Top 10 All Sons & Daughters Songs

If you’ve been around W&W awhile, you’ve heard of All Sons & Daughters – a worship duo that has an extraordinary writing talent. They can paint a beautiful picture of what our hearts are wanting to sing to God. They sing some of my favorite worship songs of all times.

I recently heard that they have retired the band All Sons & Daughters, which I was extremely sad about- but their legacy will remain and grow because of these beautiful songs they have created. Personally, I have seen them live a few times at various nights of worship. I must say, they’re even better live. They have a way of really ushering a crowd into a time of worship.

Today, I wanted to share my top 10 ASAD songs. I’m continuing with my series! If you haven’t read my Bethel, Kari Jobe, or Hillsong favorites make sure to do so!

Top 10 All Sons & Daughters Songs

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1. Great are you Lord

I would say this is one of their most well-known songs by far. I have been at camps, churches, worship nights, etc. where this song has been sung and used. It is all about God’s greatness and acknowledging that. So often our songs are focused on us and not God but ASAD does a good job of changing that. All the Earth will cry His name! What a reminder.

2. Oh how I need You

First off, love LOVE the music and rhythm of this one in particular. It’s a great song to wake up and listen to because it just sets off your morning right and on a high note. One thing I love about ASAD is that they make music that is wonderful to both praise too but listen too as well. Their songs don’t lack anything- talent or meaning. This song just proclaims the fact that we need God- no matter what our lives look like, we always need Him.

3. Reason to Sing 

This song is really special to me, it has helped me through some really tough places. When you’re overwhelmed or in a desert season, sometimes singing and praising is the last thing we want to do. But it’s the very thing we need to be doing. “Reason to Sing” reminds us that no matter what we face, there is always a reason to sing and to worship.

4. Wake Up

Another great meaning is hidden in a beautiful song. So often our walks with God become stagnant and we don’t seek Him like we should. This song is a call to believers to wake up! Stand up! And asking for God’s will to be done. I have needed to hear this message so many times through the years and I am thankful for it’s meaning.

5. Rising Sun

“Rising Sun” is about how God should be glorified- because He is higher than even the rising sun. ASAD has a very poetic vibe to their music. They use the metaphor of the sun to show how high God is. One of my favorite lines is “Hallelujah, Name above all, Simply to speak Your name is praise.” Such a beautiful reminder of how powerful the name of God is!

6. Oh our Lord 

This song reminds me of some of the old hymns, all about just praising the great name of the Lord. All about Him. His name is majestic and worthy of praise! I love the throwback feel of the old hymns that this song contains. Such a great one!

7. Brokenness Aside

We are all broken without God. But the glory of God takes our brokenness and makes it beautiful. This song is all about that very idea. This was one of the first sons I really listened to and learned from the very beginning. God is so gracious in His love for us and it is beautiful that He can take our messy, broken lives and make something wonderful.

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8. Called Me Higher

God doesn’t call us to live easy, comfortable lives. He calls us higher, deeper, and to live for Him. This song is a great reminder of the fact that we need to be seeking God in what He wants for our lives. He wants us to live out for Him and go where He calls us.

9. Christ Be All Around Me

When I was consistently nannying, I had a little baby boy who was such a sweet mommas boy that the first couple weeks with him were a little stressful. The only time I could get Him to sleep was if I played this ASAD CD and this was one of the songs I remember vividly rocking a tiny, cute baby in a dark room and worshiping to this song. I wouldn’t have given up any of those moments ever!

This song is such a beautiful prayer to God asking Him to be all around us in every single area of our life. I think one thing that Christians forget is that God should be the focus of every decision and every day. I am so thankful for this song, such a beautiful prayer.

10. God with us

A simple prayer, for God to be with us. This is another song all about everything God is: our redemption, deliverer, hope, and so much more. I love when songs focus on who God is because it just makes my heart want to worship even more. If you are struggling, I recommend this song because it is a beautiful reminder that God is always with us and everything He does for us.

Have you ever listened to All Sons & Daughters? If you haven’t, click the song titles and take a listen- you won’t be sorry!

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