5 devotionals for the Advent season 

Welcome to Worship Wednesday! I hope you are staying warm and cozy. The cold weather is finally coming to OK and I’m loving it again.

A few weeks ago, on November 22nd, in the car parked in a parking lot with my mom…I prayed to rededicate my life to the Lord. I was saved as a young girl and have wrestled with where I am spiritually the last few years. I haven’t been committed and hungry for God like I should be. That morning in the car, I prayed for forgiveness of my sins and a new hunger for His Word. It was a beautiful moment; an affirmation of my salvation and renewal of my dedication.

One reason I felt like I needed to rededicate was because I was rarely even reading scripture apart from church. I am so ashamed by that! So with my fresh start, and the beginning of the Advent season finding a good devotional to keep me in the Word is very important.

I went searching for a few good devotionals on my YouVersion app and decided to make a post out of them for y’all! I know we can all use some ideas! Also, I love using my YouVersion app for devotionals because I can have it with me everywhere, have a reminder alert me, and it’s easy to then copy and paste excerpts to social media!

Overall, I found these 5 to be great options! They have both devotional and Bible readings each day.

Christmas: Worship Initiative 

This is a 10 day plan that goes along with Shane & Shane’s Christmas album. You know I love worship, and Christmas is such an important season that deserve worship. So this devotional both prepares your heart for the holidays and brings you to worship. Follow along each day with a devotional reading and verses.

Celebrating the Messiahs Birth

This plan is all about the birth of Jesus. It’s a 5 day plan with 5 different readings to prepare us as we head into the Christmas season. It reminds us about the significance of the gift God gave us in sending Jesus to us. Sometimes we forget what Christmas is really about and this devotional is a great way to remember.

Waiting here for you: an advent journey of hope 

I love this devotion by Louie Giglio for the Advent season. This is a 7 day plan that is all about the expectation of the arrival of Jesus. The excerpt says, “waiting is not wasting time when your waiting on the Lord.” Which is such a good reminder for us as Christians as we wait for Christmas to arrive. In Bible times, people waited years for God to send a Savior. We have to wait for His return. But this gives us hope in our waiting.

Rend Collective- Campfire Christmas 

This 6 day devotional is all about the verses behind the songs on the Rend Collective Christmas album. I love this one because we study verses that revolve around some songs. This plan also has a devotional portion along with verses to read. See the meaning behind the hymns we sing during Christmas!

Joy! To the world! A countdown to  Christmas

I love this plan because it has big chunks of scripture for you to dive into! The excerpt says that this study follows the stories of Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, etc. This plan shows us how even today the story of Jesus’ birth impacts our lives. It’s more than a story and it should bring us joy all year round! I love hearing the birth of Jesus from the different points of view.

These 5 devotionals have one goal: to get our hearts and minds ready and focused on what Christmas is really about. Finding our joy for the season and setting our hearts on things above. I hope you consider doing one of these devotions. Let me know which one you try!

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