Surprise 25!

Well first off, it is my birthday week!!! So be ready for some fun birthday themed posts this week. But, I just had to share some of the details of my recent SURPRISE 25th birthday party my family put on for me.


I have never felt so loved and spoiled in my life. If you ever want to see how well your family and friends know you, have them plan a surprise party for you! My mom, sister, dad, and grandparents had so many fun elements that were completely perfect for “ME”!

They included all my favorite foods: Hideaway pizza, garlic knots, and Mazzios ranch. The cupcakes were whip cream icing just like I like it. Fun Fact: I hate any and all icing unless its whip cream icing. They even had glass bottled soda, I have loved those things for so many years and I was so thrilled that they included things they knew I loved.


The decor was absolutely incredible. Once again it was just so amazing to see how well my family knows me! They nailed every part of this party. It was full of gold and confetti, fresh flowers and candles! And it is stuff that I can now use as decor in my room! DSC_1572.JPG


My love of planning and decorating definitely comes from the women in my family. We go all out for birthdays, even if it isn’t an actual party like this one. I had so much fun being showered with love…sometimes we just need to feel special, am I right?


Thank you to all the friends and family that came out to help me celebrate! I am one lucky girl! 25….here I come! 


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