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Hello friends! A while back I asked on Instagram stories which post you wanted to see and a post about how I do content creating and planning won. I always love seeing how other bloggers plan because I think everyone has a different process and it is always nice to pick up tips from fellow bloggers.

If I am honest, I only recently really became focused on planning out my content and getting organized. The first two years of blogging was a content organizational mess. I also don’t have an overly complicated or elaborate system for planning my content either- which is one reason I wasn’t sure I would share but Y’all asked so here it is! I thought I would share my “steps” and then try to give some tips along the way as well.

Keep in mind I am a person who prefers paper and likes to write things down. Most of my content planning is done on paper except for the actual writing of the post. You, of course, can still do these steps just electronically if you prefer.

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Step 1 || Brainstorm

I typically always have a running list of possible post ideas. I do have one on my phone but like I said, I prefer paper, so I have a notepad where I keep a list going. When you are blogging a few times a week, you need to constantly be thinking of content. The first major step for my content creating is to think of the content.

I have 3 main facets of posts on my blog: faith, beauty, and lifestyle. So while all of those are included in my branding- that means I still have to find content for 3 different facets. Technically, my lifestyle and beauty posts can be similar so I really consider that I have 2 main themes to find content for each month. I personally plan about a month ahead, sometimes a bit longer. You can plan out as far in advance as you want but for me a month tends to be the sweet spot.

Tip #1 Always keep a list around you at all times to jot down any ideas that come to you- either a notepad or a phone note- that is what is best for you

Step #2 || Create a rough draft of my monthly calendar

Like I said, I like paper, so I currently have a plain, cheap monthly calendar that I use to write down content so I can have it all set out and written out. Before I started using an actual calendar I just took a blank paper and divided it into 3 sections across and four sections down (because I post 3 days a week and plan a month ahead).

I learned quickly to use pencil on my rough draft because inevitably I would switch around posts and change a few things. I try and look at each week and make sure none of the posts are repetitive or similar so sometimes I have to change things around. Also, life happens, so don’t feel like this is a calendar that cannot be broken. Back in December I had January completely scheduled out and some even pre-written and then my dad died. I basically stopped blogging for most of that month. While I had already had my content created and planned- I just pushed everything back a month (hence the pencil).

Tip #2 Remember when you work for yourself, there’s no one telling you what and when to make content. Don’t be afraid to change things up last minute if they need to be. 

Step #3 || Plan out each post

Typically my posts include lists; whether it is a list of products or tips… I typically have some kind of list of things to discuss in each post. Once I plan out my calendar I get to work on composing each post. I keep a running sticky note of all the tips and list posts so I won’t forget what I was planning to talk about in it. For example, in the picture below you can see my post it for the upcoming post about creating a gallery wall. Well, I thought of a few tips I wanted to share so I wrote them down so I don’t forget. I do this for most of my posts because I feel a little more organized (even though it looks confusing). This helps the actual writing process to go faster because I am ready to go and know my main points.

Tip #3 When you think of an idea, write it down! I cannot count the times I have lost an idea because I didn’t jot it down. 

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Step 4 || Write the posts

Once I have some ideas, I start at the first of the month and just write. Sometimes when I am really thinking of a certain post I will just write that first- I don’t always go in order. I typically will have my posts done the day before (not always). For instance, I’m finishing this on Thursday but I already have half of Monday’s done too. The writing process is much less organized. I just use the calendar to stay on track and get the posts that need to be posted done on time.

Tip #4 Write when you can! You don’t have to sit down and finish one post in one sitting. Write whenever you can and wherever you can. 

Step 5 || Use Canva to create featured images and pin-able pictures

Pictures and graphics are extremely important for any website or blog. Typically by this time I will have already done the style shoot for the post and edited the photos (I will do a separate post about that). So I use Canva to create any graphics I need, a featured thumbnail, and any images that would be great for Pinterest.

Tip #5 Pinterest images need to be thinner and longer than typical pictures. Canva has an already proportioned template for Pinterest-use it!

Step 6 || Post the content

Obviously, right? But it’s how I finish my content planning- I post it! I love seeing my posts actually go on my site because it honestly takes a good amount of work. I still probably left out some of the work I do, but oh well. After posting the content, I typically then share it on all my social media too.

Tip #6 Sometimes posts don’t do as well as you think and sometimes they get even more views than you expected- either way- send out your best content. 

I hope this post has helped someone! Just remember that everyone has their own process- do what you want and what works best for you!

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