Because He lives, I can face tomorrow

It’s a hymn I’ve sung for years. A song that I remember hearing and signing as a child as I sat on my dad’s or grandma’s lap during “big church.” But it’s a song I never really understood until lately…because He lives, I can face tomorrow.

Have you ever been in a place in life where you didn’t know how you would face tomorrow? Maybe you didn’t want to face tomorrow? Instead, you wanted to hide away and pretend it’s not a new day. Sometimes facing tomorrow can seem impossible. It can seem overwhelming.

On my own strength, tomorrow is too much for me to handle. On my own strength, the trials that tomorrow might bring seem too difficult, too scary. Fear comes when we can’t figure out what’s next when we can’t see the next turn in life. I never realized how powerful this hymn was until I was living it.

In the past year, there have been many times where I didn’t think I could face what tomorrow would bring. After a sudden loss, tomorrow often holds a lot of grief and healing. It can hold pain and sadness because you have to face tomorrow without that loved one. Sometimes we are scared to face what tomorrow might hold because today seemed almost too much to handle.

Something I have learned over and over again the past 18 months is that I can’t handle tomorrow. I, in my brokenness and sinful nature, can’t handle the trials and heartaches that life brings. But God, in His mercy and love, can get me through anything. That’s why this song means so much to me.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow Because He lives, all fear is gone; Because I know He holds the future And life is worth the living Just because He lives!

One of the scariest things to think about with my anxiety is the future. I like everything planned. I need to know what tomorrow will look like- but sometimes, that’s not what God has planned. Sometimes you hit a bump or face a tragedy and you begin to question what your future looks like. But remember this- God knew what your future looked like before you were even born. And because He holds our lives and our future in His hands, we don’t have to fret about tomorrow. 

When you don’t feel like life has enough “worth it” to live, remember that God’s love is enough. And life is worth the living Just because He lives. We don’t need a certain job, a specific number in your bank account, the exact number of kids to make life worth living. Our lives don’t have to look a certain way to make them worth living. Our lives don’t have to look like WE want them to make them worth living. The simple (but extraordinary) fact that Jesus lives is enough to keep going- is enough to make life worth living.

God uses his Word and music to bring such peace to me; I hope maybe, this song will bring you comfort if you’re struggling today. You’re not alone. Remember that because HE lives, we can face anything tomorrow brings. If He brings us to it, He will bring us through it if we allow Him to do so.


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