My Favorite Moments: The Hunger Games

We’ve already established this week that I love The Hunger Games series. Call me a nerd, I don’t care. But these are really some of my favorite books to date. Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite moments throughout the series! And these are moments in the books…not necessarily in the movies. And if you’ve never read the last one, I would just stop reading now…I don’t want to spoil something for you.

  1. She volunteered as tribute—The moment that makes the whole series what it is… the moment Katniss screamed out, “I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute” to save her young and innocent sister from dying a brutal and ugly death. Holy cow. What love! As a sister, this part warms my soul because you see the love these sisters have. I’m pretty sure I had both chills and nail marks on the armrests during this scene. I mean, who didn’t love this moment? It is so selfless.


  1. Why Peeta doesn’t scream from his dreams—do you remember this moment? The moment Katniss finally asks Peeta why his dreams never wake her. He responds that his dreams seem to paralyze him. Most importantly he tells her that his dreams usually involve losing her…so when he wakes up and sees her there, he can relax. Swoon. You go Peeta, keep telling her those beautiful lines and she will probably eventually love you back.


  1. Finnick Odair in his underwear—you know the part…Boggs and Katniss are riding to the hovercraft in an elevator and half sane Finnick comes running up wearing nothing but underwear begging to go on the mission. Then Boggs jokingly says that “we just saw Finnick Odair in his underwear.” Oh Boggs…always the jokester. But I love this moment for its hilarity but also for the vision of really how much the games have sincerely messed up the players. Finnick, knowing that Annie is in the Capitals grip and having seen so much death and destruction, is literally losing his mind. He is broken, hurting, and not coping. While normal Finnick would have loved showing up in his underwear—we see that he honestly doesn’t even realize because his mind is so scattered. Poor Finnick Odair.


  1. Peeta and Haymitch act normal under pressure—in the book, after Katniss is caught behind the fence and is forced to jump from a tree back into District 12 when she finally limps home, she is greeted by peacekeepers. We know that they are waiting to see if she returns or not so they can arrest her. When she gets home both Peeta and Haymitch are in her home as well. I love this moment because she admits to herself that Peeta and Haymitch are a big reason she is still alive—nothing phases them—they keep their cool. They both go on with life like it’s a normal evening even though they are aware of the danger. Peeta comes up behind Katniss and hugs her. I believe this is part Peeta acting and part because he genuinely loves her.


  1. Beach scene (but not because of why you think)—everyone loves the beach scene because of the make out session between Katniss and Peeta. I however love it because we see a glimpse into the selfless and brave Peeta. He’s trying to convince Katniss to let him die so she can go back home as victor. At the end, because of Peeta’s pregnancy bombshell—everyone watching thinks she is pregnant. After their brief make out session, he rubs her belly where the baby would have been and remarks about her going to be a good mom (I think he says that). In some ways this was Peeta showing Katniss enough real talk, let’s get back to the games. But I think this is Peeta showing his longing for his baby with Katniss—a longing for what he thinks will never happen. My heart can’t take the cuteness as I picture this moment.


  1. Late-night talks with highjacked Peeta—when Katniss and her squad go into the capital …Peeta is still slightly nuts but they have this moment where she tries to answer a few questions so he can continue to fix his memory. While answering, she blurts out all these things she knows about him. I think it’s one of the moments Katniss cannot ignore the fact that she loved him.


  1. You love me, real or not real?—not going to spoil this moment…just know it is the best of the series.

The premier is getting closer!!!! What are you favorite moments??

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