The Garden by Kari Jobe // Album Review

As funny as this sounds, I can gather few words about this album that accurately describes how I feel about the newest Kari Jobe Album, The Garden. Kari is known, in my eyes, as one of the best worship song writers of our generation and this album is nothing short of anointed.

The Garden is full of songs for the broken and the weary. Kari has explained that this album was written as she and her family walked through the tragic loss of her niece. Along with her husband, Kari sits down to discuss the thoughts behind the whole album in THIS video.


These songs are raw, potent, and real. Kari is not afraid of being real in her worship and writing that as well. While these songs are written out of grieve and sorrow, there is one thing she focuses on: Jesus is still in control. He still deserves our praise and He is still there fighting with us. One thing to mention, is that they may have been written during a time of brokenness but they are full of reckoning, hope, and praise to God.

The song “I Will Sing” is one of my favorites from the album. Even when hope is lost, when life gets tough, etc…we need to sing. He still deserves our praise as we also bring Him our questions. The lyrics, “I need to hear Your voice, speaking to silence all my doubts. Your word won’t return empty…You will break through every darkness,” speak to His graciousness to meet us where we are and always speak truth to our hearts.

This album is a studio album but every bit as worshipful as her last live album. These are all fairly solemn and slower songs, which is what I prefer.

“Heal Our Land” is another one from the album that is so timely for what are nation is dealing with right now. Kari has given us what the simple truth is for our land to be healed…more of Jesus. More of showing His word, more of His presence…for Christ to be known throughout all the nations. I love this anthem,

“So God we pray to You
Humble ourselves again
Lord would You hear our cry?
Lord will You heal our land?
That every eye will see
That every heart will know
The One who took our sin
The One who died and rose.”

 We need this in our nation and our land. We need every eye and heart to know the One who took our sins for us. There is so much truth in this song…and such a timely anthem for believers to be crying out in worship.

One of the first songs I heard from the album was “Fall Afresh” and from that moment I was hooked. In worship, I love singing and leading songs that ask God’s presence to fall and come. I find it a great way to start a worship session. It sets our hearts on what worship is really about and asks God to come and be near. One thing I love about this song in particular is that it tries to describe the presence of God and what it is like in worship. The songs says,

“It’s the power of Your presence
That changes us
Your glory all around us
And we’re undone
You open up the Heavens
And fall afresh on us.”

There is nothing we should want more than to sit in His presence. I love that this song is a worshipful reminder of why we need and want more of Him. Him alone. His presence alone.

I could honestly speak on each song and how God has used it in my life already. About how each song is powerful and real. This is so far one of the best worship albums I have listened to in a very long time. She honestly out-does herself with each album and I believe its because she writes for Jesus and just to sell copies.

If you are hurting, there is a song for you. If you are grieving, there is a song for you. If you are thankful, there is a song for you. The song “The Garden” talks about seeing the ivy growing even through those tough moments and realizing that God has been healing and comforting her this whole time.

I pray that these songs will bless you! If you don’t have this album, go get it. You need it. It will minister to you in ways you didn’t even know you needed ministering to.

Let me know what songs you love the most and how it has impacted you. XO

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