"You Split the Seas"

I listen to an abundance of worship music…I’m a worship leader so it’s some of my favorite music. I’m also a writer and sometimes a certain phrase just stands out to me…and makes an impact. Recently, I started listening to the song, “No Longer Slaves,” by Bethel. The song is recorded by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser but the version I personally prefer is a YouTube video of Bethel’s Kalley Heiligenthal—you can watch it here. {NOTE: I only prefer that version because I am a big fan of Kalley’s vocals and her adaption of it, the original version is just as amazing, it’s just a personal preference. I have the recorded version bought on my iTunes}

The whole song is anointed…I feel God’s presence every time I sing the words. But one specific phrase stands out to me lately.

“You split the seas so I could walk right through it. My fears are drowned in perfect love.”

Have you ever thought about when Moses, through God, parted the Red Sea? Can you imagine being an Israelite? Running from captivity, running to be free, and you come upon a sea. The Bible says that when Pharaoh and his men caught up to them, they feared greatly and they immediately start complaining and blaming God. They said it would have been better to stay with Pharaoh than to die in the wilderness. They thought they were stuck—the sea keeping them where they were.

Then comes one of my favorite Bible verses. Exodus 14:14, “The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.” What the Israelites didn’t realize is that with God fighting for them they were about to walk right through the sea. And they did. Moses held out his staff and the seas parted and God’s people walked across the sea on dry land.

How many times have we come to a point in our lives that we feel like we are surrounded with nowhere to go? Maybe it’s a sin, maybe it’s a fear, and maybe it’s a trial; but we look out at the sea and think, God why would you bring me here? Why didn’t you take me a simpler way…an easy way? We think our trials are in vain and that we are alone. We don’t see a way past the sin, trial, fear, and stronghold.

What we don’t realize is that God splits the sea so we could walk right through it. It might take longer. It might be more painful. But I don’t believe that God brings us to a sea without getting us through it. He spilt the seas so we could walk right through it.

I’m a very anxious person. And his phrase is my anthem right now. I have to remember that God is the miracle worker. He is a sea splitter, healer, water walker, and never failing God. Sometimes God brings us to a sea to see if we have the faith in Him to step out. And when we do, our fears are drowned in His perfect love.

God splits my fear, my pain, my heartache, my stress, my sins, my worry, my anxiousness, my hate, my incompleteness so I can WALK right through them. So I can face them. So I can conquer them— all because of Him. Listen today friends, He will split your sea but you have to be ready to walk right through. Give Him your money problems, your job, your family, your spouse, your fear, your disease and then be still as He fights for you. One of the ways He fights for you is He allows you the grace and the strength to walk right through trials and experience miracles. He splits the sea of sin so we can walk into salvation. He splits the sea of fear so we can walk in faith. And because we walk through it and find salvation and faith…we are no longer slaves to fear or anything. We are children of God.


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