5 song series 

Hello friends! Sorry to have been MIA this week; honestly life just caught up to me. I’ve been under the weather and haven’t gotten to photography my Monday post. 

Today, since I’m playing catch up, I just wanted to recap my “5 song series” so that all the post links are in one spot of you want to share! I have really loved this series and am hoping to continue it as well. For now, here is a recap of the series so far! 

5 songs for the mourning 

If you’re mourning, experiencing loss, or broken…these songs are for you. The Lord can hold us at our darkest moments and sometimes those moments are after a loss. Our world is losing life right and left…it’s a sad world, but these songs remind us that even in loss, God is there. And if we have accepted Jesus as Lord and savior, death is not the end. 

5 songs for the joyful 

God brings JOY! Our life shouldn’t be tampered with just pain and suffering…we must seek out the joy. These songs help to praise the Lord for our good days and all He has done for us. I think it’s easy for us to only seek God when we need him to fix something and we forget He deserves our praise and thankfulness at all times. I love these songs because they put my heart in the right perpective. 

5 songs for the anxious 

Anxiety is not from God and these songs can help push that fear away as we focus on God and who He is. I love these songs because they are so uplifting and such a good reminder for our minds. 

5 songs for the weary 

We all get weary. These songs are to pick you up when you’re down. Once again, no matter what emotion we are feeling and no matter what we are going through God is not far away and He is always there. We are never alone. I hope if you’re weary today that these songs will inspire you today. 

5 songs for the bold 

We are called to be bold in our faith. I hope you find these songs inspiring and make you want to pray for bold moves and strength. I love these songs because they make me push myself and prepare myself to pray bold prayers. 

I pray this series has blessed you like it has me. Would you like to see more? Let me know what you’d like to see! 

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