What I’m Watching: YouTube Edition

As you may know, I watch a lot of YouTube. I don’t have cable in my room so most of what I watch is the FireStick so YouTube or Netflix. YouTube is great because you can watch families, vlogs, beauty tutorials, and so much more.

I love watching makeup videos, hauls, and a day in the life videos. Today I thought it would be fun to share the YouTubers I’m currently loving! There are so many channels out there but sometimes it can be overwhelming. I’ve tried hard to find good, wholesome channels because Lordy knows there are a ton of ones that aren’t. So hopefully these cheer you up or give you inspiration as they do me! Definitely take the time to check them out- they’re worth it!

I’ve also broken it into categories so they’re easy to know what the channel would be about! Hopefully, that helps!

Family Youtubers

Five Two Love

I have no clue how I came upon this family…but I am so very thankful that I did. Five Two Love is about a family of quintuplets, two other sons, and their parents. The family just over a year ago welcomed five babies to the world. After a while in the NICU, they are now home and happy and just turned one! God has done a miracle in them because they are all happy and healthy. Not only are they blessed with 5 happy one-year-olds but two older sons elementary and pre-teen age. It is so cool to see the older brothers love on the quints.

And I mean, how cute are babies let alone 5 of them! I’ve been watching them for months and it’s awesome to see them grow up so much already.

The Chatwins

Another family of multiples! The Chatwin family consists of husband and wife along with their daughter Gemma and baby triplets! The Triplets were born late 2018 and are so stinking cute. Not only that, but Gemma is just the cutest thing ever! She is around two I believe and listening to her babble always makes me smile. They are such a happy family that brings joy whenever you watch it!

Earls Family

Just the kindest family you’ll ever watch! Rachel and Harold have a little boy named Leo and they’re pregnant with their second little boy. I’ve been watching them since before Leo was even born. This is a wonderful, young, Christian couple that truly has a heart for people. So often I have seen them ask who needs prayer and be around for their viewers in times of need. They even started a foundation that helps out people in need. They are a great example of a marriage I want to have one day. They are funny to watch and such a great inspiration.

Megan Fox Unlocked

Megan is a very recent find but I still had to mention her! I have been binge watching all her videos lately and so impressed. Megan is a young Mennonite mother who shares all kinds of videos from day in the life to hauls. Not only is Megan’s channel wholesome and great for any age to watch but you can tell she has a strong faith. I didn’t know a whole lot about the Mennonite faith and it’s cool to learn about it and be educated on their beliefs. Other than a few key ways they interpret things, it seems very close to what I believe just a little more strict. But whether you agree with her beliefs or not, she produces some fun and entertaining videos that are very helpful! (Even for me who doesn’t have kids yet)

Beauty YouTuber

Emily Noel

Wholesome channels in the beauty world are a little harder to find. Whether its language or something, I don’t mention a whole lot of beauty YouTubers because they might not be the wholesome channel I want to share with you. Emily, however, is the total opposite. She is wholesome, kind, and still all about the makeup. She has a beautiful family and is expecting another baby! She also shares some vlogs and pregnancy videos as well. But overall, it’s mainly makeup and beauty. Emily launched some palettes with Makeup Revolution that I love and have mentioned before- check that here.

Emily shares hauls, tips and tricks, tutorials- really any kind of beauty video you would want!  I am forever proud to share her and her channel with you because I love that you can tell she has morals and is very grounded!

Funny Channels

Men Try

Men Try are a more clean version of well-known channels like the Try Guys and the Try channel. If you’re looking for more family-friendly channels but are similar to those with humor and challenges, Men Try is a great option! They have funny try videos like “men try waxing their legs” or “men try wearing a pregnancy belly.” If you’re looking for a silly channel that will always make you laugh- the Men Try channel is a must watch.



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