National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum // Review (Sponsored)

Hey friends! Today is all about my recent trip to Oklahoma's National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum!  As you know, I'm working with US Family Guide to provide deals and reviews of products and places! The wonderful museum allowed me to come for free in order for me to write a review and tell you … Continue reading National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum // Review (Sponsored)

National Cowboy Western & Heritage Museum // Deal

I've teamed up with the US Family Guide to provide Oklahoma families with an amazing opportunity to visit a new exhibit at the famous National Cowboy Western and Heritage museum.  The National Cowboy Western & Heritage Museum is America's premier institution of Western history, art and culture. NEW FAMILY EXIHIBT: Power and Prestige Children's Gallery … Continue reading National Cowboy Western & Heritage Museum // Deal

Currently Crazy About: beauty brands 

Today I'm starting a new series! I found this fun title from a fellow blogger, Jackie, and knew I had to steal it! Make sure you check out her post as well! This series will be throughout all days of the blog every few weeks! It's just an exciting way to share new and exciting … Continue reading Currently Crazy About: beauty brands 

Favorite Christmas Traditions

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I am so bittersweet that it is already here; this is truly my favorite season and I'm sad to see it almost over. BUT I'm still savoring every minute and moment that comes. Today I wanted to get a little personal and share some of my families favorite Christmas traditions. Each … Continue reading Favorite Christmas Traditions

Local Holiday Night Out

Here in Oklahoma, we have the best of both worlds. We have a growing, fun city with local talent and nightlife but then we also have country and small town feels. I live in a small town but I am only 20 minutes away from the hubbub of Oklahoma City Downtown. This weekend I headed … Continue reading Local Holiday Night Out

3 Things Tag

Happy Monday everyone!! If you have the Monday blues, I am sharing a fun little post to cheer you up! I am doing the "3 Things" tag. I first saw this cute tag from Christina over at My Love For Makeup. Make sure you go check out her answers to the tag as well. I … Continue reading 3 Things Tag

Small Town Gems

On a crisp, beautiful fall morning my mom, aunt, and I headed out on an adventure. The perk of having no full-time job is the fact that I get to take part in these random, spur of the moment adventures with friends and family. My aunt is known for finding these amazing little places that … Continue reading Small Town Gems

Maybelline Color Tattoo Line // Review

Welcome to another wonderful Makeup Monday here at W&W! I haven't done a proper review for you in a long time so I really wanted to do one for you. If you've glanced at the Maybelline counter lately, you'll see their Color Tattoo eye-shadow line. Color Tattoo has a few different variations of these: crayons, … Continue reading Maybelline Color Tattoo Line // Review

Moore Escape Rooms // Review

In the heart of Moore, Oklahoma, hidden in the middle of a strip mall lies one of Moore's fastest growing entertainment center: Moore Escape Rooms. If you don't know what an escape room is, you are basically put into a room, with your friends or family, and have to solve puzzles, mysteries, and riddles to … Continue reading Moore Escape Rooms // Review

Welcoming Baby G! {Part 2}

Welcome back! Yesterday I shared labor and delivery pictures on "Welcoming Baby G! {Part 1}." If you haven't taken a look, I highly encourage you to! Pictures are honestly worth a thousand words and these are such incredible moments I was able to capture. Today is all about the tiniest, cutest little guy and his … Continue reading Welcoming Baby G! {Part 2}