Beauty Blogger Tag

Happy Makeup Monday! Let’s start off our week with a fun post! Today I am doing the “Beauty Blogger Tag!” I was inspired by Christina’s Chic Corner after I read her post of this tag as well, so make sure you head to her post as well!

I honestly love tag posts! It is a fun and informal way to get to know the blogger and just answer some fun questions! I have don a few tag’s in the past, but not a beauty blogger one! So here we go:

1.) What is your natural hair color? Do you dye it yourself or go to a salon?

My natural hair color is a mid-to-dark brown color. I feel like it is right in the middle but closer to dark if I had to guess. I do dye my hair, not all the time, but when I get an itch for something different. I do both salon and at home. If it is just a plain one color, I usually do it myself to save money. But if it is a harder color, highlights, any bleaching…I go to the salon! It honestly just depends on what I want and how much money I have at the time.

2.) How often do you wash your hair?

I used to have really oil hair, but I don’t now. So I aim for two to three times a week. Sometimes more and sadly…maybe sometimes less?? My hair seems to do better when it isn’t washed every day.

3.) Will you leave the house without makeup?

Yes! While I don’t have perfect skin, there are so many times I just don’t want to bother with makeup! Especially if I’m just running to the store or something. While sometimes I may feel self-conscious about it–I still do it!

4.) How long does it take you to do your makeup?

Honestly depends on the look I am going for that day. Just a simple every day look no more than probably 15 minutes, if that. But if I am doing a bigger look or for a special occasion I take my time and could probably use up two hours! I don’t like to have to rush!

5.) Do you read the comments on your posts?

Absolutely! That’s one of the best parts of blogging is getting feedback and getting to connect with readers. I try to read and respond quickly too.

6.) What camera do you use for your photos?

Either my Nikon D3100 or even just my iPhone. I prefer my Nikon obviously but sometimes it is just too much trouble for a little photo or two.

7.) What skin type do you have?

Who knows really. Most of the time I have oily skin, but lately I have had oily cheek bones and a dry dry dry forehead! I usually air on the side of oily though, because that seems to be what I am most of the time.

8.) What is your current facial cleanser?

I am currently using the Ole Henriksen Oil Control Cleanser. But I also love the Clean and Clear foaming cleanser as well.

9.) Do you have freckles?

Not really! A few on my arms but that’s about it. I do have a few beauty marks/moles that tend to look like freckles though.

10.) What is your favorite eye-shadow color?

Yikes! That is a hard one. I love grey, so versatile. Anything shimmery. I also love a purple eye look.

11.) How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

Oh, probably every day!

12.) Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?

Both! I usually use a pencil on the bottom and a liquid on the top. I have a hard time using a pencil on the top lashes! They’re too rough. And liquid on bottom is a nightmare.

13.) What is your favorite lipstick?

Currently YSL Rouge Volupte! They are so moisturizing and so easy to apply.  But I am also loving Lipsense too!

14.) Name a makeup crime that you hate.

Foundation that is too dark!! I have when you/my neck doesn’t match the face…but it is something every one does! It is hard to perfectly match your skin unless you test it well.

15.) Do you like drugstore makeup?

Oh yes!! I use a good amount of drugstore makeup. They have some great quality stuff!

What would your answers be?? Let me know in the comments! 

Colourpop Haul // First Impressions

Happy Monday friends, I hope it’s being good to you! Today is Makeup Monday and it is my favorite kind of post…a haul! I recently bought a good little haul from Colourpop and wanted to share it with you-along with my first impressions of the products.

If you haven’t heard of Colourpop, I am so sorry, and I am about to enlighten you! If you’ve heard of it but never purchased from it, this might convince you too!

I will say that my one drawback to Colourpop is that you have to rely solely on other people’s swatches or descriptions of the product because there is no actual store. So you sometimes gamble with whether or not you will like the colors since you cannot look at it for yourself first.

But other than that- the quality and price of this brand is amazing! So here we go!


Blotted Lip // Ice Cube


This is a new product from Colourpop called the “blotted lip” my first impression is that it is a cross between a balm and a lipstick. It is pigmented but not just shockingly so. It is a lightweight sheer, and matte lip in a cool toned berry shade. They say that it is build-able and I completely agree. It really seems like a no mess, no hassle lip product you can throw on when you don’t have time to worry about other lipsticks. So far, I love it!

Pressed Shadow // Liar Liar 


I am in love with their pressed eyeshadows so far! They were running a special (and still are) that you can buy 3 SHADOWS for $10!! Which equals out to one for free, I really suggest you take advantage of this special offer! Anyway, Liar Liar is a pale, shimmery pink shade. It is very pale next to my skin, in fact a swatch was impossible, but I think it will be perfect for the eyes to add a little bright shimmer to the lid. It is very metallic and shimmery, so the light really catches the shimmer but other than that…the color is extremely pale! The formula is amazing-smooth and buttery!

Pressed Powder // Silver Lining 


I know what you’re thinking, but Silver Lining isn’t silver-its purple! The same formula as Liar Liar, this matte purple is perfect for the crease or the lid. I have some great deep purples and lavenders, I really needed a middle shade between them and this is perfect! Make sure you head to my Instagram and check out my stories for some real-time swatches of this shadow! 

Lippie Stix // Brink 


You know that gamble I was talking about earlier with the problem of buying online? This is an example. All the swatches of this Lippie Stix in Brink, I loved! But seeing it in person and swatched…I don’t like it-it is way to brown and warm for me. I will probably be passing this to my mom or sister. The formula though is, of course, amazing! I love the silky texture on my lips! This shade is a matte.

Super Shock Cheek // Cruel Intentions


I couldn’t resist touching this blush, so the little design is gone! But these blushes are so unique and pigmented! This shade is a little more warm than I wanted, but so far I am still liking it! It has a cream consistency that is buttery smooth. I do find it a little hard to get on the brush, but I am sure with time I will learn how best to apply. I do love that this is matte though, matte blushes are a little harder to find than shimmer ones.

Pressed Shadow // Goody Two-Shoes


This shade is my favorite! It is a gunmetal metallic that is just stunning! It is a deep, dark silver that is packed full of shimmer! The same buttery formula feels so good on the skin! I am so glad I bought this shade because it is just beautiful!

Super Shock Highlighter // Flexitarian 


Super Shock is the perfect title because this highlighter is AMAZING. The color pay off is shocking and super bold. But it is build-able so it is easy to wear for any occasion. This is a pearlized, champagne-silver toned highlight which is the shade of highlight I prefer. It looks natural and almost skin toned but the light brings out that shimmer so well! Just like the blush, this is a cream to powder feel, and I have been using a pretty dense brush to pick up the cream well.

Have you ever purchased anything from Colourpop?? Let me know what your favorite thing is from them! I hope you enjoyed this haul! Until Wednesday, XO

Remember to check out my Instagram for more swatches!

PSSST, stay tuned for tomorrow for a fun sponsored post that involves a giveaway!

April Favorites 2017

Good evening friends! Today was spent with family and fun creatures at the zoo; so my apologies that this is a little late coming to you. But, better late than never, right??

Today, of course, is all about my April favorites! This month is full of beauty products for the first time in a long time. Because of some of my shopping hauls, I packed this full of awesome things to share with you for this post.

Don’t forget to tell me what YOU have been loving this past month down in the comments!

Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation // Buff 

Y’all know that this foundation has been my top go-to for going on years now! I bought a new shade because my Ivory was getting a little toooooo pale! I grabbed the shade “Buff” and it is almost perfect. I definitely have to buff it into the neck, but it still looks awesome on my skin. Even on my worst skincare days, this foundation smooths out my skin perfectly! If you’re looking for a new high coverage foundation, this is it!

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine // 49  

I did a whole review on this lipstick! This is by far my favorite purchase of the month. The color and the formula are perfect. It may be $37 but it is worth every penny in my eyes. I mean, look at this packaging. I have loved using this all month and look forward to using it all summer.


 elf Mineral Infused Primer 

I had been searching for a perfect primer that wouldn’t break the bank and elf does it again! This is such a smooth and hydrating primer and it is only $6! It makes my skin feel like silk when I put it on my face. I wish I could better explain, but I will just say, you need to try it yourself. I really believe it helps my makeup go on smoother and stays longer than without it! Such a great product I have loved the end of this month.


Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder // Translucent 

I love this and I hate this product. My mom and I heard about this from a beauty vlogger and thought we would give it a try. The product itself is amazing and works perfectly well! The only thing I don’t like is the smell of the powder. It is very strong and fake smelling. I have almost gotten used to it because I really like how the product works! I bought it at Walmart but I believe some Walgreens sell it as well, just beware of the smell!


Essence Pure Nude Highlighter 

I finally picked this up after hearing about it for months and months. I totally see why everyone loves it! I think it is a perfect everyday highlighter! The color is very natural and has a light shimmer to it; just enough for a day to day look. I am really beginning to love this brand! So affordable and good quality so far. This highlighter was under $5 so it is a steal! I have used this all month and have really loved it everyday!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with rosewater

Ulta was doing a special this last month and I picked this up for like $3 I believe! I wasn’t really sure if I would like it but I picked it up just to see. I have fallen in love with it! It feels so refreshing on my skin. I love the faint rose smell that it has as well; it isn’t too overpowering. I use this as a primer, setting spray, and a refresher during the day as well. If you need a pick me up, this is a great spray to use. So far it has worked really well with my makeup too; doesn’t dry me out or make my makeup run either!


Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara 

Ahhh. I found a new holy grail mascara! I have always loved Maybelline mascara the best, by far. But this is amazing even for them! I love that it really lengthens and makes my lashes look thick and dark. I am very picky about mascara and this one is exceeding my expectations right and left. It is easily removed, great color, and doesn’t clump them up too much. For under $10, I consider this a great purchase! I have definitely used this probably every day this month and already need a new one! I highly recommend this if you want great lashes!

What products did you love this month?? I hope you’ll let me know if the comments so I can try those out too! XO

March Favorites 2017

Good evening friends! Thanks for stopping by today and reading this months favorites! I feel like March was a bit of a blur. I didn’t try many new products or change up my routine at all. I found it difficult to find this months favorites but I was able to find a few thing I loved this month.

I am extremely excited for April already, I started off with an Ulta haul so that must mean April is going to be filled with good things, right?

Enough chit-chat, lets head onto my March Favorites!

*also, please forgive me for the harsh lighting! I had to do what I had to do to get this published!

Hand Food Lotion // Soap & Glory 

To be honest, I cannot even remember if I have ever mentioned this hand cream before but I love really been loving it lately. I have both the travel size and the full size because I am just obsessed with it. I really appreciate the pleasant smell but mainly because it isn’t overly strong. Hand Food has some of my favorite key smells in it such as: bergamot, jasmine, peach, and macadamia oil. They say this is a non-greasy formula and I definitely agree! I love applying this right before I head to sleep.


ONN clear case with gold flecks 

When I switched to Iphone 6s, I picked up this super affordable case from my local Walmart because I needed something to protect it! For just under $10, this case is perfection! It is very durable and think so I feel like it really protects my phone. It is a clear case with big gold flecks throughout the whole back of the case. They had numerous variations to this phone case so go look for one!


Pomegranate and Orange San Pellegrino 

If you have been with me for a while here on W&W, you probably know my love affair with San Pellegrino. The only sad thing is that my local stores only usually sell the blood orange flavor. Well lucky me!! I finally found a grocery store that sells multiple flavors!! Right now I am LOVING the pomegranate and orange flavor. It is by far, my favorite. I love the crisp taste of this drink! It is perfect for spring and summer. Needless to say, I need to stock up on this.


Ole Henriksen Balance It All Trio 

I received this trio of products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster. If you haven’t read my unboxing of this trio, read it HERE.

So far, I am really enjoying this trio! I have noticed it does dry me out pretty good…almost too good. But if I just don’t use it every day, it works perfectly! This is all I have used this month because I love it so much. There is a great minty smell to it that always makes me feel clean. The cleanser REALLY suds up…use a very, very small amount. But other than that, this is a great trio or products if you suffer from oily skin.


Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask // Freeman 

I am a big fan of any kind of charcoal masks. This one from Freeman is a great and affordable option for anyone on a budget. This is a 10 minute mud mask to remove impurities and renew skin. I love the consistency and it is always cold when you apply, which I love. The mask is smooth and is easy to remove as well. I hate when a mask is too gritty and dries so hard that is hard to remove–but this is not that!


What products have you been loving this last month friends? Let me know in the comments below!! XOXO


VIIcode Eye Mask for Dark Circles Review // Sponsored

Hello readers! Thanks for tuning into my Makeup Monday post today! I have an exciting review for ya’ll from VIIcode! VIIcode contacted me about testing out their overnight 8 hour eye masks for dark circles–so of course I said YES!

*Yes, I received this product complimentary for testing purposes…but all thoughts are my own*

The Oxygen Eye Masks are made of a gel-like material that feels great on the skin. One box comes with 6 pairs of eye masks and it is recommended to use a whole course which is 3 boxes. These masks can be used two to three nights a week and are made to use overnight for up to 8 hours. Here are some more facts about these amazing masks:

  • natural, alcohol free, and with a non-irritating formula
  • non-drippy and easy to apply
  • helps eliminate dark circles and puffiness
  • allows skin to become brighter and a more even complexion
  • minimizes signs of damage and aging
  • key ingredients: white tea, grapeseed oil, and seaweed

Even though I am not yet 25, I have pretty predominate dark circles under my eyes, so I was thrilled when I received the chance to test these out. I loved the application process-so easy!

After cleansing my skin and drying, I headed to bed with my mask packet. I opened it, removed the plastic applicator and placed them under my eyes. I immediately felt a soothing cool sensation which I really enjoyed. They stayed secure all night and I never had to replace one or had one fall off. They felt gently and soothing under my tired eyes.

When I woke up and removed them, there was NO residue which was amazing! They never leaked or left any adhesive or gel on my skin. The formula is very soothing and easy to use for sensitive skin. I had NO adverse reaction at all. 

I also noticed a slight difference after my first night using them. My dark circles were less predominate and I am eager to continue using them. I highly recommend these if you suffer from dark circles or if you just want to treat yourself to a spa night! They were very relaxing to wear and never bothered my sleep at all. 

Here are my overall favorite thoughts about these masks:

  • easy to apply with no residue left over
  • cooling sensation
  • gentle on my sensitive skin
  • easy to wear and sleep in

You can pick these up at their website or on Amazon! Make sure you try out this amazing eye mask!

February Favorites 2017

Welcome to March! I cannot believe this year is already flying by so fast. How is your month going to far? I hope well.

Today I am sharing my favorites from February! There isn’t very many…I feel like I was sick the whole month so I haven’t been using many products. But, as always, I found a few things to share with ya’ll.

The Garden // Kari Jobe

I have been LOVING this album all month. I listen to it constantly. It is my favorite album to bible journal and worship to. I won’t say too much about the album because on Wednesday…there will be a full review up! But it has definitely been something I have loved and listened to all month.


Lipsense // Cappuccino

I am slowly falling in love with Lipsense. I bought two new colors this month and Cappuccino is one of them! It is a perfect light and everyday nude. It gives your lips a little color without being to obvious or bright. You know I love a bold lip, but sometimes I just want a lip color that I don’t have to constantly pray is all over my teeth. Lipsense is a brand I am still new too but so far, I am liking it. The colors don’t stay on my all day…but definitely MUCH longer than any other lip product I have used. The swatch is less than great…I was having some major lighting issues! But watch on my Instagram for a full swatch!

L’oreal EverFresh trio system

*I received these products free from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own*

This three step system is for balancing hydration if you suffer from dry scalp or dandruff. The Anti-dandruff Shampoo, Balancing Conditioner, and a Pre-treatment Micro-Exfoliating Scrub are the three steps. The shampoo and conditioner has Indian Lilac in it and the scrub has Apricot Seeds.  All of them have these amazing qualities:

  • sulfate free
  • gentle on color
  • natural botanicals
  • no harsh salts
  • gentle on the scalp
  • paraben free and vegan

My scalp is always peeling and dry so I was thrilled when I received this from Influenster! I have used if for a few months and I am loving it. It’s pretty much all I use now. I use the scrub once a week and I must say it is my favorite part of the trio! I do wish the smell was a little less natural, but that is just my taste. I was pleasantly surprised by how foamy and how well the shampoo suds up even with being sulfate free. I am loving this whole system!


MAC Pro-Palette

I finally purchased an empty MAC pro-palette for all my single pan shadows. I went ahead and bought one without the insert and am using magnetic tape that way I can put all different brands in it! I am loving it so far! It is roomy and so nice to be able to have somewhere to actually put all those single shadows that I tend to lose. I highly recommend it! MAC shadows are already magnetic and just add a little magnetic tape to any other brand and you are good to go!

Crossway Single Column ESV Journaling Bible

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I have been Bible journaling and painting more and more lately. I wanted to share my favorite journaling item: my BIBLE! This is a single column ESV hardcover version. It has just enough space to write and doodle in without making the script too small. I love the hardcover because it is much more durable and sturdy to write on. I highly recommend this one; I truly use it all the time and love it.

Mardel sells it and you can grab it HERE.


A glimpse at the single column!

What products, shows, or songs were you loving this month?? Let me know in the comments! I would love to know! See ya Wednesday friends! XO

20 Questions: the makeup tag

Hello! Welcome back to another exciting Makeup Monday post! I wanted to do something fun and different, so I went searching for a tag I haven’t done yet!

I stumbled upon Rachel’s from rachelXblog post where she did this same tag! I loved the questions and they seemed different from ones I’ve answered before so I thought I’d give it a try.

Q1 Do you remember your first makeup item? 

I believe it was Clinique blush, mascara, and maybe a powder. My mom made it a really special outing where we went and bought my first makeup! So memorable.

Q2 Describe your perfect mascara. Have you found ‘The One’? 

I’m a bit of a mascara snob and I’m really picky about them. I tend to change it up a lot though. I will say I have a few die-heart favorites: Arbonne It’s a long story, maybelline colassal, and Smashbox X-rated mascara.

Q3 What coverage do you like in a foundation? 

Full coverage all the way. Why where it if it’s any less? 😉

Q4 What’s your favourite high-end brand? 

Oh man. Such a hard question. I love Tarte, MAC, and recently really loving Stila. I love certainly things from many places.

Q5 What cosmetics brand are you desperate to try but haven’t yet? 

Hourglass and Charlotte Tilbury!

Q6 Favourite drugstore brand? 

Msybelline and Wet n Wild!

Q7 Do you wear fake eyelashes? 

For special occasions and fun outings I do! If I could learn to put them on better, I’d wear them more.

Q8 Is there any makeup you can’t leave the house wearing? 

I honestly wear no-makeup a lot. But I usually like some kind of foundation or mascara.

Q9 What is your most cherished beauty product?

Hmmm. Arbonne perfecting foundation and my UD Gwen palette.

Q10 How often do you buy a makeup product? 

I plead the 5th. No comment! None of your business! 😉 I buy something probably almost every week and if not a few times a month.

Q11 Do you have a monthly beauty budget or spend freely? 

Well, my lack of a job usually dictates when and how much I spend.

Q12 Do you utilise coupons, reward cards and sales for your beauty products? 

Absolutely! My Ulta beauty rewards and precious gold to me! I also do a lot of sale shopping and use my Walgreens rewards card.

Q13 Which beauty product do you buy the most of? 

Lip products. Lip products galore.

Q14 Is there a brand that you really don’t like? 

There’s a few brands that I don’t use because I don’t want to support the company. And I’m not a huge fan of Covergirl (don’t ask me why, just never have been!).

Q15 Do you avoid certain ingredients in cosmetics like paraben’s or sulphates? 

I should probably say yes, but no…

Q16 Do you have a favourite place to shop for makeup? 

Ulta, Walmart, and Sephora.

Q17 Do you like trying new skincare products or sticking to a routine? 

Well. I’m really starting to up my skincare game so I’ve been trying new products. But once I find stuff that works, I don’t change much.

Q18 What’s your favourite Bath & Body brand?

Bath and Body, lush, and recently Soap and Glory.

Q19 If you could only buy from one brand, who would you pick? 

Oh my my…maybe Tarte or MAC?? Don’t make me pick just one place!

Q20 What do you love about makeup? 

I love that it enhances my beauty. It doesn’t make me beautiful but it allows me to be creative and show off my hobby!

What would some of your answers be? If you do this tag, let me know! I’d love to see what you come up with. XO