It’s too much

Hello friends. I hope your Sunday is going well! Today I just wanted to check out and let you know that I’ll be taking a little step back.

It’s honestly a little too much right now. I still need to grieve and having to keep up with the blog just seems daunting. I have some good posts planned so I’ll go ahead and post those when they come up but there won’t be my usual consistent schedule for a while.

I know you’ll understand and I’m so thankful for friends and readers who are patient with me. I would ask you to continue praying for my family- we appreciate your prayers so much!

For my new readers, my dad recently died unexpectedly and I just need another break. It’s really hitting home and just a little much. I thank you for your support!

I’ll be back, don’t worry. And like I said I’ll post a few here and there but not my normal 3 posts a week schedule.

Love to you,


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