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My favorite drinks at Christmastime are Spiced Tea and Hot Apple Cider. Last year, I shared my family recipe for Spiced Tea so this year I thought I would share my recipe for yummy Hot Apple Cider. My Hot Apple Cider is pretty easy! I do it the easier way- with red hots but I add some yummy extras to make it more special.

This is a great recipe because you can make it both on the stovetop OR a crockpot! If you’re using it for a party, use the crockpot! If you’re just making your family some night…the stovetop might be faster. And this recipe is very easy to tweak to your taste. If you like it spicier, you can add more red hots. If you like it more fruity, add in more apples! This is such an easy recipe to change to fit how you personally like your Hot Apply Cider.

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64 Fl Oz Apple Cider

Half bag of any Cinnamon Candy

3-6 Cinnamon Sticks

2 sliced apples

1 quartered orange

Don’t forget the amount of cinnamon candy you add is subjective! If you feel better about it, add in some-let it melt- then taste and see what you think. You can always add more candies to it!


Stovetop: Pour apple cider into large saucepan and place over medium to high heat. Add in the cinnamon candy and stir. Continue to let the candy dissolve while watching closely and stirring. Once the candies have dissolved add in cinnamon sticks, oranges, and apples and turn down to low heat. Allow the mix to simmer for at least 15-20 minutes or longer. The longer it simmers the more it melds together! You can keep this on very low heat and serve during a party.

Crockpot: Pour all ingredients into the crockpot and place on medium or low. Come back and stir once in a while so the melting candies don’t stick to the bottom. After everything is dissolved, you can turn down to keep warm and let it steep.

This is such a great drink to curl up with by the fire and enjoy. I have so many memories that involve cider and drinking it always brings me right back. Hope you enjoy the recipe, I’d love to hear if you make it! XOX

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