Maybelline Fit Me | Review 

Welcome back to another beautiful Makeup Monday! Today I wanted to give a little review on the much talked about Maybelline Fit Me line.  I ran out of my go-to Arbonne foundation and picked up some Maybelline because I was desperate. Recently, I've heard some great reviews on the Fit Me line so I decided … Continue reading Maybelline Fit Me | Review 

May Favorites 2016

I always love the ending of may and the beginning of JUNE!!! Why you ask?? June just happens to be my birthday month. But before we get into June, I wanted to share my monthly favorites from May! May has been a great month overall and I have a lot of amazing products that I … Continue reading May Favorites 2016

A bit of beauty | Collab with Tiny Traveler Creative

Hello lovely people; this weeks blog posts are a little different this week. Instead of our normal theme days, we have a fun collab today and a photo-shoot session on the blog for Friday. (Next week will be back to normal) Today, I am sharing with you a new found love of mine. If you … Continue reading A bit of beauty | Collab with Tiny Traveler Creative

Favorites Friday || top 5 brands for lipstick

It's all about the lips today! Lipstick, lip gloss, lip name it! Lip products are probably my favorite thing to buy and wear. My purse holds atleast 10+ lip products at any given time.  Everyone seems to make a lip product and in my eyes some make it better than others. Today I thought … Continue reading Favorites Friday || top 5 brands for lipstick

When a worship leader isn’t leading

In our lives, God brings us through different seasons. I am called to lead worship--I fully believe that. But over the last 6+ months I have been brought through a season of not leading worship. My worship leading best friend was wedding planning and adjusting to a new life as Mrs. so we haven't been … Continue reading When a worship leader isn’t leading

Things mothers taught me 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mommas out there!! I have been blessed with an incredible mom, and grandma. Today I thought I would share some of the things those ladies taught me!  First up: my momma.  The things she taught me:  How to be strong  How to love others  How to be crafty and … Continue reading Things mothers taught me 

Chains We Wore \\ Warr Acres

Warr Acres, formerly Vmusic, has been one of my favorite worship teams for a very long time. Every time I think they can't produce more anointed songs and they continue to prove me wrong. From their newest album Future, the song "Chains We Wore" is rocking my world right now. If you haven't heard it, take a … Continue reading Chains We Wore \\ Warr Acres

I get it from my momma. 

Mother's Day is fast approaching. The older I get the more I love celebrating my mom and who she is. My momma is my hero. She is beautiful, fun, strong, and so many things I hope to be. She is a cancer survivor and lives with diseases that cause her daily pain and she still … Continue reading I get it from my momma.