Harry Potter Festival

Where has my mind been?? I have no idea! A few weeks ago I attended the OKC Harry Potter festival and just realized I never shared the experience with ya’ll!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan and I was thrilled when I heard that OKC was hosting a festival for other Potterheads. I, of course, snapped lots of pictures and really enjoyed myself despite the MASSIVE crowds. {it was like the crowds of Disney World in a two block street}



When I say there were TONS of people, I mean tons. But I was still able to get some great photo ops, a Butter Beer, and some great purchases. I am so thankful these stores decided to step up and organize this festival for all us Oklahoma HP fans.

Butter Beer!! Butter Beer is completely non-alcoholic and safe for all ages; I would consider this a butterscotch cream soda. It was cold, sweet, and creamy. For those that don’t know, Butter Beer is a drink that many Hogwarts students drink. If I am honest, this was the whole reason I wanted to attend the festival…I had been dying to try some famous Butter Beer.

Iconic Cookies!! While I stood in line for a cold and creamy Butter Beer, my sister went on mission to find some cookies that we had previously seen advertise online. She barely made it before they sold out, but I am so glad we got them! Not only were they tasty, they were adorable! They held images, sayings, and signs that are iconic to the HP movies and books. Cutest cookies I ever did see. dsc_1205

Picture perfect photo opp’s!! My favorite part of it all was probably the great photo opportunities. Platform 9 3/4’s, my house colors, etc. all made me feel like I was actually there! They even had a few more that we didn’t wait in line for. dsc_1194

Handmade Gifts!! There were many vendors selling HP inspired gifts like: wands, perfume, mugs, jewelry, shirts, and more. I picked up a jewelry holder with a gold foil “HP” in it and a golden snitch necklace. Both of these will be featured in my “October Favorite’s” post tomorrow! They were really affordable and too perfect not to pick up!

All in all the crowds, the heat, and the sweat was totally worth this fun experience. It was mass chaos but I got to see and do everything I really wanted to do. I am so thankful for my muggle of a sister that braved the people with me so I could enjoy this Harry Potter experience! img_5730-2

Have you ever been to a Harry Potter festival?? What was you favorite part??


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