5 tips for throwing baby sprinkles

Have you heard of this new trend in parties? For momma’s that have other children and are pregnant again, you give them a baby sprinkle! Second, third, etc. time parents don’t need as much stuff to be considered a full shower, so it’s a sprinkle.

I just recently gave one of my best friends a sprinkle for her sweet baby girl that is coming soon. She already has a girl so this was more about getting together and celebrating the upcoming arrival. It’s my thought that every baby should be celebrated whether or not they do or don’t need the gift’s that are typically attached to a real shower. So sprinkles are a perfect compromise, less stress and big gifts…more fellowship and chit-chatting.

After throwing my first ever sprinkle, I thought I would share a few tips that I learned from my experience. I also was obsessed with the decor and wanted an excuse to share the images with ya’ll. I went FULL PINK! I’ve only given baby boy showers before and I am such a girly girl that I went a little crazy with the pink. Party planner is not on my title, so please remember these are just my personal tips and tricks for throwing the perfect baby sprinkle!

Tip #1 – Embrace the “sprinkle”

With a traditional shower, they can be overwhelming because you can do so many variations of theme. However, with a sprinkle…the name sets up the theme for you if you wish to embrace it! For one idea, use literal sprinkles! I embraced the sprinkle and used sprinkles in the food and decor. I purchased 2 pounds of wholesale sprinkles and went for it. For a second use of the name, go for a sprinkle as in rain. I saw many cute ideas on Pinterest about using umbrella’s and rain drops for the theme of a sprinkle. There are so many ways to use balloons and pom poms as clouds! The internet provides multiple variations of embracing the word sprinkle- so go for it! It takes some of the theme pressure away.

Tip #2 – Go for activities instead of games

Maybe this is a tip just because I hate traditional baby shower games, but I went with activities instead of games. I provided a “create a block” station where everyone could decorate a block for the baby to then keep and play with when it grows up. This also can act as a “guest book” if you want it to. I loved this idea because people could come and go from the station. My goal for this sprinkle was to be about fellowship and celebrating the baby; so it was much more laid back and personal than normal showers. 

I also printed out a fill in the blank “wishes for baby” activity. It’s a fun way for the guests to leave a little wisdom and prayers for the upcoming baby. This was the only designated time I had for the shower other than that it was go with the flow and enjoy each others company. This helps the baby sprinkle to be more laid back and fun.

Tip #3 – Shop Smart

If this is your first shower/sprinkle you are giving, shop with re-usability in mind; especially if you think or plan to throw more parties. For examples, I purchased the “baby” balloon banner because it is reusable! Also, the rest of the blocks that I purchased will be saved for more showers. I am a saver with a small budget so I had to get creative. I highly recommend using things that can be re-purposed or from the dollar store.  If you are a pro at throwing showers, make sure you remember to pull out all of those party items that you have saved over the years.

Tip #4 – Go for a smaller snack set-up

This one is really subjective, but I went for a much smaller snack set-up than I have at other showers. These sprinkles tend to be more low-key and personal so I wasn’t too worried about having lots of different snacks and options. I did sugar cookies, dipper pretzels & wafer cookies, and a fruit salad; to drink was just punch and water. While I did only a few items, I tried to do them really well. I wanted to focus on quality instead of quantity I guess you could say. Yes you want to provide a little nosh but remember to plan it in the middle of two meal’s so you don’t have to provide a full meal: unless you want too! Overall, this tip really depends on the kind of sprinkle you’re planning.

Tip #5 – always give it a personal touch

Always add a little of your style and yourself to the sprinkle, the momma will always appreciate it. For my sprinkle, I added some fresh flower touches because I am obsessed with fresh flowers. It added just a little bit of my personality to it. (Although this sprinkle in particular was a LOT of my style: pink and gold) Think of something special you can add or do that’s your personal touch. This will ensure the best and most personal baby sprinkle.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 tips for throwing baby sprinkles! Let me know if you’ve ever given one!

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