17 Things to Make You Smile

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying a great day full of Jesus and family. What do you typically do on a Sunday?

Today I wanted to brighten your spirits! We all need a reason to smile sometimes. We can all use a little happiness in our busy and often stressful lives. Sometimes we get caught up in the chaos and the problems in our lives and forget to be happy and to remember the little things. That’s why I wanted to share 17 simple and easy ways to get your smile front and center!

  1. Buy yourself a new lipstick- A new lipstick always brightens my day and brings a smile to my face. How about you?
  2. Take a moment and read a chapter of the Bible- I suggest any of the Psalms, Exodus 14, or a chapter in Matthew.
  3. Stop and look at the flowers…literally- Sometimes even a glance at something beautiful like flowers can cause a smile on a hard day.
  4. Write a kind note to someone else- Remember that we aren’t the only ones that have hard days. So to cause a smile, try giving someone else some kindness!
  5. Take a walk and see Gods creation- When life is stressful, go for a walk and take a look around at God’s brilliant and beautiful creation. It always makes me smile.
  6. Have a Netflix marathon of your favorite funny movie or show- There is nothing in life that a Psych marathon or a few episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond can’t fix. Grab a snack, a blanket, and a crack a smile while laughing and enjoying your favorite show.
  7. Buy yourself a new outfit- Sometimes we need to spoil ourselves, so when life is tough go buy a new outfit and smile—show the world you’re in control.
  8. Pay it forward- Buy someone’s coffee or lunch! Spread smiles and happiness to others even when life is hard for us.
  9. Create something- If you paint—paint. If you make cards—make a card. If you write—write! Create something and I bet you will smile.
  10. Read a new book- For me, reading a new book (or a classic favorite) always tends to put a smile on my face.
  11. Take some time to yourself- Go get a manicure, a massage, or go have lunch on your own. Take a few moments to yourself to gather your thoughts and to relax.
  12. Have a worship service in your room- For me, nothing makes me happier than a worship session alone in my car or my room. God’s presence never fails to put life in perspective.
  13. Drink out of a fancy glass- Maybe this won’t make everyone smile, but it does me! There is nothing better than sipping tea out of a fancy wine glass.
  14. Spend time with loved ones- Show your family some love. Crack some jokes and love on each other.
  15. Talk with an accent- Some of the biggest smiles happen because my sister and I talk in fake accents while doing housework.
  16. Be intentional- Smile by being intentional. Love others, be caring, and have fun in life.
  17. Order a Venti instead- treat yourself and order a big coffee on those crazy mornings and smile because at least you have coffee!

Those are just a few ideas of things to do to make you smile. There is always something to smile about even on our darkest days. Jesus is always a reason to smile and have hope. If you don’t know about Jesus or salvation, I’d love to talk to you about it!

What are a few things that make YOU smile?? Let me know in the comments!

Birthday Wishlist!

We are fast approaching the month of June which means one thing…we are getting closer to my birthday! On June 30th, I will be another year older. I always love birthday’s and celebrations.

My family has always made birthdays a big deal. Today, I thought I would share a few things that are on my birthday wishlist! A few of the things I want or “need” this year. This is always fun to see what others want and always gives my family a few ideas, right??

Here’s whats on my list!

Harry Potter DVD  Complete Collection 


I have all the DVD’s scattered around but I would love having all of them in a complete set. I love these movies and it would be cool to have a collection of them. I know it wouldn’t be anything fancy, but a die-hard fan loves all things collection and complete, am I right? Walmart sells it for only $50.

Too Faced Bon Bon Palette 


If I had a nickle for every time I almost bought this palette…so I am finally taking the plunge and seeing if any of my family gets it for me. My mom has this palette and I need it for myself! It has such beautiful colors; and the shimmer in them is to die for! I actually don’t wear much brown on my eyes but this palette is so versatile and smooth that I don’t mind the browns. I love the neutral shades and the pops of color that it has as well.

ESV Personal Reference Bible 


As I was heading to church last Sunday, I realized that all my Bible’s are student ones. While the text is obviously the same…I wanted a “grown up” Bible. I also now love the ESV version, so I loved this one! It has references in it as well as a cute outside cover. The ESV version is the one my church uses and I would love to be able to follow along exactly as we read. The ESV study Bible is HUGE but I might eventually buy that one as well. But for now, I’d love this personal size one.

Nikon 35 mm f1/8 lens 


I would call this a “well, why not at least ask for it present.” A little on the pricey side, this lens would be great to add to my collection of photography gear. Right now I am working with just my kit lens and would love to add a second one. If you’re a photographer and have another lens you think I should start with, let me know! But so far my research keeps bringing me back to the 35 mm with a low aperture. I can always do my business without it, but hey, I can ask can’t I??

Marble Monogrammed Phone Case 


I am in love with mgramcases new marble line. I have bought their cases before and once I saw the marble with the bright colors…I was hooked. I am impressed at the quality of this marble and how real it looks. The bright pink and orange swirled in with the other colors make it pop! It would be a perfect case for the summer. And, like any southern girl, I love anything with a monogram.

Fresh Flowers


I am a sucker for fresh flowers. Because I am single,I don’t really get flowers often. But I would swoon over a fresh delivery of peonies, roses, tulips, or daisies! Any and all flowers…as long as they are colorful I would be grateful. Opening the door to a delivery of flowers, would be a perfect birthday surprise!


10 Tips for Royal Caribbean Cruisin’

This time last year, my family and I were weeks away from a wonderful Caribbean Cruise with Royal Caribbean. Celebrating my college graduation, we headed to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica on the Navigator of the Seas.


While I’m no travel expert, I wanted to share a few tips about planning and enjoying a Royal Caribbean Cruise. (NOT a sponsored post) I’ve compiled a few tips to help you if you are planning or will be planning a fun cruise.

1. Book Early

We booked our cruise at least 9 months early so that we could pay on it over time. It is a lifesaver! I knew about a year before what cruise I wanted to take so when we could, we booked! Book as early as you can; they often run discounts as well. When we booked it was buy one get the next person half off!

2. Don’t wait to get your passports

Ah yes. For those who don’t already have a current passport…get them asap! You don’t want to be living on the edge of your seat, praying your passport makes it in enough time. Too many things could go wrong and keep you from the cruise! It is honestly a huge relief when your get your passports and bookings done early. image (4)

3. Book all excursions through Royal Caribbean

I’ve always heard that the boat waits for no one; but I’ve also heard that if you are on a Royal Caribbean provided excursion and there is a a delay in you getting back to the boat…it’ll wait for you. Luckily I’ve never had to see if that’s true. But honestly, book through the cruise. They are usually much more safe and comfortable. Also, LOOK AT THE REVIEWS. Even though it might be booked through Royal Caribbean, sometimes there are reasons people don’t like the excursion. We found it so helpful to see what other people thought of the excursion before we booked them.

Red Stripe Beach- Excursion in Jamaica

4. Don’t be “those people” and come late to the Muster Drill

If you don’t know, it is Maritime law to have a muster drill before/or as you leave the dock. This ensures that the people know what to do in case of emergency. In reality, it should be a very fast process. But there are always those people…those people that are already in the pool or too drunk to realize it muster drill time that then causes everyone else stand in lines, close together, in sweltering heat until every passenger is accounted for. Please. look around, get excited, check out your room but remember that the muster drill is coming!

image (1)
Waiting for “Those people” so we can finish the drill

5. Use the room service (especially for breakfast)

Seriously. It’s FREE. Almost every morning, we had breakfast delivered to our door (at our desired time) and we got to eat breakfast out on the balcony. This was honestly one of my favorite parts of the cruise. It was so laid back and relaxing and, of course, it makes you feel rich and pampered. We also used room service a few times late at night if we had a craving for something. image (3)

6. Try new food

The glorious (and sometimes dangerous :)) thing about cruise dining is that you get to try new food! If you want to try two of the appetizers, you can. If you want to be adventurous and try an entree that’s different and out of your comfort zone and don’t end up liking it….no problem- they’ll get ya something else! But chances are you’ll love everything you try! I always use it as an opportunity to extend my pallet and go for something I can’t or don’t eat at home! It may look fancy, but it’s yummy.

7. Really consider if and which drink package you want

Royal Caribbean has a number of different drink packages. I won’t go into all the details of each, but I did want to give you a few tips that I found to be helpful. While I love the souvenir cup you get if you buy the “coke” package…remember that almost all the soda is coming from a bar tap and ends up EXTREMELY carbonated. Some people like that or it doesn’t bother them, but just keep in mind if you don’t like it pretty carbonated you might want to pass on the coke package. They also have other packages that include non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. One thing to keep in mind about those is that you’re paying a daily amount for a ton of drinks a day. I opted out for those because there was no way I could drink more than one or two papaya smoothies or virgin pina coladas a day. So it ended up being cheaper to just pay outright for those drinks instead of a package.

image (2)
I love a good virgin smoothie!

8. Get to know the staff


The Royal Caribbean staff are from all over the world. Each one has a different story, life, and personality. One of the greatest moments of our trip was meeting our two waiters. They honestly grew to be part of the family for that week. Both of them have families back home that they are working tirelessly for all while ensuring we have the trip of our lives. Get to know them!

9. Don’t overbook yourself

While there is NUMEROUS things to do on and off the ship…remember it is a vacation. Take some time to relax and enjoy the views. It is easy to get caught up in each day that you forget to stop and enjoy it. Plan out what you want to do each night when the next days plans come out and enjoy every minute of it.IMG_4117

10. The balcony is worth every penny

I am a firm believer that you should get a balcony room. I promise it is worth of every single penny. Even my sister, who is extremely terrified of heights enjoys the balcony. Being able to listen to the sea and waves at any hour of the day, seeing the sunset or sunrise, all of it is incredible.

Sunset Selfie out on our balcony