Baby Girl C’s 9-month Session || Baby Photography

    Today we are celebrating fall with a sweet little one! If you’ve been keeping up with my latest photography sessions on here or my social media, you’ll recognzie this sweet face! I have had the honor of shooting this baby’s maternity and newborn as well as her milestone sessions. Today I’m sharing sweet baby girl C’s 9-month session- baby photography is such fun!

    Since baby C turned 9 months on September 31st, we decided to do a fall-themed shoot! Pumpkin, apples, and candy- all the way! Baby C was very happy! She loved to shoot us quick smiles and really enjoys music. Because she loves music, I played the first song on my phone…so we did some dancing to ‘Cake by the Ocean’ to get her to smile. As I said, baby photography can be very fun…you never know what you might be doing to get a little smile.

    This sweet girl’s family is very special to me. I’ve known her mom for many, many years. We were in youth group together. We’ve also been through a lot of the same struggles. Baby C’s mom lost her dad and her grandma just like I have. In fact, Baby C is named after her late grandfather. I watched this family walk through these tragedies and they have, in turn, watched and helped me go through the same things. The day Baby C was born was during my grandmother’s first ICU stay- when we were preparing ourselves to lose her. I went and took pictures at the hospital of this sweet baby and was reminded that there are life and beautiful things in the midst of chaos. Baby C was a bright light in the midst of my family’s darkness and that will forever be a special memory. Keep up to date with all this family’s sessions:

    Baby Girl C’s Newborn Session
    Baby Girl C’s 3-month Session
    Baby Girl C’s 6-month Session

    Baby Girl C’s 9-month Session || Baby Photography

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