Yes, I’m still here

I’m sure some of you have been wondering where I am. I’ve hardly blogged this year, let alone followed my typical posting schedule. It’s amazing what grief and stress can do to you.

As y’all know my grandma has been through a lot and we’re still waiting for her heart surgery. But my life has been taking care of her, missing my dad, and trying to hold on so far this year.

With all the stress with my grandma in ICU, we didn’t get much time to grieve the one year mark of losing my dad and it’s hitting us now. And blogging has been he last thing on my mind. I’m struggling to get out of the non-blogging funk. But I think I’m almost there, friends.

I’m so incredibly thankful for how far my grandma has come and I know God is going to get us through this surgery too. My anxiety has been very high if I’m being honest and I’m just taking it one day at a time. In the span of a year I have lost my dad suddenly, had to put my dog down, had to pack up my family home, moved, dealt with my grandmas health issues, and lost my uncle. I don’t say all that for pity…just to show that sometimes a break is ok. I need to give myself a little grace because I have been beating myself up for not getting blogs up.

Right now- taking care of my family and working on my mental health is more important at the moment than getting blogs out. But yes, friends, I’m still here. I’ll be back soon and be back better than ever.

Thank you for being patient. Thank you for praying for me and my family. My grandma still needs heart surgery so we could still use the prayers. Thank you for staying with me through the odd posting times and lack of posts. This is still my business and my passion- blogging will always be in my life. Just know I might not be as consistent. And I’m sure you’ll understand.


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