bible…I knew I would want to do some journaling while I gaze at the mountains. I suggest finding a great new book or grabbing your old favorite and throwing it in your bag for any trip. 


If you’ve never heard of it, Audible is a audio book app/website that allows you to purchase and listen to books of all kinds. You can pay for a book outright or pay $14.95 a month and get a free credit each month. That is definitely the best deal in my opinion; books tend to be over $14 so the free credit is really worth it. During this trip, we’ve been listening to Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. It is a vital part of any of my vacations and travels. 

What items are on your travel essential list? I know each person has their own favorite items so I am eager to hear what you can’t live without on a trip of any kind.