7 verses for the anxious

The Word of God is our comfort, our guide, and sharper than a two-edged sword. We must hid the Word in our hearts and cling to its promises. There is nothing more satisfying in this world than the Word of God. Scripture often takes a back seat in our lives, but it is our help … Continue reading 7 verses for the anxious


Disney World Tag!

Today for Favorites Friday, I am talking about one of my favorite things: DISNEY WORLD!! I have been at least 6 times. We had a good amount of family that lived in Florida so Disney was a frequent meeting place for my family. I have so many amazing memories at Disney and when I found … Continue reading Disney World Tag!

My quiet, strong giant

As I walked down the hall of the ICU, the stark white walls and the screeches of shoes on the tile reminded me exactly where I was at the moment. I reached the door, sisters hand in mine as I watched my parents step to the bed of my comatose great aunt. I had went … Continue reading My quiet, strong giant

Favorite Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I am so bittersweet that it is already here; this is truly my favorite season and I'm sad to see it almost over. BUT I'm still savoring every minute and moment that comes. Today I wanted to get a little personal and share some of my families favorite Christmas traditions. Each … Continue reading Favorite Christmas Traditions

Local Holiday Night Out

Here in Oklahoma, we have the best of both worlds. We have a growing, fun city with local talent and nightlife but then we also have country and small town feels. I live in a small town but I am only 20 minutes away from the hubbub of Oklahoma City Downtown. This weekend I headed … Continue reading Local Holiday Night Out

Forever Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope today is filled with family, friends, smiles, and good food. I know that sometimes holidays are hard, but I hope you can find a few things you are thankful for today. I wanted to share a few random things I am thankful for this season. We hear so much negativity … Continue reading Forever Thankful

A glimpse of vacation // Colorado

If you follow me on any social media, you will have known that I was recently on a mini vacation to beautiful Colorado. My mom, sister, and I set out on a road-trip to attend a family friends wedding. I had previously been to Colorado on a youth choir trip years ago but never got … Continue reading A glimpse of vacation // Colorado

Family Favorite Recipes (intro) 

My apologies for my absent this week, we had a family emergency, but I'm back again! Today I wanted to do something a little different. I normally don't post on food and recipes but I wanted to share a few of my families favorite meals of all time. So I'm starting a Friday mini-series called … Continue reading Family Favorite Recipes (intro) 

Family Fun Day

Good evening friends! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful first day of Spring. In Oklahoma, this past week was the majority of schools' Spring Break vacation. Being that my dad and sister work and I am no longer in school "Spring Break" means nothing to us. However- last year, we headed off the Sunday … Continue reading Family Fun Day

College Graduation

As you probably know, I received my degree back in August but I was just finally able to participate in Winter Commencement. I really did not want to do it honestly. My family pretty much forced me to participate. For some reason, I was just really not wanting to go through it all. But, I … Continue reading College Graduation