When a worship leader isn’t leading

In our lives, God brings us through different seasons. I am called to lead worship–I fully believe that. But over the last 6+ months I have been brought through a season of not leading worship.

My worship leading best friend was wedding planning and adjusting to a new life as Mrs. so we haven’t been promoting our duo as much. I’m no longer at school so I have less opportunities. And I haven’t stepped up to be a part of the church choir yet.

I won’t like…I miss it. There are days when I would give anything for a few “gigs” or a full time worship leading position. But I was recently reminded that maybe this season is a good thing. I firmly believe that worship leaders need to sometimes take breaks. Step off the stage and get in the audience and experience worship as just a worshiper. IMG_0058

I think the Lord knew I needed some time to just enjoy worship on my own and away from leading it. Sometimes we need to step back and remember why we were called to do something in the first place. Worship leaders cannot let their worship become stagnant and complacent. I believe that this break from leading will refresh my soul and prepare me to be an even stronger worship leader in the future.

I thought I would share just a few helpful hints for the worship leader that finds themselves between “jobs” or worship leading positions.

  • Be intentional with your time // Chances are, you are on this break for a reason. Don’t waste that time letting yourself dry up. Be intentional with the time you have and use it to grow and lean closer into God’s presence.
  • Don’t get discouraged // Maybe you are looking for a place to lead worship again but can’t seem to find one. Don’t get frustrated…God will place you in a place when you are ready. Just be willing to say yes!
  • Stay creative // Even though you might not be leading worship, stay connected to your creative side. Write. Sing. Paint. Whatever you do, keep it up!
  • Don’t stop worshiping // Take the time and keep worshiping. Get on your face in your room and spend time with Jesus. Worship shouldn’t stop when we stop leading.

“Our worship shouldn’t stop when we stop leading.” 

So take my advice and use the season of not leading worship and let it grow you. We all need time to refresh and renew. I all need some time to we just a worshiper not just a leader. Until I start leading again, I will enjoy the time I get to be in the audience and embrace this season. 


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