Fall Leaves & Gods love

The narrative

The sun begins to rise- slowly, deliberately. From the first tiny sunbursts to the full streams of light, the suns warm beams reach every corner and crevasse of the area. The streaks of golden yellow and warm orange spread throughout the sky, giving light all around.

Fall transforms the plain, green trees into vivid works of art. From one shade to many different shades of red, orange, and yellow all woven together in leaves. One falls, two, then three…the colorful leaves begin to pile up on the ground beneath the branches where they sat.

The sun rises higher and higher, allowing for the beams to filter through the breaks in the trees and in between all the branches and leaves. The brilliant colors of the leaves made more vibrant by the streaks of sunlight peeking through. The vibrancy, the many shades of colors, the warmth of the sun…its all the perfect image of fall.

The explanation

When I was in college I took a class called Color Theory. It was a painting class that taught the theory of colors, how they worked together and how to create more. We could only use the basic colors: red, blue, yellow, black, and white. If we wanted pink- we made it . If we wanted green- we made it. The one thing that I will forever remember from that class was to look between the trees. My teacher was explaining that when you see a tree in real life- you see the colors, shapes, and things behind it. So when you painted a tree you should do the same. Now, any time I look at a tree, I see the colors in it, surrounding it, and coming through it.

Today I was driving and was struck with the vibrancy of the trees around me. Oklahoma is showing off their brightest orange, deepest reds, and vibrant yellows. The way the sun beams would fill the empty places between the branches was beautiful. I was immediately taken back to that class and was even more appreciative of how I can sit and admire the beauty around me.

As I watched the sun mix with the fall leaves, I had one thought come to mind “God’s love is like these trees: vibrant, warm, and beautiful.” His love is life giving, spectacular, and exciting. Just like the sun fills in those empty spaces between the branches- He fills the innermost parts of our hearts. He loves us vividly, immeasurably, and wholeheartedly.  We are never to dark for Him to light, we are never to dead to make whole. Gods love is all we need.

He loves us vividly, immeasurably, and wholeheartedly. We are never to dark for Him to light, we are never to dead to make whole. Click To Tweet

Gods love is vivid, bright, complex, and life changing. As beautiful as the fall leaves are in the sunlight, His love is evermore beautiful. I’m even more aware of His goodness and His love when I see the brilliance He has created.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”I see Gods love and the fall leaves intertwined as beautiful symbolism. His love reaches all our missing parts and fills our every need. Just like the sunlight fills every break between leaves and branches”  [/perfectpullquote]

I love that God has given me an eye for the art in His creation. His reminders of His love are all around, are you taking the time to see them? Take a deep breath- and look at the fall leaves.

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