Everyday Hero

You’re rarely thanked, but you deserve it more than anyone. While others run away from fires, wrecks, shootings, and disasters you run forward with a passion and determination few people possess. You face long days, sometimes sleepless night, and then head home to be the father, mother, wife, or husband that you are. 
Every once in a while you miss birthdays or holidays, but it’s just part of the job. You treat danger like it is nothing and are willing to do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe, including each other. 
You all know of each other even if you’ve never met everyone. You take care of each other like family-because that’s what you are. You will always joke about the fun times and the laughs you had while on duty and probably stay silent about the moments you wish you could forget. 
Even once you retire, you will forever be a fireman, policeman, paramedic- it’s in your blood. You’ll always stay in each other’s lives because you grow so close since you spend so much time together. Silently you help each other face the hard moments and all rejoice in the moments where the emergency turned out well. 
You deserve our thanks everyday, but you rarely receive it. You would deny this forever but you are heroes. You might not wear a cape or have superpowers but you wear a different kind of uniform and have different kinds of skills that still qualifies you as heroes nonetheless. 
You deserve much more, but you’d never take it. For you it’s not just a job it’s what you’re called to do. You would do it anonymously if you could because you don’t do it for recognition. You do it because someone has too, and today that someone can be you. 
While most people would paralyze with fear at the sight of a burning building, a robbery, or a bombing you know there’s no where else you should be than helping get people to safety. They are your concern, usually not even yourself. You’ve probably seen more than you ever wanted to see and you have to carry those memories with you. 
So from all of us that haven’t said it enough, thank you. Thank you for saving our lives, our families lives, and keeping our city safe. Thank you for missing time with your family to spend time helping keep people safe. Thank you for consistently putting your life on the line day in and day out for people you never even know. 
You are stronger than most of us combined. It takes a special person to be an everyday hero. We applaud you for dedication and your sacrifice. And we owe you our lives. 

This was inspired by my grandpa, Papa, who is a retired fireman. Hear an audio story about him here

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