Victory. Noun- meaning a success or triumph over an enemy in battle or war.

We face Satan on a daily basis. We face trials. We face pain, fear, death, hate, discouragement, and heartbreak. Sometimes, the trials threaten to claim us—they threaten to become us. Sometimes, the trials seem never ending and sometimes victory seems like a far off, distant luxury that we will never achieve.

Have you ever been at that point? Have you ever felt like the victory will never come? I have. We all have. We all want the victory. The triumph over the mountain we have been trying to climb. But often, the victory doesn’t come easily. We want the victory without the battle. Or we are so sick of fighting the battle that we give up on the victory.

I have good news though, Christ brings us victory. Whether the victory comes after today or in 10 years from now, in the end, we have a victory through Christ. Each and every trial and struggle we face refines us and will pull us closer to our Heavenly Father if we allow it. When we are in a valley and trying to get to the top of the mountain, it can be hard to worship. It can be hard to remember that Christ is the one thing that we need. But we need to always pull from Him. He is our victory and will often bring us from our trials and give us strength.

All Sons and Daughters sings a song called, Reason to Sing.” This song is my anthem right now. It’s a song that cries out to God saying, I need to remember that there is always a reason to sing—a need to remember that Christ is holding the entire world together even when you feel like your world is falling apart. It’s a very honest declaration and I love it. My favorite part is the bridge that simply says,

“If there be a victory, would you sing it over me now?

Your peace is the melody, would you sing it over me now?”

I think God just wants us to cry out to Him, and to ask Him if he can come and be what we need, including a victory. Life throws curveballs, Satan works against us, and life is not always perfect. But there is always a reason to sing, and there is always a victory hidden somewhere.

Do you believe that victory is possible? Do you feel too lost in your struggle or trial to see a victory? I would encourage you to cry out to God and ask Him to bring you a victory. And if it doesn’t come right then, you must remember that His timing is perfect. And that he is with you every step of the way. God is singing over you—he is here to help you.

Until the victory comes, we must worship Him. And when it does come, praise Him for the victory. For He alone brings it.


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