Enjoy every moment || Final Blogmas

It’s Christmas Eve. Today, instead of running around busy, getting stressed about wrapping, and bickering with family, just enjoy every moment.

Look past the dusty house, shedding tree, the lack of sleep, and just enjoy every moment.

Let things go, find a few minutes to sit down and talk, and just enjoy every moment.

Stop and remember things, take more pictures, and just enjoy every moment.

Every single one of us gets so caught up in the fast paced life during Christmas, so today, I’m encouraging you to just enjoy every moment.

Smile at the cousin who tries to one up you, give a hug to your lonely aunt, and thank your grandma for all her advice. Today and tomorrow is about Jesus & family.

Jesus came to this earth so that He could give us eternal life by taking our place on the cross. Christmas was the beginning of that. To forgive your friends you might be fighting with and hold onto your family. Remember how much grace God gives us and try to be patient this season.

Merry Christmas friends! I hope you enjoy this time.

I’m sad to see Blogmas end but I still have 2 posts going up before the new year so stay tuned! XO

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