L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Foundation Review || love it or hate it? 

Welcome to a beautiful Makeup Monday friends! How are you starting your week off?? I am hard at work editing a newborn session that I'll be sharing later this week! Today is a fun post for y'all! Product review alert! Have you heard of this foundation? It's the L.A. Girl Pro Coverage liquid foundation and … Continue reading L.A. Girl Pro Coverage Foundation Review || love it or hate it? 


Makeup Haul // first impressions 

Makeup Monday, one of my favorite days! I had been doing so good, not buying any makeup...until my birthday! Then I just had to pick up some new stuff to show y'all! I did an online order from Ulta and a stop in Sephora as well! I didn't go crazy...in fact I think I did … Continue reading Makeup Haul // first impressions 

Winter Lip Favorites 

Today's (day late) Favorites Friday is all about the lips. Winter is upon us; which brings another season to wear lip products in. If you've missed my "Spring Lips," "Fall Lips," or my "Top Picks for Holiday Lips" posts be sure to catch up! I love to share what colors I'm loving for each season...and … Continue reading Winter Lip Favorites 

Fall Lips // Favorites Friday 

I am extremely excited for this post; it's been a long time coming. You know how much I love a good lip product: liquid lipstick, lipstick, gloss, balm, you name it! In spring, I shared my Spring Lips so it's just as well that I share my top lippies for fall to. Vibrant lips are … Continue reading Fall Lips // Favorites Friday 

Drugstore Haul // First Impressions

Makeup Monday is even sweeter today because I have compiled a few recent purchases for a little haul for you guys! These products are e.l.f. and Makeup Revolution purchased from the e.l.f. website and Ulta. It's been a while since I bought some makeup, so I went a bit crazy (but there was a sale … Continue reading Drugstore Haul // First Impressions

Maybelline Fit Me | Review 

Welcome back to another beautiful Makeup Monday! Today I wanted to give a little review on the much talked about Maybelline Fit Me line.  I ran out of my go-to Arbonne foundation and picked up some Maybelline because I was desperate. Recently, I've heard some great reviews on the Fit Me line so I decided … Continue reading Maybelline Fit Me | Review 

Favorites Friday || top 5 brands for lipstick

It's all about the lips today! Lipstick, lip gloss, lip balm...you name it! Lip products are probably my favorite thing to buy and wear. My purse holds atleast 10+ lip products at any given time.  Everyone seems to make a lip product and in my eyes some make it better than others. Today I thought … Continue reading Favorites Friday || top 5 brands for lipstick

Newest Drugstore Finds

We all know that I'm a drugstore makeup girl. 80% of all makeup I own is all drugstore. I gaze at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or Ulta for new good drugstore finds any time I'm around it (more like when I have the money). I think sometimes you get what you pay for, so it might … Continue reading Newest Drugstore Finds