5 makeup mistakes I used to make

Hello friends! I’m so sorry I’ve been MIA lately. We’ve been on a little getaway and honestly, just been a rough few weeks mentally and in the grief journey. But today, I don’t want to talk about that…let’s talk about makeup mistakes.

Have you ever looked back at pictures and thought “WHAT was I thinking…” when you see your clothes or hairstyles? Well, makeup is no different! After seeing Emily, one of my favorite beauty YouTubers do a video on this subject…I wanted to do mine as well. If you’d like to see that video, click here.

Today, I’m going to share 5 makeup mistakes I have made in the past. We’re all guilty, it’s part of the up and down trends as well as the learning curve of makeup. Sometimes it takes a little practice to perfect makeup and sometimes we follow trends that later we realize were not very good. Come with me on a journey back to bad makeup decisions!

5 makeup mistakes I used to make

#1 Heavy, thick, and unblended black liner on the lower lash line

I’d say this is my biggest offense in makeup mistakes. Now, I will say, this was the style back then, so it wasn’t just some bad makeup look I came up with on my own. But back in my teen years, I wore the thickest, blackest liner on both my top and bottom lash.

Nowadays, if you wear dark liner on the bottom, it’s better to smudge it out and make it less harsh. But I rarely even do that. Not only did this dark bottom liner look a little harsh, but it really closes the eye. It causes your eyes to look darker, sunken, and small. I currently wear a nude liner in the bottom waterline to do the exact opposite- open my eyes up and make them look more awake.

#2 Not blending foundation down my neck

I can almost guarantee all of us makeup wearers have done this before, right? So often I didn’t blend the foundation down my neck which was awful because I often bought the wrong shade of foundation. It’s so easy to forget to blend the foundation down so then you get a harsh line where you can tell a color difference. Honestly, I still deal with this on certain foundations…so don’t feel bad if you do as well.

I probably wore too much foundation back then as well…which doesn’t help the color difference. I know that this was a problem many of my friends struggled with so it’s a common mistake!

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#3 Putting white eyeshadow under my eyes

I wish I could find a good picture of this…because before I really understood concealer and power…the only way I could think to brighten my under eyes was to use white eyeshadow. Especially when I did a darker eye, I thought white shadow would cover any fallout or dark circles. *facepalm* In pictures, I literally have like a line of white under my eyes and it’s very bad haha.

Did anyone else do this? Was I the only one?? Hopefully not, but ya know, that’s how we learn. There are hundreds of things I wish I could tell the younger me and avoiding white eyeshadow under my eye is just one of the materialistic thing I’d tell myself.

#4 Not using bronzer or highlighter…only blush

When I first started using makeup, my mom let me use mascara, blush, and maybe a little powder. Once I was able to use more I never seemed to upgrade to bronzer or highlighter for many years. I remember even thinking why would they give me brown powder in a fair-skinned palette? (I wasn’t the smartest sometimes, haha) Looking back, I wore blush like bronzer, highlighter, and blush. Now I still like a fairly strong blush, I love the pink on the cheeks and not everyone does. BUT I do regret using so much blush and nothing else.

Basically I would put blush from the apples of my cheeks to my hairline where bronzer typically goes.  Now I use bronzer and highlighter in addition to my blush. Not just a strip of pink like I used to wear. Do you like blush? Some do, some don’t! I’d love to hear what you prefer.

#5 Not focusing on my type of skin

When I first started out wearing makeup, types of skin makeup wasn’t a huge deal. There wasn’t a ton of matte vs. glowy foundations or acne controlled primers. I had pretty oily skin as a teen and some acne (not much, I was lucky). I never thought about what makeup would work best with my skin type. I just wore what I thought looked cool or my mom did. The makeup industry has grown so much since I first started makeup and they focus more on skin types and keeping skin healthy. So it wasn’t necessarily a mistake I made just on my own, but I do think to focus on my skin type really helps make my makeup look flawless and natural.

Have you made any of these mistakes? Did you make other makeup mistakes when you first started wearing it? I’d love to hear your stories!


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