Zenni Optical Review: love it or hate it?

*This is NOT a sponsored post. These glasses were purchased with my own money. I just wanted to share a review of the company*

Do you wear glasses? Even if you are like me and like to have a pair around for when my eyes need a rest from contacts, I have the perfect company for you. With my eye insurance usually glasses OR contacts are covered. I predominantly wear contacts, so I go with that. But once I found Zenni Optical, I get both!

Zenni Optical is an online glasses company that has hundreds of different styles for men, woman, and kids. You can shop by style, trends, best sellers, and more. I honestly believe they have a pair of glasses to fit anyone’s personality.


Here is the best part their prices ranges from $6-46. The most expensive pair of glasses I have ever seen was 45 and change. I would say the average of a pair is between $15-30. That includes the basic lens, prescription, and a protective coating. You can also choose to upgrade the lens or protection if you want too.

The best thing about Zenni is they offer a sunglass option and non-prescription glass option for those that just like the look of glasses. I have purchased 3 pairs over the last few years and have loved every pair; especially my most recent one!


I purchased these floral print glasses including: prescription lenses, protection coating, my exact PD, a case, and shipping for less than $30. All of my pairs have been great quality and great customer service. I just ask my eye doctor to print out my glasses prescription and I’m all set!

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If you don’t know certain things about lenses or pupillary distance, they have videos and articles to help you understand everything before you make your order. I had no idea what I was doing the first time I ordered and their guides and steps in the process is easy to understand; all of my orders have been perfect and timely.



  • Great prices!
  • Easy steps and ordering system
  • Great quality
  • Hundreds of options in various styles, size, and color
  • Prescription, plain lens, and sunglasses options
  • Easy shipping process
  • Tons of information and how-to’s for the whole process


  • You cannot try on before buying
  • Returns might be hard

I honestly couldn’t find anymore cons! And the first con I mentioned is somewhat fixed by the website. They have option to load a picture of yourself and let you see, tentatively, how each pair would look on your face. It isn’t completely accurate but it gives you an idea!

Long story short: I LOVE IT! I have used Zenni for so long and I will continue to use it! There are so many great options for great prices. If you are looking for any kind of glasses Zenni is a great option.

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  • Reply femmerewritten

    Okay I just have to say these glasses are ADORABLE. Definitely want to look into their brand. Loved this entry. I just found your blog today and I’m definitely following to keep up with the rest of your content. Looking forward to your future posts! I would love it you could stop by sometime!
    Mena |

    July 14, 2017 at 7:28 pm
    • Reply writingsandworship

      Thanks so much!! I loved the floral print, something different! I’ll go take a look!

      July 14, 2017 at 7:29 pm

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