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Hello friends! Are you in the need of some encouragement this Wednesday? Worship is one of the quickest ways to renew my strength and pick up my attitude if I’m having a hard day. If you’ve been around much, I have done a “top 10 songs” by my favorite worship teams/leader. This started because my first Hillsong top 10, from years ago, is my most viewed and searched post of all time.

So like any good blogger, you do what the people love, am I right? Because my Hillsong post was so long ago, I thought I would do a part 2/updated list. Some might be the same, but oh well! If you haven’t seen my other posts from this series catch up here: Bethel, Kari Jobe, Hillsong.

Also, I am combining Hillsong Young and Free, Hillsong Worship, Hillsong United, etc. in one post because, in reality, it is pretty much the same thing. 🙂

Top 10 Hillsong Songs

1. This is Living || Hillsong Young and Free

I linked the acoustic version of this song because that is how I prefer it. I’m such a fan of acoustic versions. Anyway, this song is so beautiful. It’s all about how we are actually living when we live for Christ. That we can wake up with purpose when we are held in the Lords’ hands. What a beautiful reminder of what to live for, am I right?

2. Seasons || Hillsong Worship 

When I first heard this song I was a not a fan. I was super confused because it talks about winter and sequoias and I really had no idea what it was about. But when I really sat down and listened to this song, I was a fan! This song is speaking of seasons and how even though the winter might be long, there will come a brighter season. I love this analogy for the seasons we face in our walk with God. Sometimes we are in a hard season that doesn’t seem like it will end but this song reminds us it will.

3. What a Beautiful Name || Hillsong Worship

Probably one of my favorite songs from the last year. There is nothing sweeter than a worship song all about the name of Jesus. My favorite line is “You didn’t want heaven without us, so Jesus you brought heaven down.” Because it reminds me that Jesus didn’t have to come but He came because God wanted us in heaven with us.

4. Brighter || Hillsong Young and Free

If you need a peppy song but with deep meaning still, this song is a perfect one! I love the whole HY&F first album but this song is one of my favorites. I always love fast-paced worship songs that I can clean house too. We have to remember that worship isn’t always just solemn but its dancing and praising with excitement as well.

5. Desert Song || Hillsong Worship

Like the song Seasons, this one is about focusing on worshipping through any season. Desert Song was a long time favorite of mine for many years. This song is such an encouragement when you are facing hard times. It reminds us to worship through all because God deserves our praise no matter what we face.

6. None but Jesus || Hillsong United

In a world of so many “gods” and other ways to supposedly get you to heaven, it’s important to remember that there is none but Jesus. He is the highest, the only way, and our everything. This is a great song to put on while you’re reading or journaling. It’s a soft, beautiful song that reminds us that God deserves our praise.

7. Even When it Hurts (praise song) || Hillsong United

I only found this song while looking for the YouTube links to the other songs but knew I needed to share it. For those who don’t know, we lost my dad suddenly in January and we are still trying to heal. This song was exactly what my heart needed to say but couldn’t. If you are struggling I highly suggest going to listen to this song.

8. Love Goes On || Hillsong Young & Free

I always loved leading this song when I was leading worship. One of the things I love about Hillsong is that their songs are very catchy, they stick in your head. This one is one that always gets stuck in my head and I love that it has such a beautiful message. Love Goes On shows how far Gods love is for us: from the sky to oceans deep.

9. You’ll Come || Hillsong United

Another upbeat song that just makes you want to praise! It’s all about asking and expecting God to come and change us. We need to come into His presence expectant for Him to move and work in our hearts. This song helps us welcome God into our hearts for worship.

10. Oceans || Hillsong United

Does this song need any explanation? Probably the most well-known Hillsong song there has been. I think it speaks for itself honestly. So good.

What is your favorite Hillsong song? Leave it in the comment below!

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