My Top YouVersion Bible Studies

Hello Friends! Today is an exciting post for Worship Wednesday! I have been struggling with having a consistent quiet time and I have been convicted about it. I’ve really been trying to be better about it and I found some great, easy to use Bible studies. I have been loving YouVersion’s Bible studies on their Bible app. Each study is a varied amount of time but I love being able to study different topics and struggles.

Today I want to share my top Bible studies from that app! These are so convenient and right on your phone! I find I am much more consistent with it when I use this app. I can even get reminders to pop-up so I have no excuse to forget. Here is my top favorites!


Wait and See by Wendy Pope 

Wait and See is actually a book and this is a 7 day study about it. Wendy teaches us that in times of waiting, even intense waiting, we can find beauty and hope in those moments. She shares the stories of 4 different people and their stories of waiting and how to glorify the Lord in those times. I loved hearing and learning from these peoples experiences and applying them to my life and my time of waiting. Each day brings a new devotion and scriptures to read.

The Garden Devotional by Kari Jobe

I am excited about Kari Jobe’s new album The Garden. This 7 day study is all about the meaning and inspiration for some of her songs from this new album. If you are a worship lover, I highly recommend this study. It’s amazing to see the verses and inspiration behind the songs that we sing. I am working on a review of this album, so go read this study before that comes out! These songs are vital and anointed worship songs that I know we all need to learn from.

The Single Life by Your Time of Grace

This is for all you single people out there, like me! I started this around Valentines Day and really enjoyed it. It is video devotions and scripture for 5 days. I love this study because it shares the views of singleness from a Biblical and Christian perspective. It shows that singleness is not a burden but a gift! This is unlike any singleness devotion I have ever read/watched and I love how it encourages you to be content and happy with where God has you.

Crazy Love by Francis Chan

Crazy Love discusses the crazy and intense love God has for us and what our response should be to this love. I have taught most of this original book to some youth before but I love this condensed version. This is the most in depth of all the studies I have listed. This 7 day study has a devotional, a video, and scripture for each day! I love the different forms of learning this study provides. Francis Chan is one of my favorite author and speakers, so I knew this study would be a good one.

Trusting God’s Process by Brittany Rust 

I recently finished this 5 day study. With the transition period between college and work that I am in, this study was perfect for me. It is all about learning to trust God’s way and process in our lives. God might throw us a curve-ball or a bump in the road but His ways are always going to better than ours. His process might be longer or harder but so worth it. Each day in the study provides a new devotion and 1-2 different sections of Scripture to read over.

Which one sounds the best to you?? I really encourage you to try one of these! If you struggle staying consistent, this is a great first step to get you into the Word even if only a few verses a day.

Spring must-have wishlist! 

I can finally admit, I’m ready for spring. I’ve been perpetually sick all winter and I’m ready for warmer weather, brilliant colors, and flowers. Today I thought I would share some of the things I’m wishing to own for spring.

Shoes, beauty products, and more are all on my wishlist for must-haves for this upcoming spring season! What better way to prepare for the upcoming season than my sharing my must-have wishlist with ya’ll!? Here we go!

Pacifica Wake Up Beautiful Mask 

My goal for spring is to really make my skin a priority! My skin has been so sensitive and aggravated the last few months that I really need to take some better care of it. I have had my eye on this Pacifica overnight mask for quite some time so I am officially putting it on my “must-have wishlist!” It is a beauty sleep booster that replenishes and quenches my skin while I rest. How easy is that to use??


Sanuk Yoga Slings 

I am most excited for spring because I love cute and comfy sandals! I have one pair of these Yoga Slings and they are, honestly, my favorite spring and summer shoe. They are extremely comfortable and so easy to wear! I love black, grey, and white ones because they will go with everything I own! I must buy a new pair soon because I need to have more than one…a girl always needs multiple shoe pairs, right?


Colourpop Highlighter in Flexitarian 

I want to show off my clean and fresh skin this spring with this flawless highlighter from Colourpop. I have heard so many incredible things about this from bloggers and vloggers that I just cannot wait anymore! I NEED this in my collection asap. I love a strong highlighter for fun occasions and this is definitively a good one! Spring will be the season of impeccable highlighters if I pick this up.


Knit Drape Front Fringe Cardigan

I love Torrid for clothes and shoes. I must have this adorable fringe cardigan for the spring. I’m the type of person who loves cardigans so much…I wear them year round. This material looks breathable and would be perfect for still cool nights and mornings of the unpredictable spring here in Oklahoma. It is a beautiful cream and coral color that would be perfect spring colors too. The Aztec print is one of my favorite prints as well!


Cascade Cool Essie Nail Polish 

I love spring color nail polish! This color from Essie is such the perfect pale pink. Essie has always been one of my favorite brands and I really love their formula. I could have picked about 1309823 other colors to include, so just know, any pastel or soft colors would work! My favorites would be pink, purple, and mint. How perfect would this color look in contrast to those sandals I mentioned above??


Sephora Favorites Quench Your Skin 

Going along with my goal of better skin, I had to add this value set of skin care to my must-have wishlist! It comes with 10 different moisturizers that help keep your skin hydrated and helps with dullness and uneven skin texture. These value sets from Sephora are a great way to sample different products to see which one you love the most. Their are some really great brands in this such as: GlamGlow, Josie Maran, Drunk Elephant, and First Aid Beauty. I try to keep my cleanser and toner the same brand, but I don’t mind mixing up my moisturizer to find a better one for my skin. This is perfect for spring…taking care of that dry skin winter gave us.


What products would YOU put on your spring must-have wishlist? Let me know in the comments so I can pick it up too! XO


Harry Potter Haul

Hello friends! I am sorry that this last week has been quiet on the blog. I’ve been taking some time to myself. Today I am back with a special haul for ya’ll!

For Christmas, my sister bought me tickets to the Always Potterheads Festival here in Oklahoma. The first festival we went to was pure chaos (see the blog post here) so I was really hoping that this would redeem my faith and desire for Harry Potter festivals.

I was an awful blogger and took literally no pictures of the experience because, well, I was too buy experiencing it myself. BUT I bought a good amount of items from the local vendors and wanted to share it with ya’ll! I love supporting handmade and locally owned businesses so I was happy to spend my money on all these potter related items. I also really love that some of these are very subtle in their Harry Potter theme!

DSC_1198 (1).JPG

Alohomora Keychain // 7th and West  

7th and West is quickly becoming one of my favorite local shop for hand-stamped items and jewelry. I found them at another HP event where I purchased their golden snitch necklace. I am in love with my “alohomora” keychain with my house color tassel. It’s perfect for my keys and very light-weight.

Hufflepuff Bath Bomb 

For some reason, I left this booth with NO identification of the shop that was selling these amazing bath bombs. I am so very excited to use this bath bomb! It is citrus scent in yellow colors, for Hufflepuff of course, and it has a patronus inside! I am so intrigued to see what is inside and what the patronus is made out of as well.

DSC_1177 (1).JPG

“HP” stamped ring // 7th and West 

Another great find from 7th and West, was this hand stamped “HP” ring. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized that not only does my cool new ring stands for the famous Harry Potter…but my own initials are in fact, HP–so win win! This ring is adjustable so I can wear it on any of my fingers or thumb! It is perfect for any look.

DSC_1170 (1).JPG

Swish and flick decal // Vinyl Diggs

My sister and I both bought this cute little decal for our laptops. This famous quote from the first book/movie is always something we both quote to each other. Vinyl Diggs had numerous popular sayings and symbols from the franchise. I was really impressed with them.

DSC_1201 (1).JPG

Hufflepuff coffee to-go mug // The Golden Type 

I couldn’t leave the festival without some sort of coffee mug or to-go mug! You know my obsession. I couldn’t resist this Hufflepuff gold icon mug! Hufflepuff is, of course, my house so I had to support. This is a very sturdy to-go mug that I cannot wait to use!

DSC_1183 (1).JPG

9 3/4 print // The Golden Type 

You know I am always a fan of a gold print. I wanted something that wasn’t extremely obvious that it was HP…so I settled on this 9 3/4 foil print. It is going to look perfect in my room on my gallery wall. I mean how subtle and cute is this gold foil print???

DSC_1190 (1).JPG

Bertie Bott’s Beans Candle // Kamala Candle Company 

This candle has to be my favorite purchase. It smells of sweets with some hints of florals. I usually don’t like very sweet candles but this is incredible. It’s also a soy candle that will burn for much longer than a typical candle. I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with the owners of the Kamala Candle Co. while I shopped their delicious smelling candles.

DSC_1194 (1).JPGDSC_1196 (1).JPG

What would YOU like to have from this haul?? Don’t forget to shop local when you can!! XO

Currently Crazy About: Worship Songs

Ah, Worship Wednesday. It is by far one of my favorite days and topics to blog about. I started a new series called “Currently Crazy About” a few weeks ago with some current makeup brands I have been loving. Today is a continuation of the same series but totally different topic!

Ya’ll know I am always finding new worship music that I want to share. There is just something about worship music that always hits home for me. I love worship and I am always in awe of how God can use people’s words to draw us into His presence. Here is what I’m crazy about:

Fall Afresh // Kari Jobe

Kari Jobe has a way with words… I pre-ordered her album “The Garden” that debuts Feb. 3rd and this song was automatically downloaded when I did. I am crazy about it! It is an anthem asking God to come and fall on us again. Asking God to open the heavens and fall on us, because there is nothing more powerful than His presence. I love when worship songs are prayers that our heart should utter, and this is just that.

“It’s the power of Your presence,
That changes us
Your glory all around us,
And we’re undone
You open up the Heavens
And fall afresh on us”

Let it Be Jesus // Christy Nockles 

In a world full of lies and chaos, our only cry should be, “let it be Jesus.” Jesus is the answer to all and the only thing we need. We need nothing apart from Him. I’ve always loved the phrase, “Jesus + Nothing = Everything” and this song is a verbal decree of that. I love the picture that this song paints…that we would call Jesus’ name before all other names. I could talk about this song all day, but I’ll continue on.

“For me to live is Christ
For me to live is Christ
God, I breathe Your name
Above everything
Let it be, let it be Jesus
Let it be, let it be Jesus”

This is Living (Acoustic) // Hillsong Young and Free

First off, I listed the acoustic version because I much prefer it…the simple guitar and vocals! Hillsong also has a wave of painting a beautiful picture with their woven words. This song is an example of what it looks like living for and in Christ. You don’t truly live until you live through Christ. I consider this song very poetic but such a perfectly written worship song that sums up what it looks like to finally be living.

“You take me higher than I’ve been before
It’s Your perfect love that sees me soar
God your freedom is an open door
You are everything I want and more”

Fighting for me // Warr Acres 

I’ve mentioned Warr Acres before, they are a local churches worship team that produces some amazing worship albums. This song is such a beautiful cry out to God that reminds us that God is never done fighting for us. In our world today, it is so comforting to know that God is always fighting for us even when those waves seem like they might overcome us. Honestly, this song just speaks for itself…it is so powerful I don’t have many words. Click the title and go listen for yourself!

“Buried beneath the waves, my heart was fading
Pulling me from the grave, Your love was waiting
Though I fight against You, You will never stop fighting for me
Relentlessly, Your love is chasing

Good, Good Father // Housefires

I’m pretty sure I am talked about this song again, but I can’t help but bringing it up for this. I am crazy about this song. The simple words that are so deep and a great reminder that even though there is sin and bad things in this world there is but one good: our Heavenly Father. God is perfect in all of His ways and we need to remember that.

“You’re a good good father
It’s who you are, it’s who you are, it’s who you are
And I’m loved by you
It’s who I am, it’s who I am, it’s who I am”

What worship songs are you currently crazy about? I’d love to hear!

January Favorites 2017

Hello and welcome to this years FIRST real monthly favorites. 2017 is already flying by ya’ll it’s crazy! I believe that these are some of my all time favorite posts to both read and write! I always love seeing what people use and are loving during the months.

Today is all about what I LOVED and couldn’t get enough of during the month of January. I must say, it is mostly beauty products (shocker). Let’s get into it!

Wet n Wild Ombre Blush // In a Purple Haze *NEW*

I picked this up at my local Walgreens and I was shocked that they actually had a pretty nice selection of the new Wet n Wild products. I have been loving a violet, subtle blush lately and this color is perfect on the cheeks! When you swatch it, it looks like a whole bunch of nothing. Ha! But it is definitely much better actually on the skin. The ombre is very subtle but it is really nice sway of shades. It has a very fine small shimmer to it, they don’t call it matte but it is very close!

 Wet n Wild Perfect Pout Gel Lip Liner // Red the Scene

I’m embarrassed to say that this was my first liner I have bought. I’ve never been a liner girl, at all. But I’ve noticed with some of my favorite liquid lip products, I really need that outer protection. When I bought the new blush I picked this classic red liner as well. It is part of their new line of gel liners and I love it! It works with all my classic red shades and glides on the lips so smooth. (To see it swatched, keep reading till my next favorites!)DSC_1147.JPG

Two Faced Melted Matte // Lady Balls 

This beautiful classic red was a Christmas present from my sister. Probably one of my favorite classic reds I have ever tried. I love that it goes matte because it seems longer lasting than others. The consistency is smooth and silky and it doesn’t seem too drying on the lips. I love to wear this with my gel liner listed above! DSC_1142.JPG

Bath and Body Fragrance Mist // Gardenia and Fresh Rain

I love wearing perfume but let’s be honest…I usually forget. So I have been keeping this wonderful smelling body spray in my purse for those times when I need some! It is honestly a great mix of fresh and floral scents in one. I love the smell…I wish I had more of this scent. I’m hoping they bring it back this spring. DSC_1115.JPG

City Color Cosmetics Be Matte Blush 

This was a trip sample from Ipsy that I have fallen in love with! Like I mentioned earlier I have really been loving a violet blush and this trio is perfect for that! All three colors are very wearable and look great on the cheek. The swatch very powdery but they go on really smooth and buttery. I am looking at buying the full version of these!

Real Techniques Bold Metals 100

This beautiful and stunning brush was also a Christmas present. There isn’t much to say about it but the fact that IT IS SO SOFT. I love the elegance of it as well. You need one, trust me. It is perfect for powder or even blush. The size is perfect and the brush it self is just as soft as can be. I haven’t found a RT brush I didn’t like honestly.

Organic Aura Cacia Bergamot Essential Oil 

I have mentioned that I am getting into essential oils recently! By far, bergamot is one of my favorite oils so far. I had a dear friend gift me this one, and I use it all the time. Bergamot is said to help the following: relieves stress and anxiety, releases emotional pain, relieves headaches, aids digestive system, and more. I use this both in the day and at night. It smells of citrus and all things amazing. DSC_1124.JPG

Latest Lifestyle Photoshoot

My photography side business is really growing and I am excited about each new client and each returning client. I love the opportunity to capture such exciting and special moments in people’s lives.

Today, for Favorites Friday, I wanted to share some new photos I recently took of a handsome little dude. I had the chance to capture his first moments and his newborn shots as well.

I’ll tell ya, 3 month old’s are interesting to work with! They move and move and move!! Half of my pictures were just blurs of arms and legs, but we ended with some great shots.



DSC_0903 (2).jpg


Which one was your favorite?? Isn’t he the cutest?? 

Thy Will

If you remember back to my first post of 2017, I shared that TRUST was my word for the year. The thing about trust is that it causes you to say these words: “Thy will be done..” 

When we fully trust God our ultimate prayer and goal should be that HIS will is done and not ours. In every situation, in every moment, to really trust God is to trust His will above our own wishes and hopes.

His will in your grandpa’s health

His will in your new job

His will in your mom’s cancer

His will in your future spouse

His will in your hopes and in your dreams

These words are something I have really had to learn to say and mean over the past year and a half. It’s one thing to pray those words, “thy will be done Lord,” but its another thing to really and truly believe it. 

Trusting God is easy to say we are doing but we must really cling to Him and His word to continually mean what we say. We think we have our best interests at heart when in reality nobody does like Jesus. Whether we see it in that moments, His ways are always higher and better. He sees what we cannot. He knows what we do not.

Trust is easy in theory. It’s easy to utter the words, “I trust you Lord,” in our prayers but not mean it in our hearts. We must deeply and fully understand that God has our best interests at heart. Whether our times match and our paths align, God’s ways are better for us. We must change our hearts and prayers to mirror God’s will.

I love that God is on our side. I love that He is always in our lives, woven into every moment whether we see it or not. 

My prayer is for God’s will to be done in my life. If it doesn’t match my dreams, I want Him to change my dreams to fit His. If it doesn’t fit my time table, I want Him to give me patience to wait on Him.

I have had to learn this lesson the hard way over the past year and half. It’s been hard. It’s been a struggle. But He hasn’t given up on me. And now more than ever I see the need for His plans and hands in my life above my own. I once heard a statement that went something like this:

“That ‘no’ or ‘keep waiting’ might be keeping us from something harmful or saving us for something that is far greater.” 

Talk about hitting me right in the soul. As you know, I’ve been struggling to find a job. Hearing “no” after “no,” gets exhausting. But I am continuing to pray, “Thy will be done Lord.” I’ve realized I don’t want a job, a husband, or a path that isn’t the Lords will.

Father, give us boldness to pray for your will above our own. Give us strength and peace in waiting for your plans to unfold before us. Above all else, let your will be done.