Happy Thanksgiving!

Here we are, Thanksgiving 2015, does not even seem possible! This year is going by so fast and it is now my favorite time of year! I love love love Christmas–but I can’t forget to stop and be thankful. As you eat, laugh, and smile today read a few things I am thankful for!

  1. Salvation-I am nothing without Christ and He is the main thing I should always be thankful for. So thankful for Jesus and that I serve a God that desires a personal relationship with me.
  2. My family- everyone says that but I really am…I have grown so close to my family lately and I could not live without them.
  3. Netflix- I mean who isn’t thankful for Netflix? They always seem to be there for me when I need them…God bless Netflix.
  4. Books- I am so thankful that I can read and that I have access to amazing books and literature. Books Books Books.
  5. Friends- I love my friends, and I have some amazing ones in my life that makes it a lot more fun!
  6. Vloggers- Well, specifically Zoella, the SacconneJoly’s, and Jim Chapman. These are my absolute favorite vloggers and I am so thankful I stumbled onto their channels. They never fail to make me laugh on a tough day.
  7. My puppy- Malachi, probably not considered a puppy anymore since he is 14 years old. He is a grumpy old man but we still love him. I am treasuring every day with him since he is so old.
  8. You- I am so thankful for you. Thank you for reading my blog, following, and being a part of my journey. It would be meaningless without you.

I hope your bellies and your hearts are full. Happy Thanksgiving friends!


XO Hilary

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