Disappointing Products Spring 2018

Sadly, not all products can be winners. We all have those products that we just want to love but we really just hate. Disappointing products can be a touchy subject, but I think they need to be discussed. I am a positive blogger for the most part but I am also a blogger to let you know what I think about products.

I personally enjoy these types of posts because I want to know if something is going to be worth it! Everyone has their own opinions but I prefer to research most of my beauty buys before I make the purchase. Maybe I’m just a nerd!

Today I wanted to share a few products that just haven’t worked for me. Please keep in mind that just because it doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean it won’t for you. I am just sharing my personal opinion about it. Also, this doesn’t mean anything against the brands I might mention. In fact, some of these are my favorite brands- just disappointing products.

I hope you find these as helpful as I do! I will try to break down why I personally consider them disappointing products to help. These are products I have tried to use over the last few months-weeks and have not been able to really use or fall in love with.

Disappointing Products Spring 2018

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Classic Setting Spray $6

Forget whether this setting spray works or not…the smell is AWFUL. I tried over and over again to get used to this smell because I loved how affordable the spray was and good claims. The smell is harshly chemical and just plain awful. Also, the idea of the harsh chemical smell worries me; I mean, what is it doing in my skin?? I think Hard Candy is an unsung hero of the drugstore makeup world but this one was a complete dud for me. The spray itself was a pretty wet and harsh spray as well. It made my face feel soaking wet after just a light spray.

  • Overly strong chemical smell
  • harsh sprayer

e.l.f. Beauty Shield Dual Defense Cleansing Facial Brush $8

I mentioned this facial brush in my “Worth the Hype?” post a few weeks ago but I had to mention it again. For e.l.f., I felt like an eight dollar brush that was fairly small seemed a little out there. I’ve tried to continue using this in the shower for my face but the bristles are so flimsy. I know that might seem confusing…you might be thinking you should want soft bristles when using it on your face. I agree! But these bristles are so soft that when I apply it on my face to wash- I literally feel the plastic under the bristles because the bristles just seem to disappear.  I know this seems confusing. Long story short- this brush seems very cheaply made in my opinion. I know that e.l.f. is a very affordable brand but I rarely feel that their products are cheap- but this is a different story.

  • flimsy bristles
  • cheaply made

Catrice Prime & Fine Professional Contour Palette $7.99

When I found this cute little contour palette from Catrice, I was thrilled. The color looked perfect for my pale, cool skin- an ashy, grey-toned brown. The highlight shade that was with it actually looked like a color I could use to set my skin. However, it was like this product had no pigment at all! Maybe I got a dud but I cannot get this to really show up on my skin. The one time I did get it to show up, it made my cheeks look muddy and just dirty. I am still so disappointed in this one! I tried numerous brushes to apply and it seemed like nothing was going to work.

  • lacks pigment
  • a little too grey toned – looked muddy

IT Brushes for Ulta Airbrush Smoothing Foundation Brush $22

This one hurt. I still wish I liked it….but I just hate it! When Ulta had their 21 days of beauty my mom and me picked up one of these brushes for half off. First off, it’s tiny. Its similar to the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush but its actually smaller. The brush itself isn’t very dense which I prefer for a foundation brush. The brush also seems to soak up all the product. After using it twice, I had to wash it because it was just sticky and full of foundation. My beauty girls know the look of a foundation brush that’s been used a lot and need cleaning…well this one was like that after 2 uses! I couldn’t believe how much product it holds in the bristles. I was really disappointed in this. $22 is not cheap for a brush! I thankfully got it half off but still, it was such a letdown! Run away from this brush!

  • not dense enough for a foundation brush
  • soaks up too much product

Makeup Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawless $15

I own 3-5 Makeup Revolution palettes and have always loved them. They have good pigment and blend well. I was so excited to try this bigger 35 pan palette! Then I tried it. Yikes. It’s like this is a whole different brand! The shadows are chalky and lack pigment. I’ve tried several eye looks and just cannot get the shadows to work. They tend to blend into a muddy puddle if the color shows up at all. There is a good color selection and mix of shimmer and mattes but the shadows themselves are hard to work with and pack no punch. Have you tried these palettes? Did I get a dud? I was so disappointed in this, I have loved most of their brand so far.

  • No color payoff
  • Chalky and hard to work with

What are some products you have found disappointing? Have you tried anything i mentioned? Let me know what your thoughts are on them!

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