National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum // Review (Sponsored)

Hey friends! Today is all about my recent trip to Oklahoma’s National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum! unnamed (5).jpg

As you know, I’m working with US Family Guide to provide deals and reviews of products and places! The wonderful museum allowed me to come for free in order for me to write a review and tell you what I thought.

I was overjoyed when they opened a new short-term children’s exhibit: “Power & Prestige Children’s Gallery.”  Seeing as this was a children’s exhibit, I recruited my favorite little’s that I’ve nannied in years past to go and experience the museum with me!


First off, here is a little background to the museum. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum was a nonprofit organization that was formed in 1955 and been serving the public since the opening in 1965. It is accredited my the American Alliance of Museums and is home to three halls of fame: Hall of Great Westerners, Rodeo Hall of Fame, and Hall of Western Performers. For more information, make sure to check out their website

This trip, like I said, was all about their new Power & Prestige Children’s Gallery that is open now until May 14th , 2017.  This gallery was a fun activity space for children and families to enjoy while learning about the culture and history of the Plain Indians. The children’s gallery holds a music station, a reading nook, iPad’s with video’s about the culture and activities of the Indians. You can even make-and-take a picture or pictograph. These hands-on activities allow the children to really get involved in the museum and learn on their own level.

My favorite part of the whole exhibit was the idea that the children get to enjoy the museum and learn what I would be learning by looking through the “adult” exhibits but by learning in ways that are easier for them. If you are an art lover with children, this was a great way to get their feet wet in experiencing culture and museums. The information and exhibit fit right along with the other Indian headdress and bandanna exhibits surrounding it.

The Power & Prestige Children’s Gallery was in addiction to a permanent children’s exhibit where the kids can sit in small saddles and try on pint sized chaps and western gear. The National Cowboy Museum does an exceptional job at making the museum kid friendly and entertaining for the little ones!

I highly recommend taking your kiddos out for a look at this exhibit! It is fun and educational, all while being geared for your little ones to learn and enjoy. This temporary exhibit runs until MAY 14th, 2017 so you still have plenty of time to go and try it out! 

I am so thankful to the National Cowboy Museum that let me come and enjoy the museum in return for this post! I highly recommend checking this well-known museum in Oklahoma no matter what your age is! For more information, call 405-478-2250 or visit


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