My Top 5: Worship Songs for Easter Sunday

Hello all! We are approaching Easter Sunday and as a worship leader, I always want the songs I lead to mean something. So I thought I would share my top 5 worship songs that are great songs with incredible meanings that are great for Easter (and really any time). I believe that worship music should not just be fluffy songs that make us feel good but songs that truly lead us into the presence of God. Easter is one day we try to acknowledge Christ and what He did for us, but we should be doing that everyday. So that being said, these are great Easter songs, but also incredible every day songs. Enjoy!

1. Forever by Kari Jobe

This song. It is so anointed. The words are truth and beautiful and I can’t help but worship every time I hear it. While this song is an incredible song to lead at any time, it is perfect for Easter. The song goes through the crucifixion and the resurrection of our Lord. This is not a song you can simply sing, it is a song that needs to be shouted and proclaimed to the Lord. “The Resurrected King has rendered you DEFEATED.”

If you haven’t heard it, here is a link to the live version of the song.

2. Alive by Natalie Grant

Alive was written as a part of “The Story” and is the song of Mary Magdalene. This song paints a vivid picture of what she would have seen/thought that morning when she found Jesus outside the tomb. The lyrics are powerful and meaningful. This song has a lot of words but everyone of them reminds you of what Jesus did for us that day. “Hallelujah Risen Lord, the only one I fall before.”

Here is a link to Natalie Grant singing Alive.

3. O the Blood by Gateway Worship

This song is a beautiful song actually sung by Kari Jobe; it gives us a beautiful picture of what Jesus’ blood did for us. It’s a great reminder about what had to happen for us to have eternal life. The blood is our victory. Because of the blood, we have salvation and relationship with God. “O the blood, of Jesus, washes me.”

Here is a link to the live version of this song.

4. At the cross (love ran red) by Passion/Chris Tomlin

“Where your love ran red, and my sin washed white…I owe all to you.”

This song just like the others, creates a picture of what Easter is truly about. I first heard this song at camp and I have loved it since. It is powerful and it reminds me of why I worship and why I have any meaning at all. “Here my hope is found.” Our hope is in Christ alone.

Here is a link to Chris Tomlin singing it for you to check out, you won’t be sorry.

5. Great are you Lord by All sons and daughters

Oh ASAD, you are so great. I am a big fan of their vocals but also their lyrics. They are real and raw. This song is great for Easter because I think it once again gives us perspective of what Easter is about. “Great are you Lord” focuses on giving God the glory back and what Christ is to us. This song is an anthem and a proclamation that we want to pour out our praise to Christ alone. “All the Earth will shout your praise!”

This video is so good, if you have never heard this song, please take a look.

As Good Friday and Easter approach, I encourage you to look at some of these songs and just set your heart right. I want you to experience the presence of God every day not just one day at church. These songs might make you want to shout, cry, or fall to your knees. Let God move in you and through you.

As always, let me know what you think about these songs.

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