"This was my first rodeo"

Almost exactly a year ago, I began an incredible journey. I was hired as a PR intern for the International Finals Youth Rodeo. My friends and family laughed when they heard, the idea of me working a rodeo was apparently very hilarious. But those scorching, long, and exhausting days were some of my proudest moments. I went in knowing nothing about rodeo and really a limited knowledge of public relations and came out loving both of them.


This internship taught me so much. I met with well known media outlets such as Oklahoma News 9, Fox 25 and News Channel 4. I was on the radio. I met and worked with amazing people, and I got to hear stories of these youth that had extraordinary talent.

For the first time though, I was listening to their stories so that others could write them and it was a welcome change. These were tough competitors and some of the most polite people I have every worked with.

Here is a story that I was a part of; it was incredible to watch them film.

IMG_0084 This is my boss and I with the competitors featured in the story above

IMG_0083 Right before my first on-air radio debut!

IMG_0086 (1) One of my favorite shots of the week.

IMG_0079 This was a shot I took before it all started, it was a great way to spend the week after July 4th.

IMG_0088 Kinlee Farris and I with Jessi Stone from Fox 25

Fox 25 came early {and I mean early} to film one morning. It turned out to be a downpour of a morning. But we made it work! I will never forget flying in the golf-cart behind the shoots trying to get the camera crew to the announcement stand without getting stuck in the mud.

IMG_1192i guess the grass is greener on the other side

IMG_0082Beautiful shot of the opening night

The whole week was a whirlwind I will never forget, on day I hope to maybe work it again, so I can accurately say, “This ain’t my first rodeo.”

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