To the girl who gets embarrassed by her dad

I see you. Your eye roll, lips pursed trying not to let out a laugh. You’re painfully shy and want nothing more than to sink into a crowd and not stand out. Your dad, however, see’s your spark and wants everyone to see it too.

I see you, acting like you don’t know your parents as they come to pick you up from a birthday party. I see you turn away when your dad tries to give you a big bear hug as you walk off to youth group. I see you wanting to walk away when your dad hollers your nickname across the movies and waves at you with overly exaggerated hand motions.  I see you because I’ve been you.

Right now you might see his jokes as embarrassing, his hugs as silly, and his interest in your life annoying. You see his embarrassing antics as him trying to ruin your teenage life. You scoff at his jokes. Walk away from his embrace. And roll your eyes at his dad-like comments. But can I tell you something? One day you will miss them.

To the girl who gets embarrassed by your dad…let it go. Leave your insecurities and pride at the door and laugh with your family. It’s not your fault, you’re not alone. Most teenage girls get embarrassed by their dads at some point- but take a step back and look around.

Whether your dad tells goofy jokes or not, one day he won’t be around to tell them. Be grateful that you have a dad who wants the world to see your sparkle and wants you to see the good, silly moments in life. One day you will be wishing for just one more embarrassing moment because those moments will be gone.

I know it’s easy to let yourself get embarrassed and think that hanging out with your parents is anything but cool…but they will end up being memories you hold forever. I would give anything to have him embarrass me one more time. I regret not being more outwardly proud of all my dad’s silly antics. He just loved to see me smile. And even on my most insecure days…his loud hollering across a room or funny walk would make me smile (even when I had to try so hard not to show it because I was being a “cool” teenager).

So, to the girl that gets embarrassed by her dad…let it go. Learn to laugh at yourself and him. To the girl who wants to sink into a chair and not be seen, remember that your dad sees your sparkle and light and just wants everyone to see that. My dad spent hours trying to loosen me up and enjoy life. Don’t let your anxiety or pride keep you from having incredible memories with your dad. Be goofy, have fun, and remember that you’re always his little girl. Be grateful that you have a dad that cares enough to want to embarrass you, it’s a gift.

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  • Reply Hannah

    Love this. My dad was a clown and a jokester but he never really embarrassed me in front of everyone. He was though a bit overprotective of me and he watched me whenever I drove out to go somewhere (I’m thinking, “why is he watching me?! I’m growing up and he still treats me like a child!”) or when I had him drop me off at school when I was a senior and didn’t have my license yet (because I was embarrassed that I didn’t have my license compared to all my other peers). My FIL is more of the embarrassing type and would scream and ring the cowbell during the football games when my sister-in-law was a cheerleader, and my husband says he will be that way when we have kids too. You’re right, dads embarrassing you or being overprotective is better than having a dad who doesn’t care or isn’t active in your life.

    Hannah the Mad Dog

    March 31, 2019 at 10:39 pm
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