June Favorites 2018

June Favorites alert!

Happy July 4th week friends! June as flown by and here we are about to celebrate the freedom of our country (if you’re in America that is). It is HOT here in OK and I have been doing a lot of content planning and trying to stay cool these last few weeks.

This last month I really didn’t try many new products. I did however just buy some things for my birthday so I know next month is really going to be a great favorites! This month there were a few items I loved and some fun entertainment I have been loving. If you are a mystery fan, read until the end! I have some show suggestions for you. Let’s hope in and see what my June Favorites were this last month!


Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection || $42

I first mentioned this on a haul post a few weeks ago and I am still seriously loving it! It’s a little pricey but I was able to grab this during a sale and I really believe it was worth every penny. I am a really picky bronzer/contour person and these colors match my skin tone perfectly. The bottom bronze color I use to bronze up the skin- it is just warm enough to appear like I have some sun without being orange on my pale skin. The ashy brown contour shade is also perfect for my pale and cool toned skin. It really doesn’t make me look sickly or too ashy like some can- it’s the perfect color combo for me! Also, the brush is great for getting a nice contour line on your cheeks- great size!

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner || $20

Thanks to Sephora Play I was able to try this liner from Kat Von D. I had never tried any of her products but I have really enjoyed this liner so far. It is very black and wears well. It doesn’t rub off like many liners or bleed at all for me. I will say it isn’t a very wet liner which is a good thing if you are still learning to do wings and stuff. I do however have to go over my line a few times to get a good, solid black line though. I will always take that over a very wet and runny liner that bleeds everywhere. It is very similar to the Stila liner so for in my opinion- both are great options!

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara || $26

This Marc Jacobs mascara is another Sephora Play item from a previous box. I love the wand and the formula. It is very lengthening and very full on black! I will say that this can easily clump up so you have to be patient and careful with your application. However when you apply it well, it is a beautiful mascara! I would consider buying the full size for sure.

Arbonne Blush in Tafetta || $32

I have had this blush forever! It was one of the very first Arbonne items I ever tried. I was a little put off b the color in the pan at first- it is bright bubble gum pink! But it doesn’t apply that vibrant. It applies as a really beautiful pinky/rose shade on the cheeks. I find this to be a very great formula that blends well and wears well. If you like pretty pink blushes, this is a great one! It also is very pigmented so it doesn’t take much and you can use it for a while. Great size even though it is a bit pricey for a single blush.

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Monin Vanilla Syrup || $9.95 and Monin Mango Syrup || $9.95

I loveeeee Monin syrups! If you have never tried them, you are seriously missing out! I enjoy their vanilla one and their mango one the best. Vanilla is what I use in my coffee and lattes at home. I usually add one or two pumps to my coffee and add frothed milk for a quick home latte! The vanilla is very subtle and isn’t too sweet which is why I like it.

The mango syrup is perfect in a glass of cold unsweet tea! I add a pump or two to a glass and add a sweet n low and drink away! The mango would be perfect for summer drinks as well or make your own popsicle’s. The mango has a hint of sweetness if you get enough syrup but it is not overpowering in sweetness which is how I prefer it! These bottles are less than $10 and will last you months probably- at least mine do! In fact, I probably need to check the date on them! It doesn’t take much so they last forever!

Cold Justice || Netflix

For all my mystery/crime loving friends, I stumbled on this show on Netflix last month and have really enjoyed it. There is only one season on there which is a bummer, but I still suggest watching it! This is a show about 2 women, a prosecutor and a crime scene investigator, that travel the country and attempt to solve cold cases that are still open. This is such an interesting show because you see how they go back to the beginning and try to build a circumstantial case and see if they can get the families some closure. With all the new technology, so many cold cases could probably be sold if there was enough time and man power to have people go through all cases like these ladies and their teams do. I really suggest taking a look at it if you like that type of show!

The Staircase || Netflix

Ahhh yes, the next conspiracy, highly talked about Netflix documentary much like Making a Murderer. My mom, sis, and I watched this and were just brought in from the beginning. I normally am extremely pro-police and very loyal to them. This case however really and truly did not shine good light on the police and crime techs in this town. Long story short, a man was convicted and sentenced to prison for supposedly murdering his wife who was found bloody at the bottom of the stairs. The defense claims it was a fall the prosecution claims murder. If you like shows that really make you think and get into the criminal justice cases then I suggest watching this! It was extremely interesting to say the least- if you’ve seen it- comment down below your thoughts on it!

Warning: this one contains some strong and graphic language

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    I love the brush tip applicator on the KVD tattoo liner! It makes application a breeze!

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