Maternity for Baby B // 7.23.17

In a park filled with hills, creeks, and overgrown trees I shot the most beautiful families maternity photos for their new baby. Baby B is a blessing, a rainbow baby. It was humid, muggy, and HOT- Oklahoma summers are brutal but that didn’t stop us.

I met this momma years ago at a Christian summer camp and have stayed connected ever since. I was so honored and thrilled when she asked me to take these pictures. I also had the honor of doing their announcement pictures too. This sweet family is all about the cowboy life: boots and hats are a must. I am so excited for Baby B’s arrival, he has been prayed and hoped for, for a very long time.

Baby B is this families bright light after miscarrages and the last photo says it all, I encourage you to stay to the end.







19 thoughts on “Maternity for Baby B // 7.23.17

  1. Aw this session is making me tear up! You did a beautiful job capturing these maternity photos for this family! That last images just gets me — that is just the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen! I know this little one will truly bless this family ❤


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