What I've learned in 25 years…

Today I turn 25. A mix of excitement and fear glide throughout me. I’m grateful I’m alive and every birthday seems to bring about some reflection. 
We think we have life planned but we don’t. We have our hopes and our goals but God might have others. Today I turn 25 and I’m grateful. Today I turn 25 and look back on all I’ve learned. Instead of looking at how life could be different, I’m celebrating all that my life had given me and all the days I’ve been allowed to live. I’m celebrating all I’ve learned. 

First, I’ve learned how amazing God is and how His incredible design is everywhere I look. In the skies, the animals, the complexity of humans…he’s all powerful. I’ve learned that He alone is what brings peace, salvation, and joy. There is no purpose to life aside from Him and I’m so thankful to be given 25 years here on earth so far. Salvation gives us hope in a world that is hopeless. 

Secondly, I’ve learned that losing friends is part of life. It might break you and hurt you, but in the end, it’s probably better. Friends are not your identity and it’s okay to grow away from someone. I seem to be a pro at losing friends. I used to think life was over when I fought with a friend or lost a friend to know, being sad but I can deal with it better. Friends are a great part of life and are needed but remember that people are human and they can and will let you down. Enjoy the friends you have and let them know how thankful you are for them! 

Thirdly, our plans are not always God’s plans. If you’ve been around W&W you’ll know I am still on the seemingly never ending job hunt. I graduated almost two years ago and am still not employed. If I had my way I’d be married, have a great job, and ready to have kids; but that is no wear in the horizon (at least where I can see). BUT GOD, is higher and has perfect timing. I’d rather be waiting and follow His plans than stray and be unhappy in my own plans. We must wait. We must be faithful. We must seek joy. God is faithful when we seek His will. 

Fourthly, family is my rock and my heart. I’ve always been so close with my family and the more I grow older, the closer we grow. I’m so thankful for them and their continued support and love. They’re my biggest cheerleaders, my support, and some of my best memories. I would be lost without them; even if that sounds cliche. Treasure your family, or friends that are like family, they are your biggest blessings. 

Lastly, follow your passions and dreams even if they seem far off or impossible.  I know, another cliche one…but it’s true. My dream is to be a writer and a creator, and this blog is helping me reach those dreams. It’s not always easy, if fact it’s usually hard, but I continue to strive for greatness. I’ve spent 25 years doing some sort of writing, painting, or creating and it’s always been my dream. I never would have thought I would be in a place with a blog, working with brands, and photographing families. I still have dreams I’m chasing: a want to be a published author. I want to work with more brands. I’ll never stop dreaming and neither should you. Dreams are important and I can’t wait to see where God takes me. 

I’ve learned many more things in 25 years, but these have been the most important. I’m so thankful I get to celebrate another day and another year. Here’s to 25 more! XO

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