5 worship songs for Easter

Hello friends! It’s Wednesday, so we’ve made it halfway through the week. Today is Worship Wednesday and we are just a handful of days away from Easter. Last year, I wrote a blog about my top 5 worship songs for Easter and it is probably one of the most searched post on my website. This year I wanted to do another Easter song post but, of course, not use the same songs from last year.

The songs that I have picked for this year are not all typical “Easter” songs. While some are specifically about the crucifixion and resurrection not all five do. What these songs do contain are powerful messages about what we have because Jesus rose again.

I’m sure most of you have heard this song; it’s a well-known Hillsong song. I picked this one for an Easter song because this song talks about Christ being our cornerstone and center. God is Lord of all and our anchor. Without the cross, we wouldn’t have the hope of God being our cornerstone and His love. Our hope is built on the blood that was shed on the cross.

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus blood and righteousness
I dare not trust the sweetest frame
But wholly trust in Jesus name – Cornerstone

Strong God is sung by Meredith Andrews, one of my favorite worship leaders. This song might no be specifically talking about the resurrection but it is an anthem proclaiming and honoring our strong God.–the strong God that allowed His son to die for our sins. The strong God that had the power to raise Jesus from the dead on that third day! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the resurrection than by singing about the qualities of God and how strong He is.

There is none higher, no
There is none greater, no
There is none stronger than our God– Strong God

The bridge of this song is some of the most powerful words to sing. I have fallen in love with this song lately. It is a proclamation about who God is and it really draws you into His presence. There is none worthy but God. The mention of God’s name makes the demons run and flee. The day that Jesus was resurrected God won and hell had no power; this song is all about expressing that.

The mountains shake before You, the demons run and flee
At the mention of the name King of Majesty
There is no power in hell
Or any who can stand
Before the power and the presence of the great I AM– Great I am 

The Victory is all about how the victory is Christ’s. It is a wonderful upbeat song about how the crucifixion and resurrection was a victory. All Sons and Daughters have a way of taking words and melodies and painting a beautiful picture with their worship songs and this is no different. It isn’t a very known song, so I encourage you to listen to it!

In the final breath
Of love’s great death
A cry that shattered the veil
And darkness ran as light floods in
Washing over this land
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Yours is the victory, Lord– The Victory

Jesus overcame death! That is something to dance and celebrate; this song will make you want to jump and dance with joy. I love Hillsong Young and Free because their music is exciting and fun but has incredibly deep meanings. I don’t think we get excited about God enough; Jesus came back to life after He died to save US. This is a great song to use on Easter Sunday to just celebrate and thank God for what He did.

In the midst of the darkest night
Let Your love be the shining light
Breaking chains that were holding me
You sent Your Son down and set me free– Alive 

Well these were just a few out of the MANY songs you can use in your Easter Sunday worship service. I picked these because I wanted to remind you that they don’t have to specifically mention the resurrection to be great for an Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is also about praising and thanking God for all He has done for us. Do you have an other suggestions?? Let me know!

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