“This was my first rodeo”

Almost exactly a year ago, I began an incredible journey. I was hired as a PR intern for the International Finals Youth Rodeo. My friends and family laughed when they heard, the idea of me working a rodeo was apparently very hilarious. But those scorching, long, and exhausting days were some of my proudest moments. … Continue reading “This was my first rodeo”


The country 

If you know me at all, you know I usually hate being out in nature. Bugs, sweat, grass I'm allergic too, holes to fall in, etc. But lately I have fallen in love with the country. I love sunset and flowers. I love looking at everything God created. Dirt roads, livestock, wild flowers, and the … Continue reading The country 

30 Before 30

Recently a friend and fellow blogger, Sarah Cunningham, posted about 30 Things she wanted to do by the time she is 30. Well, I am following in her footsteps! I’ve decided to share 30 things I want to do by the time I turn 30. Still a little far off, but who doesn’t love goals … Continue reading 30 Before 30


Victory. Noun- meaning a success or triumph over an enemy in battle or war. We face Satan on a daily basis. We face trials. We face pain, fear, death, hate, discouragement, and heartbreak. Sometimes, the trials threaten to claim us—they threaten to become us. Sometimes, the trials seem never ending and sometimes victory seems like a far off, distant luxury that we will never achieve. … Continue reading Victory