I get it from my momma. 

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. The older I get the more I love celebrating my mom and who she is.

My momma is my hero. She is beautiful, fun, strong, and so many things I hope to be. She is a cancer survivor and lives with diseases that cause her daily pain and she still continues to be the best most involved mom I could ask for.

All my life I have head that I am an exact replica of my momma, and I am honored to hear that. In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share all about what I get from my mom-including her beauty {since it is Makeup Monday}.

I get my hair color from my momma /// My mom and I both have a deep brown hair color. I am so thankful that I got her hair color! I love dark hair and, to be honest, I love matching my momma.

I get my beauty from my momma /// I’m definitely not trying to be prideful here. But everyone tells me I look exactly like my mom, and I think my momma is drop dead gorgeous.

I get my love for makeup and girly things from my momma /// My mom and I gush over new makeup and watch tutorials all the time. We love tea rooms, a good eye-shadow palette, and While You Were Sleeping.

I get my attitude from my momma /// We rarely ever fight, but if we do it’s usually all or nothing because we are so much alike in respect to our attitude and personality. My momma is spunky, sensitive, and loving–and so am I.

I get my creative side from my momma /// My mom is a creative genius. She is a crafter, scrapbooker, card maker extraordinaire. While my creative side is a little different, like painting and design, I definitely got it from my momma and I have learned so much from her.

I get my love for others from my momma ///  My mom is selfless and loves others. She puts them first and I feel like I do that as well because I learned it from my momma. She is inspiring to say the least.

I love my momma! And I am so thankful that God gave me her as a mom. She deserves so much!


What did you get from your momma??

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