I nominate…{Liebster Award}

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I was nominated for the Liebster Award. Part of that is I must then nominate 5 fellow bloggers! I love this part because its all about sharing the love and paying it forward. Here are the rules for those I nominate: Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you with a thank … Continue reading I nominate…{Liebster Award}

I was NOMINATED! {Liebster Award}

I will tell you once and a hundred times more, the blogging community is so amazing. They are always there to support and encourage you when you need it. Also, they help to recognize each other and new blogs. One way of doing so is through the Liebster Award. I was nominated by the lovely … Continue reading I was NOMINATED! {Liebster Award}

When waking up to tragedy becomes the norm… 

Another morning, another time I wake up to find my social media flooded with reports and headlines telling me that tragedy has struck our world once again. Before I'm even out of bed I see photos and videos of scared, dazed people running around a smoke filled building-sometimes with blood all over them. To be … Continue reading When waking up to tragedy becomes the norm… 

Family Fun Day

Good evening friends! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful first day of Spring. In Oklahoma, this past week was the majority of schools' Spring Break vacation. Being that my dad and sister work and I am no longer in school "Spring Break" means nothing to us. However- last year, we headed off the Sunday … Continue reading Family Fun Day

5 worship songs for Easter

Hello friends! It's Wednesday, so we've made it halfway through the week. Today is Worship Wednesday and we are just a handful of days away from Easter. Last year, I wrote a blog about my top 5 worship songs for Easter and it is probably one of the most searched post on my website. This … Continue reading 5 worship songs for Easter

Newest Drugstore Finds

We all know that I'm a drugstore makeup girl. 80% of all makeup I own is all drugstore. I gaze at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, or Ulta for new good drugstore finds any time I'm around it (more like when I have the money). I think sometimes you get what you pay for, so it might … Continue reading Newest Drugstore Finds

Nighttime Essentials

Let's all pretend it is nighttime...I head to bed and what all do I do? What all do I use? Well, I thought I would share with you guys exactly that: my nighttime essentials! I think we all, most likely, have things we use habitually at night, I know I do. I wanted to give … Continue reading Nighttime Essentials