Winter Skincare Tips

Hello again W&W tribe! If you aren’t sure where I have been, go take a look at my blog post “Grief.” Long story short, my family just experienced a horrible loss. I’ve taken 3 weeks to try and cope/mourn. I’m still not even close to being done with the grieving process but writing is a coping mechanism for me…so here I go!

Today, in the heart of winter, I thought I would share a few of my favorite winter skincare tips! Winter is so harsh on your skin and it is so important to take good care of it. Here in OK we don’t have a ton of snow or anything but honestly, it does get pretty cold here sometimes.

No matter where you are from I bet winter is still pretty taxing on your skin. I was never very good at skincare growing up so now I am really trying to step it up and take really good care of my skin. Everyone has their own tips and tricks, but I thought I would just share a few of mine!

Winter Skincare Tips

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#1 – Keep it moisturized

Obvious, I know. But so many people forget to moisturize their skin adequately in the winter. Because of that cold air, our skin can become extra dry and even chapped. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is an easy way to keep your skin looking flawless during those cold months. I try to moisturizer in the morning, usually when I’m doing my makeup, and then at night. I am currently using the Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer Cream which is a thicker cream that I think is perfect for these winter months. Whatever your favorite moisturizer is, just make sure you are using it!

#2 – Exfoliate

One of the most important winter skincare tips I can give is to EXFOLIATE! I’m not sure if I’m the only one (I doubt it) that has very flaky and dry skin during the cold winter months. Also, don’t forget that your skincare routine should include all your skin! My hands, ankles, and elbows are normally so dry during the winter that it is embarrassing! Exfoliating that old skin off is a great way to keep your skin healthy and glowing. Use a sponge, brush, or a scrub! Scrubs are perfect for those other places than your face. I love a scrub on my hands and feet; it makes me feel so refreshed. A few of my favorite exfoliating products are O.R.G. Skincare Mineral Peel Face, 2 oz , elf Deep Cleansing Duo Face Brush, and more.

#3 Drink More Water

Another tip for great winter skincare is to hydrate from the inside out! Moisturizer helps the outer skin but water keeps our skin hydrated and healthy from the inside. Water is an important factor for health and skin at all times but especially for those cold winter months. Our skin needs every ounce of moisture it can keep in so drinking a good amount of water is a great and easy tip. I love to keep a bottle of water half filled and tilted in the freezer; then I can add water to the top and it stays cool for much longer. Whatever you have to do to get you drinking more water, do it! Your skin will thank you.

#4 Pamper it

Our skin always deserves a little pampering but especially when the weather is taking a toll on it. Masks, under eye pads, and sleeping masks are a few great ways to pamper the skin. In fact, many are geared to help hydrate and brighten the skin specifically. I love a good mud mask, sheet mask, and under eye pads. I personally cannot use peel-off masks because my skin is too sensitive but even those would be great if you like them. Set aside a day a week to settle down and give your skin a little pampering. AND, don’t forget those hands, feet, and elbows. Lush’s bath melts and oils are a great way to treat your whole body. Here are a few of my top favorite items for pampering: VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Pads for Dark Circles , Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask , and Sephora Sleeping Mask in Pomegranate.

#5 Keep it covered!

For those that live in very extreme temperatures, make sure you keep your skin covered when you are out and in the elements. A few weeks ago, my family and I were at a hotel and we brought out two little dogs. Well, it happened to be THE coldest weekend Oklahoma has seen in a long time. Every time we had to let them out, I literally covered my face and mouth to keep my skin safe from those harsh winds. Carry a scarf or pashmina and use it around your head when it is extremely cold out.

#6 Don’t forget the lips

My last tip for taking care of your winter skincare routine is to never forget the lips! My lips are prone to chapping, splitting, and peeling in the winter. Not only is it not good for my lips, but it can be painful. Keep a good, hydrating chapstick around at all times. I use a lip oil at night for some extra pampering and moisture on my lips. If you are a liquid lipstick wearing girl, like me, chapped lips are a horror to have. It makes your lipstick look crumbly and gross. It is vital to keep the lips hydrated and exfoliated just like the rest of your skin.

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