My quiet, strong giant

As I walked down the hall of the ICU, the stark white walls and the screeches of shoes on the tile reminded me exactly where I was at the moment. I reached the door, sisters hand in mine as I watched my parents step to the bed of my comatose great aunt.

I had went most of my life without death hanging over my life, and suddenly I was about to lose the third person in less than a year. The monitor beeps brought me back from my memories to the situation at hand…we had to say goodbye.

I don’t deal with death, elderly, or hospitals very well. In fact, I had to force myself to stay planted in that room as I heard my dad say, “Hey Aunt Jocy, we came to see you. Christy is on your side there,”

Now, we have no way of knowing if she could hear us, but in case she could…my dad took the lead. “Here is Jordyn too, and Hilary is here Jocy. We love you,” my dad assured her.

It was in that moment, that I was reminded how incredible my dad is and will always be. He is my families quiet, but strong giant. His God given ability is to work with people, especially the elderly and sick, and make them feel loved and special.

He is an occupational therapist but so much more than that. Standing in that hospital room, saying goodbye, my dad (normally a very quiet man) stepped up and said what all of us needed to say but couldn’t.

I get my shyness mostly from my dad. We are both quiet, non-confrontational, and tend to sink into the background. But that day, I saw what my dad does best. He is our giant. He is our earthly stronghold. God blessed me with a quiet, strong giant of an earthly father.

He speaks up when necessary. He is level-headed (something He needs having spent most of his life with a wife and 2 daughters). He is strong when the situation calls for it and caring when he needs to be.

I was reminded how important his role is in my family. He works hard, probably too hard, for me, my sister, and mom; and still makes time to listen to my problems and help us say goodbye to family. He makes elderly feel cared for and important. He gives up his time to listen to their stories and take them dinner if they don’t have family.

Most of all his strong arms are always open and ready to take on the weight of my problems. He is a giant because he takes it all on and asks for nothing in return. He battles this world to bring us the best and treats us like royalty.

My quiet, strong giant is my dad. And I am forever grateful.

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  • Reply littlebeautyloves

    Such a beautiful post! I’m close to my dad so this was just such a pleasure to read. Im calling him now to say I love him. 🙂

    May 2, 2017 at 9:55 pm
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