5 ways I combat anxiety

I’m just going to say it, anxiety sucks. I don’t consider that a very professional word but there isn’t really another word that can sum it up like that. Anxiety is awful. It is draining, exhausting, painful, depressing, and so many other things all at once.

I recently this year shared that I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder and I promised some posts on that subject. It’s taken me a while because I still find discussing my anxiety disorder something hard to speak about. Saying I’m anxious is one thing, but sharing that I suffer from a disorder is a whole other ballgame.

Today I wanted to share 5 ways I combat anxiety. Please know that as a Christian, my ways to combat anxiety will always be centered around the Lord and my faith. That is just how I live. But even if you aren’t a Christian, I believe these things could help you. Because in the end, the only thing that has ever really help me combat anxiety is Jesus and Him alone. Keep in mind that these are my tips for combating anxiety when it starts to flare up or you feel a panic attack coming on. I do these things immediately when I can feel my anxiety rising.

5 ways I combat anxiety

#1 Prayer 

My first defense when my anxiety seems to flare up or feel more intense is to pray. Prayer is our connection with the Lord and like I mentioned, the only reason I can ever combat anxiety is with Jesus. Prayer tends to calm my spirit and gets my mind off of the anxiousness and on the Lord instead. I try to make my immediate response to the feeling in panic and anxiety be to call upon the Lord. God is the opposite of anxiety, He is calm and strength. So when I feel like I’m struggling my goal is to stop and spend some time in prayer to try and relieve some of the anxiety and tension in my heart and mind.

Because in the end, Jesus is the only way my anxiety can weaken. Not by my strength but His and calling out in prayer is a way of combatting that sense of panic.

#2 Worship 

Along with prayer, worship is also one of my first defenses in combatting anxiety. I think because words and music have such a big impact in my life, worship really helps my panic weaken when I’m struggling. Just kind prayer, real worship can set my mind on Jesus and away from everything that’s causing me panic. Worship is going God the praise He deserves and He deserves it even in the midst of anxiety and worry. Worship can reach into the innermost parts of my anxious heart and calm them. Find some worship songs that calm you and keep them in a playlist!

#3 Busy myself

If you suffer from an anxiety disorder you’ll know that downtime is one of your worst enemies. One way I try and combat an anxiety flare up is to keep busy. Read a book, do some cleaning, go for a walk, listen to a podcast, go out window shopping…anything to keep your mind busy so that you don’t have as much time to aimlessly worry. This is something that I have found extremely helpful. Anxiety isn’t rational so when you have down time, you tend to let your mind wander into those irrational thoughts and anxieties. When your mind is busy, you have less time to think of everything that brings on anxiety. I always suggest keeping busy when your anxiety seems to be higher than normal. Don’t let the anxiety overcome you!

#4 Using items I find relaxing (tea, essential oils, etc.)

I’m not 100% sure that essentials oils really help my anxiety. But I do find them really calming and relaxing. When you’re having an overly anxious day, I suggest trying some oils, tea, whatever you find the most relaxing! Everyone is different so for you, it might be a hot tea and a nap. Just utilize whatever keeps you relaxed and calm. For me, I like to diffuse lavender, bergamot, and orange. I also enjoy a nice bath too. Whatever you prefer will work for this tip. Just try and keep yourself more calm and relaxed if possible. It might not cure it, but it could help relieve some stress and tension from high anxiety days. I usually do this as a last resort. Maybe once some time in prayer worship and the Lord has helped calm my anxious heart, I’ll try to keep myself more relaxed.

#5 Reciting Scripture

God have us the Bible so that we could write scripture upon the table of our heart. So we would always have something to encourage us and teach us. Reciting scripture is always a great way to combat anxiety. This fills your mind and heart with scripture that is God breathed instead of any anxious thoughts. I know for me, so often my mind is filled with so many worldly things because I don’t fill it with scripture enough. When scripture is the best thing to fill your heart and mind with at any time. We all need to focus our lives more on Christ than the things of this world. I find it so calming and helpful when I can quote scripture to myself when my anxiety is high and I need to calm down.

What do you do to combat your anxiety? I’d love to hear your tips and tricks. Know that if you struggling with anxiety, you aren’t alone, ever.

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  • Reply Jessie

    I fight a tendency to turn away from God when my anxiety is bad. I just love how you turn to Him. To up your prayer game when you are anxious is a really courageous thing that I need to do more of!

    November 1, 2018 at 8:46 am
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