5 must-watch documentaries on Netflix

Are you a fan of crime shows and mysteries? I have always enjoyed watching documentaries of all kinds including crime docuseries and anything with a mystery. My dad and I loved watching shows about the Kennedy Assassination, World War II, and Forensic Files. Netflix is a great way to be able to watch good documentaries at the touch of a button. But if you’re me, you get lost in the endless cycle of trying to find something good to watch. For as many gems as there are- there are many awful ones on Netflix too.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you! Keep in mind that these are about crimes and can contain some graphic images. Please make sure this is your kind of documentary before watching. So far I have really enjoyed all of these docuseries that I will share with you. Just wanted to offer a warning that some of this is heavy material.

Please be advised some of these documentaries might contain graphic matter and harsh, strong language. 

5 must-watch documentaries on Netflix

Evil Genius

My cousin and I have taken up watching some of these together since my dad passed away. This docuseries titled Evil Genius was one of the most recent ones we watched. Have you ever read a book or watched a movie where the plot seemed so unreal that you knew it wasn’t true? Well, I had the same thought about the crimes involved in this series. I won’t give anything away but somehow you learn about a man who was supposedly forced to rob a bank with a neck bomb attached. He was told to do everything they said or they would set off the bomb. Long story short, this case ends up being connected with many different cases that just make you scratch your head in wonder. I’m still not sure I understand it all, but it was a good mystery to watch.

The Keepers

I’ve only just started this one but it seems incredibly interesting. The problem with a good documentary is sometimes the subject matter is heartbreaking. I found this case so angering but also so interesting because it shows that there are always people out there looking and seeking to find truth and justice. This series is about the death of a nun; she was a beloved school teacher that was made aware of inappropriate conduct happening between the priests and students. It brought up such a battle of anger at what these people endured but a feeling of hope because some of her students are still searching and working to find justice.

The Staircase

I would say that this one closely resembles the Making a Murder series in the fact that it looks at how the case was handled by police and the trial. This series had me hooked from the first episode. I will say, this had some strong language so be aware of that. I wish media would learn that good shows and entertainment doesn’t need harsh language. But I digress, The Staircase is about a man who was charged with murdering his wife who was found bloody at the bottom of their stairs. This series follows the whole trial including the most recent info about the case. The case was actually tossed out because of falsified interviews and evidence. This is one wild ride! I am 99% always pro law and pro-police but this case reveals some major missteps by their local police that is pretty tragic.

Cold Justice

I mentioned this show in my June Favorites post but I had to include it on this list. Cold Justice is actually a show from TV and Netflix only has a few seasons of it so far. This docu-series follows two women, a former prosecutor and a crime scene investigator, as they travel the country helping local law enforcement solve cold cases. I enjoyed this series because these people literally start from ground zero on a crime and do their best to find justice. Often, these cases are solved because of new technology and testing as well as the fact that some people are no longer scared to talk. This show not only tries to provide justice but also works to show you the process of how solving cold cases happen. This is a great series and is much easier to watch because it was originally suited for TV not just Netflix.

Oklahoma City

Being an Oklahoman, the Murrah Bombing has been a part of my life from the start. If you’ve been around W&W long, you’ll know that my grandfather worked the bombing as a fireman. I have shared his story a few times on this blog. I recently watched this documentary on Netflix and found it really interesting. It shares a lot more of the back story to the terrorist than other shows have done. I appreciated that they shared more info but didn’t try and justify his actions. If you like a series that is packed full of info on a historical event- this one is for you!

What are your favorite documentaries on Netflix right now??

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