Makeup Haul // first impressions 

Makeup Monday, one of my favorite days! I had been doing so good, not buying any makeup…until my birthday! Then I just had to pick up some new stuff to show y’all!

I did an online order from Ulta and a stop in Sephora as well! I didn’t go crazy…in fact I think I did pretty well! I purchased some stuff I really had been wanting to try and didn’t go overboard.

Some of these items aren’t really new, but I hadn’t tried them! I bought a good mix of prices too, mainly lower end/ drugstore. I can’t wait to share all these goodies with y’all!

e.l.f. Smudge Pot in crusin chic ($3.00)  // I have a few of these smudge pots and they are a lifesaver. I wear them all the time! I was so glad I found some new colors. This shade is a bronze-nude color that I think will be be perfect for everyday wear. I love these shadows because they are super creamy and very long lasting. My first impression is that this will be a vital product in my everyday makeup routine from now on.


Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Shadow in Molten Midnight ($24) // I have been talking about these eyeshadows for over a month. I was so over the moon about my Kitten Karma one that I knew I needed to get another. The shade, Molten Midnight, is a beautiful smokey grey-black that is packed full of silver shimmer. I was so impressed with how glittery this one was even though it was a darker shade. I’m hoping it might be a little more wearable compared to my other shade, but we will see when I try it on! I am so excited to use this!


NYX Pro Foundation Mixer in White ($9.99) // I recently received a new VoxBox from Influester and it is brand new Laura Mercier foundation….*insert angels singing*  I had to pick a color online and hope I picked correctly…I didn’t. It was too warm for my liking so I knew I needed something to lighten it! I have great expectations for this NYX mixer. It might take a while to learn exactly how much to use but I am up for the challenge. You get a great amount too for a good price. It’ll last me a long time I believe. Have you used this before? Let me know your thoughts! 


Benefit Mini Dandelion Blush in Baby-Pink ($15) // I have looked at these box blushes by Benefit for so long! I really wanted one; but I couldn’t bare to pay the full prize. So I finally broke down and bought the mini one so I could see if I even liked the blush yet. I was really shocked at how pale the color was and so far I am disappointed with it; but if I am honest I haven’t used it on my face yet. I will definitely report back on my thoughts about the color!


Sephora Favorites Lashtash To Go ($28) // My sister got a Sephora Favorites mascara value set a while back and it was such a cool concept. You get 5 different brands of mascaras is travel sizes. Once you use them and decide what you love the best, you can return your card for a full size of your choice (from the option in the value set). I am really excited to try this! So you basically will get two mascaras for one price. My brands included: Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Urban Decay, Tarte, and Buxom. So far I am really love the Bobbi Brown and the Tarte one, but I will let you know which one I decide to get the full size in when I am done.


Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kit in Reign ($9.00) // I am not on the whole Kylie Jenner lip kit train. I haven’t really been interested in them at all. I do however, love Makeup Revolution. MR is doing their own “knock off” of the Kylie lip kits with their matte lip kits. The color I purchased was called Reign which is a beautiful rose nude color. I was looking for a great everyday color and I think this is perfect. I love that it has a pencil and matte liquid lip color. I haven’t worn it but so far I am really impressed with the feel and the formula of it.


NOT PICTURED: Clinique Superpower Double Face Powder in Matte Beige ($24) // Somehow this item missed the photoshoot! But this was another item I bought at Sephora. I needed a quick foundation powder for when I am in a rush but needed a little base on. This powder has been a long time favorites of mine. It feels great on my skin and actually has pretty good coverage for a powder. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!

What looks the most exciting to you? Have you bought anything recently? Let me know in the comments! XO



19 thoughts on “Makeup Haul // first impressions 

  1. Yes yes yes – I love reading haul posts, they make my day! xx Obsessed with the look of the stila liquid eyeshadows – I’ve been wanting to pick some up for a while now but havent got round to it! xx

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